heygravity submitted: Hey so sorry for the late reply. Been busy lately preparing for my birthday and all. HOW WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY THOUGH!? :’)

OMG. I STILL HAVEN’T WATCHED CHUCK. BUT I BET I’LL CRY! I haven’t even watched Gossip Girl, but like I’m so pissed off how they are making this a Dair series lately. What happened to it’ll always be “Chair” =.=’ And honestly, Serena and Dan? AGAIN?! Can’t it just be Serena and Nate! gjugfuidshuishwuhr I hate useless drama. WAITTTT. A CHUCK MOVIE?!?!?!!? :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Okay that entire OTH thing just left me SO confused. Damn. I’m really far behind huh? I still never got how Peyton and Lucas got back together. T_T It made no sense to me.

I know, Apple systems are so complicated. TI can only stand using the iPhone sometimes but even then it gets annoying. I still love how Apple designs their stuff though. :’)

I am feeling better. Really excited for my birthday lately and completely starving right now. I want foooood! :P But yeah, overall I’ve been doing great! :’)



heyyyy!! first, gorgeous picture and second thank you sweety and third how was YOUR BDAY pixie?!<3 did ya have fun? mine was good. although i had to work, but i had so much fun in the evening with my friends and family :)

THANK YOU!!! i watched gg lately and i’m really freaking out !!! i don’t get it why blair and chuck can’t be together already?! i mean the said they loved each other -.- and this whole dair thing is really pissing me off!!! i just don’t understand it, why can’t they just be friends… they always have to get more.. like in gg everyone has been with everybody exept for serena and chuck… at least those two stay friends… i find it just weird thinking about blair and dan… because blair clearly loves chuck…she even admited it. so i don’t really see the point in it.. and freankly this whole thing with louis should have been a wake up call for her!!! she should be with CHUCK!!

and omg CHUCK i really cried.. i sure did!!! it was so emotional… trust me you are going to freak out when yoProxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 oxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 finally watch it!!! especially towards the end! .. well yvonne said if there is going to be a movie in the near future that the whole cast would agree in a heart beat to do the movie. because in the first place it wasn’t the cast who did want to end the series. it was NBC. so I think if there has to be a movie, the movie should come soon because otherwise it won’t just happen.. it’s like with Veronica Mars. the whole cast wants/wanted to do a movie but the company just says no.. and no almost 5 years have passed and fans still want the movie.. even Kristen fights for it all the time. it’s just said. because Chuck and VM had over 6/7 million fans but the NBC and CW just lost the hope and faith in it. and when I see that other shows on CW got just like 3 million viewers then I just think ‘WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE PRODUCERS AND MANAGERS THINKING?!’


haha well if you haven’t watched it in that long, i’d imagine that it seems confusing for you know. :D but i don’t get the whole peyton/lucas thing either.. it just doesn’t make any sense. like with brucas we had this whole thing, we actually had a relationship at first, so ofc brooke and lucas loved each other. i don’t get who peyton can say in the first season that she felt in love with him since they never had a relationship but just a kiss. and frankly i really can’t stand peyton. i just can’t. she was a horrible friend to brooke. haley’s and brooke’s relationship is way more honest and better. they are like real sisters now :) so this and naley are the reason why i still keep watchin OTH. :) it just was one of the first shows i fell in love with. … i’m really considering rewatching it again :D haha

oh and you know what i want to watch, 90210!! haha it seems like a really great show, you watch it to, don’t you? so should I?

sure Apple is a great company and they really invented great things but I’m just not used to use mac. like I only have my iphone and that’s fine but when i’m at home, school or work we use windows. but they really do great things!

aww that’s great! i’m glad that you are feeling better and that you’ve been having a great time! i’m having a good time too lately… i’m really enjoying work right now :) but i’m changing departements soon so i’m feeling a little bumped out when i think about it. because i really liked working and that departement and they like me too… they always say that they want me to be there for good :) it’s just so sweet. :D

so.. how is it like to be 18? :P haha I always hated that question.. i’m always like.. 'there isn’t a big difference’


love youu<3


Never not following. 

