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Let me think about u! Oh… The Wanted, Nathan Sykes for you, take care of my baby, uh?! :P And… Zayn Malik from One Direction and… James Maslow for you too!

You literaly just made my day… Nathan is my favorite… He is such a doll and i admire how passionate he is and James is also mfavorite and zayn well he isnt my favorite but he is really cute…. sorry for all the misspelled words too it isnt showing me what i am typing for some reason and it is starting to drive me crazy.

heyliih replied to your postSTILL DOING SHIPS

Okaaaay, haha. U already gave me Jay TW and Liam 1D. What about Big Time Rush? (yeah, I know i’m kinda boring hahaha but I just like to talk to everyone!)

Oh stop I love talking to people… i am more bored without you haha and as for the ship with Big Time rush…. I ship you with…….CARLOS!!!!!

heyliih said: Oh, thanks! :) Haha, sorry, but I can’t stop laughing. “My favorite is Niall and I don’t know why". Haha, I understand you. Niall isn’t my favorite, but whenever someone say ‘oh, Niall is my favorite 1D member’, i think: WHY?! sorry.

hahah I think I like him because he has more of a laid back personality from what i have seen. I am not a huge fan of one direction… I just listen to their music. I know strange right but yeah…