alright i havent done this in quite a while! but this time its a collab one with nicole

BOTS= Blog of the Summer


  • You have to be following me & her
  • You must reblog this, likes do not count!
How we will be picking: 
  • We wont be picking depending on your follower count or if you’re friends your posts, your theme and most of all your personality!
  • We will pick atleast 8 people to go on the poll, and the people on the poll have 1 week to get as many votes as they can
  • You will be messaged if you get onto the poll

  • A link on both our blogs for the entire summer!
  • A follow back from both of us
  • Self promos in our ask everyday
  • A fansign from both of us
  • Become friends 
  • Anything else you want 

Good luck, and have fun, we will be picking in exactly 1 week! x

(must reach at least 200 notes)