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hey you! yeah i know, it looks like it took time! omg dude, new TVD episode! i haven’t watched it yet but there’s spoilers all over my TL right now. i need to avoid it at all cause. i do not want the new episode to be ruined for me. hahaha but im so excited for it! :P

omg dude i haven’t even started watching chuck. T_T chuck and gossip girl. haven’t watched that yet. this sucks. but yeah, it sucks to know that it ends at the end of january. this sucks man, this sucks so much. i am glad to have the tv shows back. i need to watch american horror story and teen wolf!

aw pixie and sunny, aren’t we cool. :’) but yeah exercising. i should stare that again but i t doesn’t seem to be working so much. i need to learn how to play guitar too. aw fuck it. it’s not even the first week of the new year. I HAVE TIME! :P ]

i love beastly, i found it a really good movie but i get what you mean. im not like that excited to look out for news from them anymore. i just kind of moved on. it’s weird to see how much we’ve changed but like i also am sad that it happened that way. i mean i think for us it was always zanessa.

yeah i know right. i can’t believe that two months passed so fast. in fact christmas passed so fast like what the hell. insane really. can you believe that in nearly a month im going to be 18? gah.

have an awesome weekend!
love you. <3

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

helloooooo sweety pie!

OHMY THE NEW EPISODE! did you see it?! :O I’m sorry but I hate the end!!! I mean I lie them together but Stelena is just my otp in that show!<3 I so miss them!!! and did you see the new promo yet? ‘YOU HAD ME!’ just tears all over my face man!!!! I so can’t wait for the new episode… it’s really torture to wait one week! and jeremy :’( my baby is leaviiiiiing !

the show has really messed up my mind!

I keep watching Chuck over and over again, can’t believe that it is almost over! I will miss the show like crazy…and so OTH it will return this week! I’m so excited to see it :) hihiiii and man I so wanna see american horror story!! I keep seeing amazing gifs on my TL :D

haha yeah we’re like a band, pixie and sunny coming to your town soon :P haha why do you need to learn to play guitar?`do you just want to learn it? I just can play piano witch i thaught myself, but I also wanted to play guitar… but never got the chance to. …haha watch it otherwise the year will be over soon! ha

yeah I get watch you’re trying to say.. for me it was always clear that I wasn’t that of a huge fan like others here but i guess they have just helped me to grow up and to see that you really can fall in love with someone and it would hold a long time. but yeah I never thought that I would ever feel this way. :/

oh yeah me too!! it was crazy especially since it wasn’t that cold here like usually in winter… and yepp in a month you’re 18 and I’m 17! :)

gaaah tomorrow is the first day of business school since the break… I’m so not excited for that at all, I rather work, haha

how was your week? <3

take care, love youu!


heygravity says/submitted:

omg. more people liked our post. this is not awkward at all… yeah totally not awkward. hahaha aw im glad you’re feeling better now! ^_^ i’m back on my computer, but i get what you mean. i love my laptop. it’s just that i never has my full data so i always feel like it’s never fully mine in a way you know? xD but it is in a lot of ways so yeah not really complaining. :P

dude. tumblr changed their message settings. fb changed their entire layout. this is just all bullshit. =.=’ at least when twitter changed their layout it wasn’t THAT bad. im use to it now. but this new facebook is SO weird. SO weird i swear.

i bet half of the people reading our convos have no idea what we’re talking about but it also makes me curious as to why people read our convos. are we some sort of celebrity they need to stalk? hahaha.

it is totally disrespectful to steal something somebody took their time and heart to create. it’s really horrible. omg you only follow 52 people? wow. im up to like 600. hehehehe. i have a problem okay? i talk to to many people and i follow to many people.

OMFG. DUUUDDEEEEE. NEW EPISODE TOMORROWWW! HYPER-FUCKING-VENTILATING!!!! i cried like such a baby watching it, i swear TVD is out to break our hearts but my god, i hate what that stupid bitch did to lovely caroline. SUCH A JUDGMENTAL MOTHER. I HOPE TYLER TELLS HER OFF! I’m SO glad the waiting is over though. FINALLY! still need to watch HIMYM.

Aw I heard Joey got canceled or something. Which sucks but it’s nice to hear that it’s hilarious. i should watch it some time. ^_^

I guess you have a point, everybody is scared of the future. You’re one of them that got lucky and I’m one of them that has to think hard. But I do enjoy taking pictures and writing. It’s really fun for me to express myself. I just am not the best person with words sometimes. D; Aw man. Baby steps I suppose. It’s late here, so I should sleep. :3



haha this is just too crazy :p well I think we are just interesting for them then… yes I’m feeling better, thank you for asking :) it was just a non-normal weekend with me being sick… ^_^ I’m replying to you while I’m in ICT class!!! hahah yes I get what you mean…I just love laptops. I’m thinking about getting a new one.. but I don’t know which one, so I give it up.

