celestial-spookywolf  asked:

I looked under your holiday-tag, but couldn't find any Easter fics:/ Can you help me out here??

you’re right! we didn’t have an easter tag :0 better fix that pronto

Not Quite Fragile Like an Easter Egg by augopher (3/3 | 6,103 | PG13)

What started out as shopping for an Easter outfit, turned into a mess, then turned into anger frustration, and more

Part 4 of The Things We Make, We Make With Love

Easter isn’t Complete Without the Chocolate Eggs by Ezlebe (1/1 | 1,047 | PG13)

Honestly, Stiles’ only hope going in was that chocolate wouldn’t kill werewolves.

Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts by YumKiwiDelicious (1/1 | 2,177 | G)

“Stiles, who are those for?”

“Me,” he answered much too quickly, only realizing his mistake when the green eyed man frowned deeply at him. His heart had practically skipped a beat at the lie. “What…man can’t enjoy Hawaii’s gift to the world?” he questioned weakly, reading the box where it quivered in his hand.

“Stiles, you’re allergic to chocolate.”

Happy Easter means Happy Face! by Hoshisaki (1/1 | 486 | G)

“Hey, Uncle Derek!” Scott Jr. beamed as he dropped himself into the grass of the McCalls’ back yard, next to the werewolf. “What’s up? Happy Easter means you have to make your Happy Face!”
The one where Uncle Derek spends Easter with the Pack and his Alpha’s kids.

Sweet Fang by SushiOwl (1/1 | 1,031 | G)

Do not leave candy alone with Derek.

Easter Bunny by 1farmer_girl (1/1 | 2,798 | G)

Stiles goes to the mall and gets a bunny on the day before Easter. Now he just has to explain to Derek.

it’s so fluffy! by heytherelittlered (mehira) (1/1 | 1,410 | G)

Derek, I want you to come with us to our annual family Easter pilgrimage.

Happy Easter by Samantha_1989 (1/1 | 1,429 | G)

the pack havent seen each in four months, so they finally get together to have Easter dinner, they spend time together and bond as a family, especially when two of the couples have a child of their own. Mostly Sterek!!!!