I’m such a disaster you guys lmao I decided to start my Bujo all over again for the second time because my other notebook was falling into pieces. But that’s okay because it means more bujo pictures?

But I also need to redo the monthly girl drawing and that makes me sad. Here’s to new beginnings!

05/11/2017 - day six

my bullet journal with a white background for a change. how cool.

~ intentions for today ~

work on nanowrimo
update my bullet journal
go to bed on time

🎶  - ‘Ocean’ by The Front Bottoms


I haven’t done much studying for language-learning but here are my notes for my Chemistry midterms exam tomorrow + a few cards I made (as a homework from my psychologist).

note: some might not understand some parts of my notes; I’m sorry. hehe. My notes are usually vague on parts I’m already familiar with.

Realistic back to school tips

So, it’s this time of year again where we go back to school and as we do so, we exchange our tips & tricks with others (seriously one of my fave things ever!).

Now yes, you guessed it, I’m about to do the same.

I’ve seen quit a few of these around, but most of them seem to predict that we (as studyblrs) are organised people (I mean most are indeed, or at least we try to be) and let’s just say I’m not the most productive person in the world, I rarely study during summer or pretty much do anything school related at all during the break (not too happy about it, I hope to get a lot more organised this year!). So here’s a list of things I plan to do during the back to school season and therefore have decided to share them with the internet and you, lovely people :) 

  • get my sleeping schedule at least slightly back on track

I seriously envy all who are able to maintain a somewhat normal sleep schedule during summer, I somehow always end up finding myself going to bed at 2am and waking up at 11. now i’m not really gonna do anything too drastic, that’s kind of impossible, but here’s what i plan on doing: for 3-5 days before the first day of school, i will try to go to bed at least a bit earlier, and also wake up a bit earlier. This doesn’t mean i’ll go to bed at 11pm the first night of doing this, but instead of 2am, i’ll aim for 1am of even 12.30. In the morning i’ll try to get up at 9.30 instead of 11 and so on until 1st day of school, when i have to wake up at 7.

  •  only buying the necessities 

Oh god how i know i won’t be able to do this but i really will try to not buy every single cute notebook/pen/pencil case/planner/binder/… i see because chances are, i will not need it. i will only buy the things i know for sure i need (a binder for each class, filler paper, everything else i stil have from the previous year) (and maybe like, 3 cute sticky notes sets to have for flat lay pics) and then at the first lecture hopefully the teacher will tell us what we will actually need and if i don’t already own it, i will buy it.

  • getting a planner

One of the few productivity things that I’ve sworn by for years are planners. I’ve ordered mine from Aliexpress and it’s yet to come, i have not idea what i’ll do if it’s not here by the time i star school but let’s not think about that right now. Planner is the most essential thing of a productive person, it helps you so so so much with being organised and keeping track of things. Similarly you could use a bullet journal and just combine the two, but i prefer to have them separated. You could also DIY a planner, if you wanted, one of my classmates did it last year and it’s great because you can customise it to your exact needs. Need a page for each day? No problem. Want a yearly overview? There it is. How about a page each month for random scribbles? Why not! 

  • going through the textbook

I am definitely (sadly) not the kind of person, who is able to finish a whole chapter on their own before school even starts, but what i will try to do (as soon as i get my textbooks) is look at the chapter titles and maybe read their summaries. It will give me a glimpse/an overview of what i can expect in that chapter, without actually having to do notes/study it.

  • knowing my timetable/schedule

I hope i am not the only person, who usually still doesn’t know her schedule by, like, mid - January and basically just follows her classmates around all day? I mean i usually know which classes are on which day but I don’t bother with the order? Well, to not be completely lost on the first day/the first week, i will download my schedule on my phone, maybe even save it as my background to have an easy access to it at any time.

  • get to know the people in my classes

This year will be the first time when not there will be a different group of people foe each different class i take (just the way our school system is, i can make a whole new post explaining it, if anyone’s interested), so there’s obviously gonna be people i don’t know. I consider myself an introvert, so meeting new peoople is usually more stressful that anything else because i tend to try to be likeable, and friendly but i kinda can get awkward real fast :’)

So what i will do, is add the people in advance (on various social media) and even if I don’t end up talking to them, by looking at their posts i can maybe get a glimpse of what they like and bring ta up in a conversation. For instance if someone posts a lot of sport related pictures, i can ask them about their favourite sport/sports person…

  • not stress as much

I stress over the simplest, most non-important things. “Should the green binder be for chem or English? The blue for french or history?”… I really want to gain the ability to make decisions faster and more easily. Hopefully I will also be more organised this year and won’t stress about all the assignments that much. Then again, I’m starting the IB so I’m not too sure about that :’)

So this is it for my “realistic” back to school tips aka what i plan on doing. I hope you find at least some useful, if you have any to add,I’d love to read them :)

xoxo, Katie

Tumblr mobile hates me so much. I literally posted this last night, or at least I thought I did but really Tumblr deleted it because why not.

Anyway! I finally finished “Save the Cat” :) I’m definitely going to buy my own copy of this book (one of my professors lent it to me to read over the summer).


sept. 20 - arrival in Naples

Our flight to Naples was at 06:52 in the morning, so we had to get up super early to take a taxi to the airport. I was pretty anxious, I honestly hate traveling, it’s messy as shit. The flight itself was okay, flying doesn’t really bother me.

We arrived in Naples, it was sunny and warm as heck, which was nice because when we left Amsterdam it had been raining. My mom and I decided to take a taxi to the hotel, it was shit :)
We managed to get one of the “fake” taxi drivers that tries to rip you off, it was very unpleasant. Our hotel (technically a bed & breakfast) was v nice though, the people were very friendly. Since we arrived around like 10 in the morning we weren’t allowed into our room yet, we could however leave our luggage. So we did that and then went into town. 

It was chaos.

We wanted to go to Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, but it was closed, so that was a no go. I wasn’t in the best of moods because I was tired and had a panic attack or two before our flight, so we went back to our hotel and I stayed there the rest of the day.

So yeah, my first day in Naples wasn’t amazing, it wasn’t very adventurous, basically, I watched Miraculous Ladybug on Netflix and cried on the phone when my dad called.

[Image description: A MacBook Pro displaying a blue and purple screensaver and the time, 3:25 PM. Placed on the edge of the laptop is a s’mores Frappuccino from Starbucks.]

7-24-17: Let’s all just agree that I have no idea how to take a desk photo (the reason I couldn’t show more of my desk is because it’s a mess). 

Also, a word of advice that I’d like to give to all the studyblrs out there is to never put your Starbucks on top of your laptop (like I did). Mine came way too close to being knocked over and spilling all over my keyboard. 

here is another photo of my AP Econ notes!

looking for a study buddy! so, I don’t really know how this is going to work but if there is anyone taking AP Econ or AP Psych, I would love to get in touch. We can talk about our study plans and encourage each other (i guess?). I am self studying both of them, by the way!!

Last week’s bujo spread! I literally stole some ideas from @metanoiastudies I just couldn’t help myself I love your sketches and the way you track things! I did kept it more minimalist though, since I love minimalism :)

I also did my stationery haul yesterday! Bought white Post-It notes and I’m in love, they’ll be perfect for my bujo. I think I might make a post on all my new stationery!

Got a new notebook :) It was on sale! Also, sorry fro being kinda absent. My WiFi was having some issues, but it has been fixed!