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sooo this evening / tomorrow i will visit paris and visit versailles and do all the tourist stuff that normal people do (i promise there might be an obligatory picture of the eiffel tower).  it’s my first time in france ever and i will die not speaking french but w/e. wish me luck you guys! c:

futachiflame  asked:

it's all been released at once. free trial away!

Heyy read this after watching all the episodes but still publishing this for other people to know!

Get the free trial, watch all of MBMBaM. It’s only 6 episodes so you can either binge watch or watch an episode a day and then still have an extra day for your free trial then you can watch some other Seeso stuff and see if you wanna subscribe (only $4 a month)

But! Back to MBMBaM: The show is great. The McElroys we know and love with the same humor but now we’re graced with the ability to see Travis’s face (and also Griffins and Justin’s I guess)

11/10 would recommend