heyychillax  asked:

Hey there cupcakey <3 I have a question:D What is your favourite sweet treat? And are you dressing up for Halloween? I love your hair and tattoos by the way, very cute n.n Have a super sparkly night<3

Hi sweetie! <3 My favorite sweet treat…oh my god. Can I just name a bunch? As you may know, I am a major sweets addict haha. I love french toast, pancakes, macarons, chocolate cake, milkshakes, cheesecake, brownies, frozen yogurt, chocolate covered cherries and strawberries, I love fruit like pineapple and blueberries and stuff too! I also love cotton candy ice cream and cherry fudge ice cream, doughnuts, cream puffs, popsicles, cotton candy…I could go on forever hahah. And yes! I’m dressing up as a pink kitty! :) And thank you sweetie! I had fun with this! :D