well i don’t have FB but I can imagine how you feel.. but yeah tumblr changed their message settings.. I realised it the other day, after like a day or two the icon message doesn’t show up anymore :/ you know that red sign that says how many messages you got… so that suckssss. ikr? at first I couldn’t stand the new twitter layout but now I’m used to it I guess, it doesn’t bother me.

hahah LMFAO I have no idea why they do that! xD it’s just funny…

I know I can’t stand it when I see someone has stole something -.- but yeah I only follow 52 people :) I don’t like following so many blogs, on twitter I have about the same… but you know I got my track tags so I can reblogs things from there :) ooooojjjj no you haven’t! haha some are following tons of more than you :p


it was freaking amaziiiing! like a really good opening to the new season, when it was over I immediately wanted to watch the next one ! that bitch I hate her-.- hope tyler did wake up by that or something :S

duuuuuuuuuuuude HIMYM was so gooooood! it was a double episode!!! I cried like a baby so happy was I :3 and I even watched it twice that day, haha… you finally have to watch all the episodes you’ve missed!! I demand you to do it, haha ;)

yeah it got cancelled because Matt didn’t want to play Joey anymore… I get it to be honest, because he played that character for over 12 years so he got quiet fed up with it. but it was a really good show though!

btw I watched glee yesterday………. hmmm I don’t know what to think about it yet. to be hones I didn’t like the opening episode. :/ I really hope it gets better with quinn wanting to be a part of her babys life…

I bet people like our conversation because they want to know which show we like and not like. and what we’re thinking of the episodes we watch XD

wish you a happy day!!



heygravity                   submitted:

hello love! sorry for the late reply. been busy. simple plan concert yesterday. insanely amazing. but yes i saw the new episode. so amazing. but i was so pissed at stefan for being the douche he is right now. :O aw man you’re a stefan and elena shipper? sorry dude. delena all the way. there’s more love there. stefan is cute with katherine. they kind of bring the bad and good out of each other. it’s hot. ;D but both episodes still managed to make me cry. I FEEL BAD FOR KLAUS!

i need to watch american horror story so bad. and the new season of chuck and 90210. hell i haven’t even started with teen wolf. I AM SO BEHIND!

well i like to sing. thought it’d be cool to know how to play as well. but i dont think singing is something for me because well … im not THAT amazing at singing. i wanna learn how to play the piano, drums and guitar. so it’s a slow step but i wanna learn :D

holy shit dude. vanessa is like kissing austin all over the place. i miss the classiness of her and zac. i honestly do.

anyway, it’s hard to believe that im nearly eighteen. just whoa. how are you anyway?


hello, nah it’s okey I’m replying to you late too ;) haha I really hadn’t time sooner.

haha yepp well Idk for sure.. like Stelena is super cute but everytime they are happy something bad happenes… but I also like Elena and Damon, they are like forbitten love or something. but yeah I think I feel myself more attached by Stefan and Elena ;D yesss… I feel bad too for him!!! he has gotten so lonely now!!! :( the scene with Caroline and Klaus almost killed me!!! luckily today is Thursday so I can watch the episode tomorrow :)

somehow I wanna watch american horror story too!! it’s getting so much attention for some reason! like every time I am here on tumblr I see a post about it. duuuude the chuck season is wooow! :) (can’t believe it’s almost over, 2 epis left)

well did you see OTH yet?????? THE PROMO KILLED ME!!! like everyone is freaking out! I wanna know so badly what happenes!!

I’m good thanks! allthough my laptop broke down again… so I was super pissed for like two days, I was just so angry that I bought a new one! I didn’t want to wait another three weeks til I have a laptop again.. other than that everything is good. tomorrow I'mma have to got to school for the ICT diploma that I have to make :) what about you? any plans for the weekend?

love you<3

 heygravity  said/submitted:

i love how music can change your moods. its awesome but yes omg it’s insane to realize how much the year just flew by! while im excited for 2012 i really just … no im scared because i’m turning eighteen and it’s just scary! but damn you’re going to france? that’s insane! apart from the maths. i’d die if i have to learn math forever. im so not a math person! :P

im catching up slowly. but im also behind on my blogs again so fml. but yeah, i think i’ll have time. somehow. just gah. my weekend always manages to throw me off balance yaknow? but hey at least i get more time then just a week to panic over missing out on some tv series. if that made sense.

