a la playlist topics

basically, the songs that i would use if i wanted to make a film or tv series.

full of relaxation, but also uncertainty. did you forget something?

you’re at a party and everyone is blurring together. the thumping of the music makes your chest rumble and when you look down at your cup there are ripples.

waking up and making tea with your pet

it’s late at night and you’re walking around the streets of the city with someone you love. somehow you can’t make out all of their face, but your heart swells up more and more everytime you see them.


dedicated to the goddess of love, Aphrodite

dancing alone in your room at 3 AM. 

that feeling when you get super nervous about doing something and the wave of happiness and relief when it actually goes your way!!

songs that i would love to be in a rom-com (specifically dedicated To All the Boys I Loved Before)

romeo and juliet, a moodboard


a playlist dedicated to persephone

sitting on the roof and looking at the stars with the person that you love. 

you’re home alone and dancing in your room with the music blasting on maximum volume!

a playlist dedicated to the ladies of The Good Place (just because I can)

how i feel like after i watch a wes anderson or studio ghibli film