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Have you notice that some of things Patchface says happens?Like "shadows come to dance" refer to the Blackwater. And in the third book, he sings "Fool's blood, king's blood, blood on the maiden's thigh, but chains for the guests and chains for the bridegroom, aye aye aye." "Blood in the maiden's thigh" is from Roslyn Frey's in her wedding night, "King's blood" is Robb's, and "Fool's blood" is the blood of the Frey Catelyn killed;the "chains" refer to how those who lived were trapped like Edmure

ok mI remembered another “Under the sea the mermen feast on starfish soup, and all the serving men are crabs.” I think it’s about the Frey’s pie. The “starfish” is the Frey and its many “points”,which I think represent Walder Frey many relatives. The “crabs” is Lord Manderly, Lord Too-Fat-to-Sit-a-Horse, and the awkward way he moves, or refer to Manderly’s men carring the heavy pies(the would look like crabs too). Maybe I’m being crazy I just think that this can’t be a coincidence xD

Yes, it’s somewhat well-known in ASOIAF fandom that Patchface’s rhymes aren’t entirely random gibberish, but some form of prophecy. Because of his drowning/near-death experience, some think he’s a prophet of the Drowned God… and Melisandre’s visions of him surrounded by blood and skulls suggests there’s something deeply, deeply creepy about him. (I’ve heard a theory that he’s going to somehow activate Shireen’s dormant greyscale, most likely by killing her in some horrible fashion, and spread plague across the North.) If you check the Patchface tag (perhaps you already have?), you can see many people being phenomenally disturbed by him (and spreading their fear, because).

Now, re Patchface’s rhymes: the “fool’s blood” rhyme is definitely about the Red Wedding, yes. But I think “the shadows come to dance” is more about Melisandre’s shadow babies, not the Blackwater. (I believe he had another rhyme talking about green flames, though.) As for the “starfish soup” referring to Wyman Manderly’s Famous “Pork” Pies™, I hadn’t heard that one before, but that’s an interesting idea. A brief googling finds this thread over on westeros.org, which proposes that starfish=hands=Davos, and crabs=House Borrell, who delivered Davos to White Harbor, and that’s also possible. Or it could be that that particular rhyme means nothing in particular, you never know. ;)

Hmm… you know, while I don’t think Patchface is any particular missing person, I have always thought that he must be somebody, because the whole “‘we couldn’t find a Valyrian lady for Rhaegar so we’re bringing home a fool instead’ / only survivor of a shipwreck / only identifiable by his tattoos / personality bears no relation to how he was described” thing is such an obvious literary clue. And that thread has the interesting theory that Patchface is a scion of Aerion “Brightflame” Targaryen (who died in the Free Cities leaving behind an infant son), which would lead back to Shireen’s nightmares of being eaten by a dragon. Not entirely sure I believe that theory, but it is interesting, and new to me. 

Well, whatever happens, I’m certain it’ll be amazingly creepy and disturbing, and not good for anybody. Because, y'know, this is ASOIAF. ;)

(BTW, I’m afraid your username plus this topic has suddenly given me a vision of William Shatner as Patchface. Oh dear…)

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You shouldn’t read because it sucks and you’re awesome. Both things doesn’t match

OOOOH nonono, don’t worry! I won’t read it. No. NEVAH. (I am considering 50 Shades of Earl Grey though, everyone on tumblr is saying it’s awesome and funny so… who knows) The fact is that he thought I didn’t know about it and that I was too innocent and young to read it. I had to try really hard to be quiet about fanfictions. HAHAHAHAHA

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Joanna made Tywin laugh. She made FUCKING TYWING LANNISTER LAUGH. She deserves some respect.

I know! My feelings! She doesn`t think that she was cunning or power-hungry like all the Lannister are…

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Have you ever heard the song "It's about time" from Barcelona? t reminds me SO much of Gendry and Arya, especially the part that says "They can't love me, they can't love what I don't show/He's walking up to her so slowly/It's about time to fly away". I'm sorry to bother I'm just bored and felt like talking to someone.

the song is beautiful dear. i love it. this is my type of music. eeekkkk…. yes, definitely stirring up Arya x Gendry feels. now i need to update my arya x gendry tracklist.