NO SNOW YET!? bummer! but hey maybe it’ll snow the moment it hits december. christmas is so on man! the christmas season has begun and i’m so excited. you’re so right! every mall i go to is just full of decorations and while it’s sunny and all here it leaves me feeling so happy because i just … i just adore christmas! :D

i don’t quite get you but i get you all at the same time. maybe i need to watch the series to understand more but yeah i think HIMYM is going on for a few more seasons. it really does such that chuck is ending. now that you tell me this i really wish more seasons were given to them. this is so sad man! :(

omg glad that your presentation went better then you though! :D did you have a fun weekend? you know lately i saw pictures of vanessa with austin and i wont lie they really are sweet together. but i do miss her and zac. plus i saw that promo for his new movie and lemme just say, I NEARLY DIED. k? HAHAHAHA

Love youu!



I just love music, I’m listening to it all the time, even when I’m going to sleep :D

I got the feeling that 2012 will be a tough year tho…. yes I’m going to France, going to school there actually for two whole weeks :) I used to love maths, and sometimes I still do but it has gotten just too complicated, so I really hope I major in it well !! ahhh 18? awesome!! still, you must be a little excited about that, aren’t you? =)

haha it made sense. this weekend I have to go to school on Saturday, actually, whick suckssssss! gah I’m so not looking forward to this.. because on friday I have to work super long like every week and then in the evening there is the annual Christmas dinner at work, so of course I have to be there! but I guess it will be fun, because last year it got super hilarious and I’m not alone my bffs are there too, so it won’t be that bad :P (but I still leave earlier than the others…)

yesssssssssss there is still no snow!!! I’m really starting to miss it :( but once it falls it won’t stop and it will be white here til February, March.. haha :D we don’t actually celebrate Christmas since I’m Muslim but I just like the feeling everybody gets around this time :’) (and I like backing sweet stuff!!!)

my weekend was good, thanks :) It was nice to take a break once… and you could tell that I was really exhausted because I fell asleep at 9 on a friday!!! but it really helped to fill up my energie, haha… today I was once again on a banking course. it was fun actually because first of all I had actually studied and knew a bunch of stuff about the theme and secondly my friends was there too, and I hadn’t seen her since August I think, so it was nice to catch up with her :) how was your week so far?

yeah I saw the pictures too today…. they are cute, you can see that in the pictures. but it just feels weird to see it… even tho was almost a year single, it’s just different from what we were used to.. but I miss the two being together! oh and I get what you mean! I saw that trailer yesterday…(actually I didn’t know that there was one, I randomly found it) and it looked hot!!! tbh I’m not as interested in Zac than I used to be… haha.

love youuu<3


heygravity said/submitted:

Best to start over, especially since we have no idea what we were last talking about, but yes! I’m really good. Thanks for asking! (: Well true, if we had nothing to do we’d be pretty bored with our lives but then again sometimes I’d like to have a little small time for myself so I won’t go crazy with things to catch up with. Like my TV shows! :P

It is really fun. I do like her. She’s an awesome cousin! It’s nice to have somebody to finally talk to at home with. :3

Well there’s never anything wrong with being fancy as long as you don’t become snobby. You just know the things you like and that bag, well that bag is just gawjussss! ;D

Ooooh. The flooring is almost done? SWEET! You must show me the house when it’s all done! :D

So now that we have each others number we can either iMessage or WhatsApp each other any time we want. Isn’t that awesome!? Did you buy the black or white iPhone btw? :D



heyy ya! sorry for replying to you so late !

haha yes… but I guess I wouldn’t change it either… it might get stressful sometimes but I still like it :) ohhh man I could never give up my shows!! that would be terrible for me!!!!!!

duuuudeee the HIMYM episode was so amazing!!! it blew my mind o.o haha I know you have to catch up on it but I still talk about it to  you ;)

ohh and I’ve started watching Chuck last monday!! DUDE I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW<3 it’s so amazing!! my brother has watched it before me and he kept saying I should finally start watching it and I kept saying that I don’t want to watch it because it has 4 full seasons and the 5th one just started… but then he succeed to persuade me!! haha and I hate to admit it but he is every time right!!! :D and now I’m almost done with the 4th season!! then I have to wait for the episodes like every other show :’(

yes it’s always nice to have someone that close to you :) I visited my father’s family last weekend with my parents and hach idk I just love being there :’)

ikr? when I saw the bag I just had to have it!!!

