Cosplay - “Jinora” (2015) ok so this is the second of three cosplay outfits for animeNEXT this weekend! Here’s a preview of me playing around as Jinora from Legend of Korra. (This outfit is original & made by hand by me) thanks @katiejass + @kaylaklein for the amazing photos 😍 #animenext #anext2015 #cosplay #heyouwitheface #Avatar #legendofkorra #Jinora #lok

Sophie Update: 12/03/13

We just brought Soph back from the OR & she’s in a lot of pain. She’s been crying really loud since she got home & idk what to do. It hasn’t stopped. I don’t want my little animal to hurt like this. She’s just laying here all fucked up with her little cone. She’s going to be on antibiotics & pain meds for a long while, & her sutures will be removed on Friday morning.

Although she’s in pain now, I’m happy she’s ok. & that frigging tumor is off of her. She’s going to get better. I couldnt have done this without all of you. My best friend is going to be ok. I’m so thankful & grateful to all my followers & fandoms, friends & family for their love support & advice. Sophie’s got a long life to look forward to now - because of you guys. Let that sink in for a second seriously. Thanks so much guys. I’ll be updating her progress on my blog:


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Thank you guys! Video coming soon!

**NEW SERIES**: Interviewing Interesting Individuals (III)

Ever wonder what makes you interesting? 

We came up with this idea to interview someone that we found interesting. Simple, we know, but there are so many people in this world that we pass everyday and we don’t know anything about them or their story. We don’t even realize how much we might just have in common with that person.
SO, with that being said, meet Marleni Gomez:

Heyouwitheface's Road to Artist Alley!
Heyouwitheface is a local NJ illustrator who is determined to do what she loves most - bring her art to cons near and far far away.

Hi Guys! So I started  kickstarter campaign as a way to get some help for the convention season. I don’t like handouts, so I thought this would be a good way to not only get support - but give something to my supporters in return. I will doodle and send custom art as well as signed posters and stickers to everyone who helps. This means a ton to me so thanks in advance. I ONLY HAVE 30 DAYS TO MAKE MY GOAL OF $250. If I don’t reach that, I will recieve nothing (and no one will get charged even if they pledged). You will only get charged if you pledge and I reach my goal. If you can’t support the cause, please share and spread the word! Thanks again :)

Omigosh you are so freaking awesome! Thank you so much! OAO

Thats exciting that you want to do the same thing too! Thats awesome! It looks like it would be super fun career and I bet you’ll rock it! :D

I’m hoping with my plans figured out I can actually get motivated, get all my work together and end my senior year in a big bang! Especially because I hate feeling like crap. Its like THE worst.

But I’ll work hard and I’ll try to make sure I post some things. I hope to see some work from you too! It would be freaking rad if we ended up working together!

I hope to be awesome friends with you! 

heyouwitheface-too asked:

Hey! I'm sorry to bother, but would you be able to reblog my post about my dog? unfortunately her cancer came back 10x worse, and we need to remove her leg to stop it. I just need help signal boosting so that maybe a rich dog lover can help pay for her surgery + therapy haha. Thanks i'd appreciate it so much :)


WIP of my V-Day present for Dipper. My bf and I are exactly like these two This is a reference to my love for limey404 and doublepines. My style has always been similar to but never up to par with these two and I am literally a huge HUGE fan of you guys ❤ #ISHIPPINECESTANDI’MPROUD.

Sketch HW #2 - “ZODIAC”

I decided to doodle two signs’ constellations together in the sky. My zodiac sign is Taurus, and my boyfriend @fuckyeahjoeyd is Cancer. Sweet.

Doing “hipster 20-somethings” Tarot cards for my senior portfolio class with a satirical spin, I’m really happy and excited to work on this project. I’ll move on to all 22 the major arcana (& some minor arcana) 2 at a time. Practice makes perfect! I present to you, the lovers card.