genkisbabe  asked:

miyaza i would be forever grateful if you subbed ningen shikkaku, i'm currently watching the drama without subbing and it's amazing already!! O.O if you do continue to sub the drama could you give me a link to where you would be uploading it?

i’m glad that more people lately are watching ningen shikkaku as it’s my favourite drama and biggest fandom (●´∀`●)

i’ve toyed a bit with the idea of translating it before to bring people to the fandom, but translating dramas takes many hours per episode simply for the english translation alone. on top of that, translation teams usually have multiple people to not only work on translating but to do the technical parts such as adding the subtitles in and timing them.

but i’ve translated some of the parts i found the most interesting (the rooftop scene, the final confrontation, the ending narration, and one of nimi-sensei’s monologues) a while ago and will type it out if you’re interested in that.