I don’t care what she says, she’s a down right catch. with dat ass and a mother fucking personality. You know what she’s studying? fucking physics and aerospace shit. She’s gonna be a mother fucking rocket scientist. You know when people are like “this isn’t rocket science. gosh.” Yeah well what she’ll be doing is rocket science cause she’s a GRADE A CERTIFIED BAD ASS

Certified, bitch. 

I’m sorry she’s not some bimbo blond hair idiot that can’t tell her left from right or what the fuck her multiplication tables are. This ones a live one. 
Male race has completely missed out and the lesbian race is upset that brainless asshats get the pleasure of one day courting Melynda. 

So please take a fucking number and get in line now cause Melynda Kaye is a heart breaker treasure mine and my motherfucking best friend.