I know that I’ve changed since I’ve started working but my personality hasn’t changed :) well a little, I’m more outgoing than before I guess but I’m definitely not snobby :p but that’s what change brings with it…when I would bump into my older friends from high school, I think they wouldn’t recognize me anymore haha from the outside I’m another person than I was 2 years ago… but I think that’s not bad.. like you said I buy those things that I like, I guess those are the perks of being more independent than before :)

Of course I show you the pictures! it might take awhile though since I’m going there in April ;)

yeaaah that’s soo awesome! I’m so happy that it worked! haha I bought my iPhone last year right after it came out, so the black one ;) you?

enjoy the day!!



heygravity says/submitted:

hey you! sorry it took a while for me to reply. ;o but yes, maybe they think we’re so interesting. hahahaha aw glad to hear that you’re feeling better and sneaking a reply in during class! you little rebel! hahaha laptops are awesome. you should totally get a macbook or something. ;o

aw, why don’t you have fb? ;o it’s so awesome. but yeah i get what you mean. the tumblr layout isn’t as bad. the only thing that sucks for them is their failure of a message system. twitter, i use to think it was horrible. seriously the change was so unexpected so go figure but like now, now i find it really useful. ;o i realized how … much the old layout was lacking. but i really can’t make myself like the new fb layout. its so weird o.o

well props to you for being able to only follow a few people. i cant. i just like to many things so its like follow follow follow! hahahaha i still don’t get how people manage to follow like a 1000 people on twitter though. i couldn’t do that. i try to stop at 500 at the most. ;o but yeah, track tags. dont really use that. xD i get kind of lazy to scroll through my tumblr sometimes. so i only scroll for a bit. xD

OMGOMG. DID YOU WATCH EPISODE NUMBER TWO!/!?!??!?!?! i died so much. seriously. especially since you found out what caroline’s mum did to her and the end. OMFG THE END. i just sat there like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKKK!?!?!?! so insane! i would totally like a new episode now pleaseee ;o

omg it was so good? gahh i need to watch HIMYM right now! its just on some days i can only like watch one episode and just blah. just blah okay!? and yeah i get what you mean, after you’ve done it for so long you get tired of it so you just want it to end. D; i suppose all good things really must come to an end.

yeah the glee premiere was alright for me. i still dont like that rachel is with finn and all that. i love kurt and her friendships, i think quinn is still trying to hard and all that jazz. its still not the most amazing show for me you know? :3

truee. we’re literally bonding here. thats why everybody likes our conversations! lmfaooo. i hope you have a nice week!
love youuu!

heyyyyy :) that’s okey really ! haha yes I am duing it again. haha well I’ve finished all the takses so I can surf on the internet and reply to you xD

oh no I don’t like Macs :S well I do like the design and everything but I can’t work with a Mac browser I just find the windows one a lot better!! so..

naaa there is something about fb that I don’t like… I just don’t find it attractive in a way… haha gaah it just sucks that they give up the message button.. like after one day it disappears but you still have to remember that you got messages left to anwser :s but all in all I like the tumblr design!

haha well I do track tags they’re a lot easier for me to find something than when I follow like 500 blogs and I have to scroll down my dashboard :D

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMYYYYYYYYYYYYYGOD YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O I was so shocked that that was her dad!!!! i was like WTF :O it was so awesome!!! I DIED WACHING IT :D but today I can’t watch it becaus tomorrow I'mma fly to Kosovo :) I finally got vacations, YAAAY! :) so I won’t be online much but I hope we still can talk then!! the only week point is that I have to wake up at 3am tomorrow :S so that is lame but still!

so I have to catch up with all the shows when I get back…. duuuuude get yourself together and watch HIMYM ALREADY! :) I’m really not lying to you its freaking amazing!!! haha

but yeah i didn’t like glee the first episode was just blaaaah so boring but I watched yesterday the second episode and I just liked it because Quinn wants her baby back!!! I hope she really gets her back! because I really didn’t liked it in the beginning that she gave Beth away so I really hope she gets full costidy :D


hope speak to you soon :’)


heygravity                   submitted:

hey you, thanks for understanding. i like your new theme. it’s really bright and nice. i love it. especially after it took you so long to get it done. must be nice having your hard work create a lovely outcome! xD

ugh so excited for vampire diaries right now, seriously… so excited! i know how the last episode ended so its like OHMYGOD BRING BACK MY AWESOMENESS! they say a main character is going to leave though. i don’t know how i feel about that.

