Who to Love.

Filipino: Mahal, Arabic:حُب,Chinese: 喜爱, Czech: láska, Danish: kærlighed ,Dutch: liefde, Estonian: armastus, Finnish: rakkaus, French: amour, German: die Liebe, Greek: αγάπη, Hungarian: szeretet , Icelandic: ást, Indonesian: sayang, Italian: amore, Japanese: 愛, Korean: 애정, Latvian: mīlestība, Lithuanian: meilė, Norwegian: kjærlighet, Polish: zamiłowanie, Portuguese: amor, Romanian: dragoste, Russian: любовь, Slovak: láska, Slovenian: ljubezen, Spanish: amor, Swedish: kärlek, Turkish: aşk Source That’s love in 28 different languages. Fair enough?

So I was inspired by heyitsjhaineto write this piece of writing. Thank you again! So who are we supposed to love? Yes. My title doesn’t have a question mark on it, because when you love, you should know the person you are in love with and why do you love that person. You will just know these reasons inveterate and verisimilar with each other. But, I believe that you should love the person who knows you more than you do, the person who loves you more than anything else, the person who will do anything for you, the person who will write long novels and sweet surprises to you to make you happy, the person who makes you a priority, person who makes you feel special, the person who will make you better, the person that completes your day, the person who makes you laugh so hard and blush at the same time, the person who will make you smile, the person who can turn your world upside down, the person who gives color to your world, the person that you can depend on, the person that not only your friends love but your family as well, the person that will make you cry and laugh at the same time, the person that can be right beside you for how many hours,minutes, or seconds, the person that YOU know that you can be with in the future, the person who can make your day even just meeting him/her for a few minutes, the person who you learn from the most, and most importantly, The person you love more than anything else. The word Love is a very special word, because it is not just a feeling.. it’s more than that. Love can be applied to career, studies, person, family, friends, things, and many more. That’s why it’s very special. I can really say for you who is the right person to love. Because from my list, it’s very hard to find these things in one person. That’s why people cheat because of these ‘necessity’ they call. That they say one isn’t enough. But I don’t really agree with that. You love the person for who they are, what are they capable of, what love they deserve, and what are them to you. You can’t love a person if you can’t love yourself first. But you can find that person who will love you more than anything else. He/she is out there. Everyone has someone, and are destined or supposed to love. You will just know it. Sometimes with some bumpy bumps, you can get there. AS long as you believe in it. As long as you know how to give love. As long as you are capable of giving and receiving love. Don’t worry. You will be loved. -tmnbao :) sorry for the delay jhaine!

Gusto kitang yakapin ng sobrang higpit. Gusto kong sabihin at iparamdam sayo kung gaano kita kamahal. Gusto kong makita ulit ung mga ngiti mo. Gusto kong maramdaman ung pagdampi ng labi mo sa pisngi ko. Gusto kong titigan mo ulit ako sabay sasabihin mo na mahal mo ko. Gusto kong makatulog ulit sa dibdib mo at marinig ang pagtibok ng puso mo. Gusto kong akapin mo ulit ako sa mga bisig mo. Gusto ko makasama ka ulit. Gusto ko ako ulit ung maging dahilan kung bakit ka masaya. Gusto ko magselos ka ulit kapag may kausap akong iba. Gusto ko protektahan mo ulit ako. Gusto ko ingatan mo ulit ako. Gusto ko mahalin mo ulit ako……

Gusto ko… Gusto ko ulit bumalik ung dating tayo. <////3