hacked bitch 7/29/12

omgee lane its skaaay here. i miss youuuu!!! sorry i havent been tawkin to you doe :p
uhm so yeah im in chicago and i just got on the computer for the first time in a week and im being a nice bitch so ima change ur url the way you wanted me to c;

ttyl bitch nbugga

oh and if you’re following lane & you dont follow me already,
you should.


i’ll follow back.


xox, your nbugga stephanie.

So i just listened to Kreayshawn's song Gucci Gucci for the first time and:

At first i was like:

Then the beat got better so i was like:

And i didnt know the rest of the lyrics so i was like:

Then it was over and i was still like:

Then i went back to tumblr like a boss and started reblogging shit like nothing happened like:


seeing gnash live and hearing him sing his new album was fucking breathtaking, he sounds just as good live as he does recorded. so much talent in one night, it’s ridiculous. can’t forget about mod sun as well. coolest and most down to earth and friendly artist yet. truly amazing to be able to experience this with my bestfriend.

but the highlight of my night was seeing blackbear in person, hearing his voice live, holding his hand and him looking at me and saying that he loves me too.. greatest experience in my life thus far.

mat musto will forever have my heart. i literally can’t do anything without feeling sad because the concert is over and i can’t see him. i’m in withdrawal. it was such a pleasure to be in the front row and just to hear him sing most of my favorite songs live. this is a memory that will never be forgotten. i love you mat. i love you blackbear.

til next time, xx

my ankle’s soo swollen. i sprained itt.

and scraped both my legs on the gym floor.

owie. stupid mr stewart -.-

but tytytyty to my dear Nicole<33

she’s awesome and she cleaned my cut.

i cant walk now. i hop, or limp.

no school tomorrow for me, obv.

goodnight :/


im sleepy and tired but ive been playing modern warfare 3 on my brothers account and i cant stop omg i suck but this game is fucking addicting

lol the most ive killed is 3 lol idc its fun hiding and getting new weapons and shooting at the helicopters lol

oh yeah and listening to the losers with microphones argue hahahhaha its funny

ok i should sleep now but i wont it’s friday and barely 3am so who cares right YOLOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!112!11!!!111!!!!!!!

im a fucking troll guys. C:

february 10, 2015 - 11:52 p.m.

Today I broke down and cried a total of six times. Now I don’t remember exactly what caused me to cry again and again after the first time, but I knew the thought of you popped in my head during those times and caused me to cry even harder. That’s when I realized. 

I’m never gonna to get over you,

and I’m okay with that.