A veteran reporter was arrested while trying to ask Trump cabinet member Tom Price a question

  • Dan Heyman, a West Virginia-based producer and reporter for Public News Service, has been a journalist for about 30 years. 
  • On Wednesday night, he was arrested in the West Virginia State Capitol, reportedly for trying to ask visiting Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price a question as the official walked through a hallway.
  • Heyman was following Price and Conway as they walked through the Capitol, trying to ask the official whether or not the new health care bill would allow domestic violence to be considered a pre-existing condition.
  • But, while Heyman was trying to get answers out of Price, a Capitol officer stopped him, handcuffed him and arrested him — later charging him with “willful disruption of state government processes,” the Post reported. He was released on a $5,000 bail. Read more (5/10/17)