heyy baby


Bollywood Men in Desi Attire

Lucknow da kurta, pathani salwar
Tab lagey mard, varna lagey bekaar.

Hey baby!!!🤗
  • Daddy: heyy baby ! -jumps up romping around the bed making a mess of things excitedly-
  • Princess: -smiles widely and giggles- Daddy!! Hehe
  • Daddy: I missed you soooo so much -makes puppy dog eyes at her-
  • Princess: Daddy Daddy I missed you too silly Willy
  • Daddy: -smiles goofily- Silly Lilly!!
  • Princess: Lilly is such a cute name -grins and giggles- I wanna name our child or a pet or something !
  • Daddy: Ohhh babygirl! -smiles and laughs staring into her eyes making a kissy face-
  • Princess: I wuvvv you Daddy. -blushes cheeks turning bright red like cherries-
  • Daddy: and Daddy wuvvvsssss you so very berry berry imma marry you much -closes eyes grinning making more kissy faces-
  • Princess: -giggles and gets all shy-
  • Daddy: always and forever
  • Princess: -sings silly- 'Always and foreverrrr-
Inukag Week Day 4: family

well, it looks like i fell behind again. But here is something. 

@grapefruitwannabe proof that i don’t always torture our idiots.. sometimes i spread the torture to others…


The tiny, fervent cries pierced the cool night air, reaching the ears of those waiting patiently outside the hut for more information. Suddenly, the group was alive with cheers and hugs. A silent sigh of relief left them as the fear of stillbirth had been looming in the shadows. It was almost morning now, the early rising animals beginning their daily foraging. The labor had been a long and difficult one, spanning almost two whole days.

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My Jealous Boyfriend

WARNING: NONE, This imagine shouldn’t contain anything which could hurt you

Posted on Instagram: 4th November, 2015


It was Wednesday evening. Jason was in his gang meeting. Yup, Jason McCann is my boyfriend. He’s criminal but when he’s with me he’s maybe the best boyfriend whom anyone can get. 

I was sitting on the couch and texting with my best friend Harry. We have known each others since we met each others first day in school. He could always make me laugh for his stupid jokes like now too. I heard how front door opened and Jason walked in the living room where I was.

“Heyy, baby! Have you missed me?” he asked and throw his jacket on the couch next to me where he sat later too. “Have you?” he repeated but I didn’t still answered. “Y/N! Is anyone there?” he wawed his hand in front of my face. “Mhh.. yeah..” I mumbled and started giggle. “Who with are you texting, baby?” he asked and grabbed my phone.

“Harry.. hmm.. ” he read before I was able to grab my phone back quickly. He looked me suprised. “Again? What’s so cool with that guy?” he asked. “Hmm.. maybe because he’s my best friend and he’s actually really nice guy” I snapped and continued texting.

“That makes me even more suspect you for texting some inappropriate things with him” he hissed and walked in the kitchen. “Aww.. is my boy jealous?” I teased and smirked. “No.. I just..” he mumbled but stopped quickly. “Aww..” I tilted my head and walked after him in the kitchen and sat on his lap. “It’s okay, Jason" 
He shook his head and chuckled.

“What are you talking with him?” he asked. “Just normal things. We’ll probably go shopping later” I smiled. “No way!” he raised his voice a bit. “Why not?” I asked suprised of his comment. “Because you aren’t.. you stay here with me” he said and tried kiss me but I stood up from his lap quickly before he was able to do it.

“You can’t stop me hanging out with my best friend so I’ll go now even without your permission” I said and took my jacket on the stand. “Y/N!” he raised his voice again. I tried took the car keys but he was quicker and grabbed them on the table. “Give it to me!” I said frustrated. “No.. you stay at home when I’m here now” “Jason, now!” I yelled and looked him angry but he didn’t give them still.

“Okay not then.. I’ll go by my bike” I groaned. However he grabbed me by edge of my jacket sleeve and pulled me closer him. “Why are you so persistent?” he asked and kissed me softly. “And why are you so jealous?” I mumbled between the kiss.

I pulled off and took my jacket off. “Okay. I don’t go there but you have to tell me why have you been so protective these days? I mean about that Harry thing. He’s just my best friend nothing else..” I said and waited his answer. “Oh really? What are those messages like: ‘I miss parfym smell of yours’ or ‘I can’t stop think about you and your..’ ? Huh?” he said and walked closer me.

“What? Are you kidding me? Where did you heard or saw something like that” I asked shocked. “In your phone.. and don’t act like you wouldn’t know” I said and now he was inches away of me. “I know that all, darling” he whispered.