NEW EPISODES! don’t you love having the tv shows back? :’) i love how you call me pixie. all my friends call me pixie nowadays. its like the most randomest nickname ever but it somehow stuck. im so going to need exercise after all the weight i’ve gained but its okay. i can do it so can you! xD

yeah i lost interest with both her and zac to be honest. its like… i don’t know… they don’t fascinate me as they did before. sure zac is hot and she is gorgeous but i moved one. i mean i watched beastly today and it was a good movie, made me miss zanessa but like she’s changed so much and i don’t even know how to explain HOW she’s changed.

it’s insane to think ti’s already four days into january. i swear time is flying so fast. i mean there was decemeber, getting ready for christmas, christmas, new year and now it’s like january? just what the fuck. where did the time go O.e

good luck going back to work! hope you have a nice first day. :’)
love youu.


hey you! thank you so much! haha it definitely took a lot of time.

I can’t wait til I see the new episode tomorrow!!! :D like I got so excited when I rewatched all episodes!!!

ahh it’s so great having them all back!! like I finally could watch HIMYM again :’) and tomorrow TVD and Chuuuck<3 allthough I’m so sad that Chuck will end in the end of January :’(

of course, you’re pixie and I’m sunny :) ha definitely! I started some exercises this week to get slowly in, haha, we’ll see if I can keep my promise this time :D

yeah well me too… ha to be honest I’ve just watched beastly because of NPH! and then sucker punch.. idk I didn’t like that movie… after watching it I regret buying the dvd… it might sound a lil harsh but after all the excitement and news from her and some fans I thought the movie would have been better! and as for Z I can’t remember searching or reading some news of her… even V sometimes, ha it’s so weird how it changed so quickly ;)

totally!! and now it’s already january, weird. I feel like the past two months have gone by so fast :P and next week school is starting -.- gaaaah I so don’t want to go back.. since I got so used to now just working.

tomorrow WEEKEND! WOOOH :D

love youuu<3


heygravity says:

i love it, it’s awesome! i know, finding perfect layouts are insane. i normally just sit to the one i have now. and change my dashboard themes to keep me less board. though as of right now it’s all about gryffindor. i still love it btw. your layout i mean! (:

aw i really think you’re overstressed as well! ever thought of idk, maybe locking yourself in your room for a day and just resting? like do it this weekend. watch some tv shows and just rest up? (:

yeah season one was absolutely perfect. until the end when things just got fucked up. tbh i don’t remember much of the other seasons because i just watch S1 the most. the rest … the rest only had its moments. ;o

aw man no motivation is the worse. i do hope you get your report done though, that way to can finally have a nice girls night out. im worried about you. don’t want you getting sick for no reason! =/

yes yes, i had a lovely time with friends but as of right now i have no plans for the weekend so that sorta sucks but oh well! ;o lifes alright. schools complicated. i’m just stressed out about failing in the future to be honest. =/ as for auditioning nah, nobody wants me. LMFAO. i think i’m a bit to … average size for modeling. they want the skinny bitches. :P

i hope you’re feeling better and have a nice weekend! ^_^
love youuu!


I totally get what you mean!!! when I spotted a really good layout I tried to get that one for a couple of times now, but everytime there was something that I didn’t like about,. like the sidebar was always fixed so that you couldn’t see all of my gifs and stuff or you could see the notes :/ but then finally I found this one and I’m ridiculously happy about it :’) aww thank you, you’re a sweethear!

yessss I’ve been thinking about that a couple of times but there was always something that came between… but actually I'mma try tomorrow to finish my history report in the morning so I have all weekend long to relax and not to worry about things!! _D like my dad booking the plane tickets, he finally did it!!! :D so that is a reliev hahah but no kidding I'mma try this… I have some exams in the next week too but I think I can handle those, it’s just economy and ICT!

haha you are like me…. sometimes I really have the feeling I’m watching the episodes for the first time xD OMG I saw the a preview clip of HIMYM today :OOO I so can’t wait for season 7 :D haha only two weeks left! YAYY!

oh no, you and me are stress buddies xD haha

I’m sure when the right time comes you’ll get an audition and the part!!! I believe in you!!

thank you, you too sweety!



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i adore music, i listen to it any time i can get. in fact it hurts me when i run out of space on my ipods and i can’t add the songs i like into it because i just like to many. i can totally sleep with music as well! :3

omg. i have that feeling too! thank god it just wasn’t me. but seriously, it just scares me. a part of me is excited to be eighteen but the eighteen makes it all seem so real. like growing up and all that. its like damn im eighteen now. officially an adult. holy fuck where did the time go you know? it scares me so much you have no idea. but i think what you have going on right now is pretty amazing. france and all that. you got a lot going for yourself sunny. <3

exactly! its like you have so much fun during the weekend and you have so many exciting things to do but you always seem to come back to this huge mess of things to do which just throws you off balance. it’s quite insane to tell you the truth. sometimes i wish i just have a way to slow down time and do all the things i need to do. ;o

