Hey priyah!

Hey priyah! I typed what I wanted to say just now and clicked ask but there was some technical problems:( anyway! I would like to congratulate you for winning the contest and for getting to talk to Liam Payne! you’re one lucky girl:) and can I win the shirt? :( I’m a huge fan of 1D since I saw them performing on XFactor uk! Actually the real reason is why would ANYONE not love them? The reason I love them is because, like any other Directioner, they are all so good-looking! :D hehe:) that’s only one reason of course. The next is that their voices are amazing. They sing so well together, their voices just harmonise as one. Plus their songs are just great! Besides all the fame and beauty they hold, the actual and main reason why I love them is because they persevere so much, as a team. And they achieved so much! They were originally individuals and then being put into a group, not by them. From there, they have succeeded so much, by helping one another too. Working with people you don’t know at all, not knowing if you can trust them or not, each being from different parts of the country, it must have been hard. But they all managed to pull through, and what’s more is that they have achieved so much in so little time! One direction has thought me that with team work, people can achieve so much. And they also have inspired to follow my dreams. Why I would wanna win the shirt is because with the shirt with/on me, it would just remind me of my idols and what I wanna be. It’ll motivate me and tell me to never give up. I hope I have given you enough reasons on why I love one direction and why I wanna win the shirt:) I look forward to hearing greater news about one direction in the future :D thanks for giving a chance for me to express how I feel about this lovely band. Happy holidays priyah! Take Care~
-Zakiah (@doctorkong)
Xxxxxxx one direction for the win!