We needed some beautiful big boys in this deck and we also needed some LGBTQ+ representation so here he is, my Justice card. I’m almost done with my senior thesis but I’m def continuing these till all millennials of every fashion subculture, sex, race and size are represented <3

Sophie Update: 12/03/13

We just brought Soph back from the OR & she’s in a lot of pain. She’s been crying really loud since she got home & idk what to do. It hasn’t stopped. I don’t want my little animal to hurt like this. She’s just laying here all fucked up with her little cone. She’s going to be on antibiotics & pain meds for a long while, & her sutures will be removed on Friday morning.

Although she’s in pain now, I’m happy she’s ok. & that frigging tumor is off of her. She’s going to get better. I couldnt have done this without all of you. My best friend is going to be ok. I’m so thankful & grateful to all my followers & fandoms, friends & family for their love support & advice. Sophie’s got a long life to look forward to now - because of you guys. Let that sink in for a second seriously. Thanks so much guys. I’ll be updating her progress on my blog:


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Thank you guys! Video coming soon!

WIP of my V-Day present for Dipper. My bf and I are exactly like these two This is a reference to my love for limey404 and doublepines. My style has always been similar to but never up to par with these two and I am literally a huge HUGE fan of you guys ❤ #ISHIPPINECESTANDI’MPROUD.