no snow?! how horrible. you need snow now! it’s decemeber, TIME FOR THE SNOWWWWW! oh right i keep forgetting you’re muslim sometimes. but yeah, idk snow and christmas. that’s just something i really adore. <3

so glad to hear that you finally got your rest and that you had a good weekend. that’s always something great to hear. i had an okay weekend. went ice skating so that was pretty awesome. kind of irritated with my friends right now. they keep making their own plans or having things to do and not telling me so i just sit there asking if they want to do something only for them to tell me they don’t want to do that. it kind of really sucks to tell you the truth. im just having an off week. idk. =/

yeah the pictures are really cute right? :3 i mean a part of me really finds it so cute but another part of me just finds it so weird to see them happy with soembody else. znv, it’s something that will always be for me. i wonder if they’ll ever go back to each other. i somehow don’t see her smile with other guys like she use to with zac to tell you the truth. nor does he. but i’m happy they both have their careers right now. i love zac. he is habahbahaba hot. so in a way i love them both. i can’t just… love the other more you know? hahaha

Love youuu!


heyyyy! finally I got the time to reply to you! sorry for the delate!

I just love it! I can’t understand people who don’t listen to music at all D: that’s why I like musicals as well and glee :) I just love music!

I totally get you! I mean I’m 16 and I’ve been through so much and I am doing so many things at the same time that I really ask myself how the time went by so fast! the worst is since I’ve started working and studying i forget things easily… haha and so I’m like where the past five years go! I know people say this often but it feels like it was yesterday when I started my apprenticeship and know I’m just realizing that I’m already half way through! O.O So I’m like OHMYGOD all the time!

haha me too!! but I never do it.. haha I rather waste the weekend with sleeping, relaxing or going out than to do actual work :D but I really need to pick a day where I’m going to start my PE ..actually I have to write it at work but there I can’t concentrate and I have to work on it in like shifts.. so I’m just going to do it straight in one day and then I’m done and don’t have to work on it for three months :D I really hope I can hold on my plan and don’t change my mind when I’m actually right about to start it :P

yes no snow :( but I got exciting news.. it snowed in the Alpes today like almost a whole meter :D haha so I quess it won’t be long til it gets here too :) but even though I’m Muslim I do celebrate it a little :) like I totally love snow and christmas and christmas songs :’) so therefor it doesn’t matter anyway… but we do celebrate new years eve a lot!!! like a really big family dinner and the whole family is together and we watch family videos and dance, so I like that a lot :’) how do you celebrate it?

oh no I’m really sorry to hear that :( I hate that when my friends do that! but ice skating sounded like fun! I’ve actually never been ice skating :S haha like really!

they do look cute but it’s like I don’t feel the emotions in me when I see them together not like with ZV! I mean when pictures of them came out I freaked out for hours and now I see the pictures here and I’m like ‘huh’ and scoll on…idk..but I don’t bitch about them like some do on twitter or here. that’s just disrespectful to them!

have a good week!!! hope your week ends well :)


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i know right? im slowly catching up on them again but it took me ages sometimes due to all the things im doing. its quite insane. but hey in a way im a bit grateful for christmas break because i know im going to have a really busy christmas so its insane.

i swear my next priority is all about how i met your mind. screw the other shows. i need to watch it now! especially since it’s all the way up to season seven! i seriously wonder WHO the mother is in the end. and i hope david henrie gets to be in the last ever episode because he’s the son and what a hot son he makes. hahaha

OMG. YES. DUH! I told you I loved Chuck! It’s one of my favorite TV Shows because I like how in a way they are ending it without having to make up stupid drama like in a way what Gossip Girl and 90210 does you know? I mean even if I’m sad that it’s ending it makes sense and that’s what I like about it. They didn’t cancel it dude! They chose to end it. Didn’t you know? It was their own decisition.

I can’t believe we forgot or iPhones! Hahaha oh what idiots we are. I think the white one is pretty but I really love my black one more then anything. It’s awesome.

