I Should Have Been An Invader/ Listen

A fanmix for Tak (Invader Zim)

1. All The Same To Me- Anya Marina

2. She’s A Genius- Jet

3. I Love It (I Don’t Care)- Icona Pop

4. Catwoman Theme- Tone Slavemusic

5. I Want To Be Evil (cover)- Leah Scott

6. Tak’s Theme- Kevin Manthei

7. “Oh No!”- Marina And The Diamonds

8. I Saw A Deer Today- Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory

9. Lost Kitten- Metric

10. Cat Lore- Klaus Badelt

11. Army Of Me- Bjork

12. Le Disko- Shiny Toy Guns

13. Bulletproof- La Roux

14. Self Machine- I Blame Coco

You may question my musical choices HAHAHA.