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hmmmm t-ara and apink!


Favorite Member: Qri……..but I think that’s a touch obvious
Least Favorite Member:  Eunjung
Prettiest Member: ………….Qri
Favorite Song/MV: ;AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa; but their entire discography….for the moment I’m really feeling One & One but that’s not my favorite song. um….maybe Beautiful Sniper..you should hear if it you haven’t Kady o_o
Favorite Pairing: RamKyul!!! underrated unnie line!


Favorite Member: Chorongrongrongrongie
Least Favorite Member:  Eunji
Prettiest Member: Naeun
Favorite Song/MV: The Seven Springs-Une Annee…but I Dont Know, Boo, and Up to the Sky are my faves
Favorite Pairing: ChoEun probably!

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girls day pls!

  • my first bias: minah
  • your current bias and why: SOJINNNN FOR A Lot of reasons, but i like her voice a lot, and she’s also a really good dancer!
  • favourite song: easy go??
  • favourite mv: don’t forget me
  • member you think has the best smile: minah!
  • favourite choreography: i have no idea omg but maybe expectation or female president??
  • favourite era: expectation
  • favourite voice/singer: sojin!!!
  • favourite dancer: sojin or yura?? they all seem like good dancers to me though~ ^^

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your love for sojin is so adorable ohhh man i love reading your tags :')

ah, thank you ;_; honestly, sometimes I forget people other than myself can also read my tags. I can get a little…. overexcited ;_; BUT PARK SOJIN IS SO INCREDIBLE I CAN’T STOP SCREAMING ABOUT HER!!!! 

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(✿◠‿◠), \ (•◡•) /, (╥﹏╥) (we basically have but more pls :D)

Omfg kady bby. ;; I have a secret to tell you. I’ve told my boyfriend about how I made friends with you and how nice you were omg. So yeah, we need to talk more!

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 asked you: bestie bestie bestie bestie

y’all know me too well
  • Bias order: dahye/hyeyeon, yuji/haeryeong (lmao this is totally cheating but i no longer care)
  • How long you’ve been a fan: since predebut omg, but i was rly hooked after watching their i’m interview (i changed my url right after it, what a throwback wow)
  • The first song you heard by them: pit a pat (duh)
  • Favorite song(s): ♡♡♡♡ love options ♡♡♡♡
  • Comebacks you’ve “experienced” with them: all of em!! [teary eyes emoji]
  • Favorite concept(s): !!!! shucks i haven’t really preferred any of the comebacks over the others, but i guess thank u very much!!
  • Favorite mini/album(s): they… don’t have any minis or albums. get on it ynb 
  • First MV you saw: pit a pat!
  • Favorite MV/PV: ♡♡♡♡ love options ♡♡♡♡
  • Favorite pairing(s) (within group): hmmm hyeyeon/haeryeong
  • Favorite pairing(s) (outside of group): they don’t rly interact a lot with others, do they? i like the idea of spica/bestie hanging out and being cute friends while rehearsing for their special stage soooo spica/bestie in general!!!