I FOREVER LOVE THIS SONG! It hits home every time I hear it and is so therapeutic to me. Some people chose other outlets…. I CHOOSE MUSIC. - LK

With Ears To See and Eyes To Hear by Sleeping With Sirens

I fell in love with this band instantly and I’m way excited to see them play tomorrow!

Outfit of the day.

Taken on 3.26.11 by my awesome friend Thip Athakhanh. I was kinda caught off guard because my friend was actually shooting a client outside haha. Hence the weird expression on my face =/

I have on a H&M cheetah print scarf, H&M white tank, Forever 21 blazer and denim shorts, & black combat boots.

I actually wore this for my “casual look” for a music video I was in :) Stay tuned for that as well!