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I just realized since April’s almost over, I’ve officially been in the Hetalia fandom for six years now. Six. dang. years.

I was a junior in high school when I first watched Hetalia, I’m now a recent university graduate searching for Master’s degree programs.

Look at your life, Bianca. Look at your choices.

Every day is ne ne papa. Every night is ne ne papa.

Cannot escape…Hetalia.

You know, when I first started watching Hetalia, I initially had the impression that Japan was going to be this badass, moody, devil-may-care, senpai-type of character.

I mean, this was his introduction:

He looks so cool, so badass. So graceful, so majestic. But then as the series progressed…

We saw his true nature.

Happy 11th Birthday, Hetalia

I always forget today is Hetalia’s birthday, always. I always switch it in my mind with October 24th (Hetalia Day).

So I don’t have anything planned for today. I am working on a mochi gif edit series, but that won’t be out for a while.

I will say a few words, though. First of all, I can’t believe Hetalia is now the age of an American 5th grader. This makes me feel so much older.

In these eleven years, we’ve seen so many things as a fandom. We’ve seen hundreds of webcomics, published and unpublished, six seasons of anime, one movie, three musicals, a few games, guide books, music CDs, and more. We’ve seen dedicated fans producing amazing artwork, cosplays, fanfiction, RP groups, and more. We’ve created memes, in-jokes, events, gatherings, and the occasional bout of drama that we’ve just gradually accepted is always going to happen somehow, and much, much more.

And we’re still going. 

While Hetalia now isn’t the behemoth it was when I first joined in 2011, it’s still got a very strong, dedicated fandom with a passion for all the characters, and it’s still a wonderful, fantastic series. It’s a fun webcomic filled with great characters, tons of humor, and a lot of heart. I remember falling in love with it almost the minute I watched it for the first time on Funimation’s Youtube channel. And I still love it to this day. It’s inspired me to research other cultures and languages, and if I hadn’t had that interest I probably would not have taken two years of classes in Mandarin or received a Minor degree in History.

And it’s not just me who feels this way. I think almost everyone in the fandom can relate a story as to how Hetalia has changed their lives. And that’s the magic about it. It’s a series that has brought all of us together. Even when the world around us seems so dark, Hetalia reminds us of how good the world can be, and how we’re not so different after all. That no matter where we’re from, we can still laugh at our nation’s stereotypes and find a newfound appreciation for who we are. And that’s a very important thing to remember. Laughter and joy is what our world really needs right now, and even if we can do it in our little fandom space, then that may be enough for some of us.

Let’s look forward to another year, Hetalians! Keep smiling, and remember……….



Watch out for the white mochi with glasses, I don’t trust that thing

Make Pasta, Not War!