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That last gif, I lost it xD I was worried for a second though that you might accidentally cut your neck, so I was freaking out for a few seconds there since the blade was towards your throat.

The secret is to have no boobs and be REALLY CAREFUL

Don’t try this at home!! Professionals ONLY

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Ok so I'm really curious...What did Alex say when you presented him the glory of the Gravity Falls Yiff Tits?

LOL I showed him it along with the caption, he laughed a lot and said “and now thanks to you, their quest is complete”

Marceline and Princess Bubblegum.The reason the roses are colored like that is intentional. Marceline got nervous before the wedding and therefore, out of nervous habit and began eating the first red thing she could find. Luckily Bonnibel caught her before the entire color was gone and now Bonnibel is thinking that hopefully Marceline doesn’t suck the red out of her crown jewel…

I managed to somehow recolor and salvage it so you could see what it would look like with colors. Done with Prisma color pencils and slightly edited online ( I don’t have photoshop or SAI DX)

Hey guys, I know we have been really inactive, we’ve just been busy and I hope you don’t completely hate us…that being said. I, Mako, wanted to ask you guys what you think of my sketch of Asami? I would love to hear some critiques (especially on her anatomy) on it before I actually go in to do more details and lineart because I wanted to do this thing called “artist alley”, I’m not too sure but it seems like a good idea since I need to feed Bolin and all. Thank you so much! I hope to see you all at the ball.


Hello everyone! Despite being sick for almost a week I’m really in the holiday spirit this year. I’ve been wanting to draw some holiday fanart for Adventure Time, and I’m totally excited for the new holiday episode tomorrow. So here’s a little Bubbline/Marcibel/Sugarlessgum for you :D Also couldn’t be a holiday picture without their loyal companions Lady Rainicorn and “Santa” Schwabl. I hope you enjoy

(I just previewed this and on my blog it looks so cute with the falling snowflakes… <3 I’ll color this sometime this week, probably will when I want to get away from studying for finals..hehe)

Yeah, I should have been studying instead of finishing coloring this. I hope you enjoy this photo, Lady Rainicorn is holding an arrangement of both types of mistletoe, if you can see by the differences in the leaf types and colors. I’m glad I went with the light blue,yellow,white combo for PB it looks cute. Her dress took a long time to color since it’s layers of different colors including crayolas colored pencils. Don’t diss crayolas, they rock! It’s a matter of manipulating the tool and learning to use it’s adantages.  Also I messed up so much with Lady’s stripes, I had to color over them in different colors so many times because I miscalculated…hopefully it still looks good.

 Happy Holidays and good luck with finals.

Inking of The Royal Sleepover, this is how I imagine Marceline to look like in her pjs (hipster schwabl xD).  Princess Bubblegum’s outfit is based off on AnimentalCosplayer’s PB pj cosplay.

There is a fork and a brush and some nail polish, cotton, and nailpolish remover. I imagine that having bubblegum hair would get stuck in a brush so you’d have to use some type of utencil. Also my Princess Bubblegum cosplays Ariel too so it’s in honor of her :D So Marceline just finished brushing Bubblegum’s hair and LSP is occupied talking to Melissa. LSP wasn’t supposed to be there but crashes the sleepover because she saw a status on facebook that Marceline left for PB about being excited to spend the night. LSP assumed that it was a sleepover party and thus invited herself…Marceline is trying not to be distasteful infront of LSP for PB’s sake, but it’s hard because they had plans for the night…