Today, 25.8.2012, a healthy baby boy??? girl??? was born to mr and mrs mblaq seungho. the baby weights 100 kilos and besides that his/her dad is asian, he/she manages to have blondish hair and blueish eyes. maybe mr seungho man isnt herhis father at all. anyways we wish you happiness in life.

holy mother of


this baby is a miracle born to a couple separated by thousands of miles and…who have never actually met


we shall call you spencer

you have my right eye baby and heftiness spence

your dads bottom lip

and both our dark circles combined, you poor darling


so it’s 3 am in finland and my brain feels weird but not tired at all and i actually have 4,5 hours till i have to get up for school but we thought with Antero why the hell not stay up all night and just take a nap after school so it’s party hard till the morning read homosexual fanfiction and eat and cry and then we’ll go to school like “fml can i cry i hate everyone yay”