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hmmmm t-ara and apink!


Favorite Member: Qri……..but I think that’s a touch obvious
Least Favorite Member:  Eunjung
Prettiest Member: ………….Qri
Favorite Song/MV: ;AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa; but their entire discography….for the moment I’m really feeling One & One but that’s not my favorite song. um….maybe Beautiful Sniper..you should hear if it you haven’t Kady o_o
Favorite Pairing: RamKyul!!! underrated unnie line!


Favorite Member: Chorongrongrongrongie
Least Favorite Member:  Eunji
Prettiest Member: Naeun
Favorite Song/MV: The Seven Springs-Une Annee…but I Dont Know, Boo, and Up to the Sky are my faves
Favorite Pairing: ChoEun probably!

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girls day pls!

  • my first bias: minah
  • your current bias and why: SOJINNNN FOR A Lot of reasons, but i like her voice a lot, and she’s also a really good dancer!
  • favourite song: easy go??
  • favourite mv: don’t forget me
  • member you think has the best smile: minah!
  • favourite choreography: i have no idea omg but maybe expectation or female president??
  • favourite era: expectation
  • favourite voice/singer: sojin!!!
  • favourite dancer: sojin or yura?? they all seem like good dancers to me though~ ^^

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your love for sojin is so adorable ohhh man i love reading your tags :')

ah, thank you ;_; honestly, sometimes I forget people other than myself can also read my tags. I can get a little…. overexcited ;_; BUT PARK SOJIN IS SO INCREDIBLE I CAN’T STOP SCREAMING ABOUT HER!!!! 

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(✿◠‿◠), \ (•◡•) /, (╥﹏╥) (we basically have but more pls :D)

Omfg kady bby. ;; I have a secret to tell you. I’ve told my boyfriend about how I made friends with you and how nice you were omg. So yeah, we need to talk more!

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 asked you: bestie bestie bestie bestie

y’all know me too well
  • Bias order: dahye/hyeyeon, yuji/haeryeong (lmao this is totally cheating but i no longer care)
  • How long you’ve been a fan: since predebut omg, but i was rly hooked after watching their i’m interview (i changed my url right after it, what a throwback wow)
  • The first song you heard by them: pit a pat (duh)
  • Favorite song(s): ♡♡♡♡ love options ♡♡♡♡
  • Comebacks you’ve “experienced” with them: all of em!! [teary eyes emoji]
  • Favorite concept(s): !!!! shucks i haven’t really preferred any of the comebacks over the others, but i guess thank u very much!!
  • Favorite mini/album(s): they… don’t have any minis or albums. get on it ynb 
  • First MV you saw: pit a pat!
  • Favorite MV/PV: ♡♡♡♡ love options ♡♡♡♡
  • Favorite pairing(s) (within group): hmmm hyeyeon/haeryeong
  • Favorite pairing(s) (outside of group): they don’t rly interact a lot with others, do they? i like the idea of spica/bestie hanging out and being cute friends while rehearsing for their special stage soooo spica/bestie in general!!! 

heyhyuna replied to your post:damn…i know i shouldn’t but i always skim youtube…

i don’t think it was too sexy tbh :p they have some floor choreo that’s really sexy but other than that i think it wasn’t overdone really at all idk?

yeaaa i just watched it and i don’t think it’s overdone. the choreo is honestly the only super sexy element other than the clothes and i’m fine with both. i keep forgetting that a LOT of kpop fans still hold onto that innocent stuff but like…beyonce just released an album that was half way about sex alone and it’s one of the best things ever so i really don’t mind this vid.

i think i’ll have to hear the song a couple more times though just because it’s so chill. like, the ending just happens and it doesn’t feel finite. i think fans are overreacting a bit though.