“Jason.. those messages were just a rude jokes..” I giggled and looked him. “Jokes? Haha.. baby you’re bad liar” he chuckled and picked me up on his arms. “Maybe I should show you who you belong to, shouldn’t I?” he asked and smirked. “No need to.. I already knew. I belong to you, Jason and only for you. We can call Harry and ask about those messages if that will make you feel better” I said and kissed him.

“I believe you, baby. Maybe I should learn to be better boyfriend and not suspect you” he mumbled blushing. “You can’t be better because you’re already the best” I giggled. “Okay.. whatever.. what do you wanna do tonight?” he asked. “Let’s just chill.. maybe order a pizza or something” I said and we walked in the living room. “Sounds good”

Imagine crawling into Benny’s bed when you’re drunk, complaining about the cold.

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“Uh, (Y/N)?” You hear Benny’s voice meet your ears, the sound soothing the subtle throbbing behind your eyes. You let out a dopey smile and prop yourself up on the cool cotton sheets.

“Heyy, Benny Baby.” You greet. He leans his arm against the door frame of his room, pushing his tongue against his lip in thought.

“Darlin’, what are you doin’ in my bed?” He asks, a light chuckle coming from his lips. You let your arms go slack and you land on your back onto the pillows.

“Well, whil-while you buys were gone, I decided to have a bit to drrrrink. And I got cold, so I came here to wait for you. Now, get your clothes off mister, I’m still cold as, as Antalaska.” You say, rolling onto your stomach.

“Alright,alright I’m comin’.” He steps into the room and shucks off his clothes quickly,leaving himself in just his boxers. He shimmy’s under the blankets and you nuzzle closer to him, humming happily. “What I’d like ta know is, why did ya come all the way to my room, on the other side of the bunker. I also know for a fact y’all got a space heater in your room.” 

“Hmm, well.” You slowly hook your leg over his body and straddle his thighs, lowering yourself to lay down on his broad chest, your head tucked into the crook of his shoulder. You nuzzle his neck and kiss it tenderly. “You’re big, strong, and a batter, a better, space heater than I’ll ever have.” Benny smiles as he feels your body relax, no doubt whatever you had drank taking effect on your muscles. He tucks your hands under your body, your soft palms pressing against his bare chest. His fingers start tracing patterns on your back, under the over sized shirt you had worn,the sounds of your quiet breaths, lulling him to sleep.
How does he answer your phone call? (ikon Preference)

Hanbin: “Heyy Beautiful”. 

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Bobby: “Baby, I miss you.”

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Jinhwan: “Cutie Pie I was just about to call you.”

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June: “Heyyy Gorgeous” * you can feel him smirk through the phone* 

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Yunhyeong: “Sweetheaaart, how are ya?”

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Donghyuk:  “My bundle of joy, I miss your sweet voice.”

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Chanwoo: “Hey. Mrs Jung Chanwoo.” ;p

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Hey guys, sorry for the long wait, I’ve been really busy lately with uni and stuff and so I just posted this new preferences and hopefully I’ll have time to finish all requests. enjooooyyyy -M

Heyyyy and good night ~

She has a huge head.

“No matter where you are, or who you’re with, I will always truly, completely, love you”- Isaac Lahey

A/N: This is the last one i’ll be posting for tonight (because i’m in UK time so i need my sleep aha) Anyway i’ll do the others tomorrow i hope that they’ve been alright?!

Prompt List: http://alpha-imagines.tumblr.com/post/127959717296/one-line-prompts

Heyy baby!! can you do 22 with Isaac Lahey pleasee?!

Isaac had just broken the news that he was leaving for France. You could’ve sworn that you felt your heart shatter into a million tiny fragments.

“Please don’t go” You whispered as his hands cupped your face

Yours and Isaac’s relationship had been complicated and he needed to get away from everything that had recently happened

“I need to Y/N” He replied closing his eyes “You know that this will still work right?” He asked referring to you and him

“Don’t kid yourself Isaac” You blinked back the tears “It can’t work”

He took a step back and then pulled you into a tight hug

“I love you” He whispered into your ear

No matter where you are, or who you’re with, I will always truly, completely, love you” You whispered back , letting the tears fall freely now.

Texting Jade.
  • TORI: Heyy baby. Happy Easter for when you wake up! I've hidden little eggs all around the apartment and I'm hiding in a secret location. So come and find me for your Easter treat! ;{D
  • JADE: Vega. It is too early for this.
  • TORI: Did I mention I'd be wearing a corset and bunny ears?