I hope you had a fun weekend! Mine was pretty much all over the place. Party and all that. So I kind of am just extremely exhausted right now to tell you the truth. HAHAHA


heey yooo!

haha as long as you keep yourself entertained :D because of the tv show break now I’ve started watching some Scrubs episodes! It’s so funny, haha, I totally miss watching this show :’D but I’m so happy when christmas break arrives! well I don’t have holidays and I only got two days of but I don’t have school, so that’s a good point :D haha OHMY IT’S ALREADY TIME FOR CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS :O

aww I hope you get to see it soon? until which season did you watch? Oh I so hope that in the end of the show when we know who the mother is that they show another shot than the one in the living room… like you know they always showed the one on the coutch & they always used the same one… so obviously they can’t show the same one at the end since there has to be some sort of reaction from the children… and they are grown up now :D haha I hope there will be a scene where they are all together in a room :’D but this season is getting better and better and you can tell it’s definitely a robin and barney season :)

well I must have forgot… but no they didn’t want it to end but the network did and then the producers cave in but the actors didn’t want it to end!! they said it themself.. and what’s sad Josh posted this picture yesterday on twitter I mean this is just sad :( and then they have decided to end it…. I just don’t know why a show like GG gets more views and seasons…because tbh it’s becoming a crappy show with always the same drama…but maybe it’s just me.

naww you weekend sounded great!!! I hope you still had fun tho ! I spent it inside.. haha because 1. it’s already freezing cold outside and 2. I was too exhausted… but my relatives came for visit on saturday and it was just fun :) I hadn’t see them in a long time, so it was nice to catch up for once :)

and tomorrow I have to give this history presentation….wish me luck!!!

enjoy your week!!!!



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ugh wtf. tumblr told me i sent that reply. that’s why i kept thinking that i did reply you, because technically i did. T_T i’m sorry sunny. i’ll try to remember everything. a bit sleepy right now but here’s what i remember us talking about:

for starters thank you for the new year wish! happy new year to you sweetie, i hope you had an amazing one. :D i had a pretty awesome one!

omg dude. our tv shows are back this week, i’m so excited! i hope my dad is done with my PC soon so that i can watch it. i don’t like downloading on my laptop. i’m under wifi and the internet is so slow for downloads sometimes. meh.

vanessa and austin bothers me in more ways then one. do you see all their kissing pictures? it’s like they are just sucking each others face all the god damn time and its not that that really bothers me i mean its more of the fact that how did the private person change so much!? shes like a completely new person and it’s just so … weird. O.e

anyway, i can’t recall a lot of our convo so sorry about that. still insane to realize it’s already 2012.  i mean holy shit did the year go by fast ;o

anyway, love you!


ahh don’t worry about it… in fact tumblr. is really messed up lately.. it took me more than an hour to change my theme and background because it won’t let me change things… I almost got frustrated, haha but at the end I’m super happy with it :)

I rewatched all the TVD episodes this week so that’s why I’m pretty into it right now :) during watching it I just remembered again how much I love this show!!!

FINALLLY DUDE THIS WEEK NEW EPISODES! we’ve been waiting long now… so I can watch HIMYM tomorrow :’D gaaahh I missed rushing home to watch new epis, haha.

thank you pixxie, my NYE was great!!!! a lot of fun, laughter and food :D haha omg I think I’ve put on so much weight!!! I definitely need to do some excersises!!!

idk but I just can’t watch them together anymore.. so I think that’s why I don’t keep track with her anymore.. idk I kinda lost the linterest in her.. she has changed too much in a way. :/

omg it’s unbelievable! now it’s january… i definitely have to get used to it.. I mean in december I didn’t get the feeling at all that it is december and now already new year.. :O time is running to fast!!!

and tomorrow I have to go to work… these three days off felt like magic to me :D I so ENVY all the people that got holidays :O

LOVE YOU, have a niiice day<3


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i honestly can’t believe how much time has just flew by. seriously the fact that the year is almost over already? INSANE! but yeah with the season breaks now i have more time to catch up. i just finished watching all the latest episodes of new girl, 2 broke girls and the big bang theory yesterday. on top of that i watched two more skins episode recently so i’m almost done with season two. so yay! i haven’t watched scrubs in ages but yeah i can definitely see that you’re excited for the holidays! ;o so am i actually.

i want to see it soon! maybe during the holidays. i can’t recall. i’ve watched random episodes from random seasons but never really properly. so thats why i need to watch it again. aw yeah true, if he’s technically still telling the story then the kids should be the same age because it’s really just him telling a really long story you know!? still have no idea how they’ll do the end scene. when do you think they’ll end the series though? dont most series end near the ten season mark?! :3 but yeah from the things you post it seems really cute. :3

omg he tweeted that the other day? so sad. i feel like crying. i thought they wanted to end it at five seasons. i didn’t know that they were cancelled or something like that. what is that. they deserve more air times. i love gossip girl but chuck deserves more episodes! they are awesome and such a unique show! this is so sad man. SO SAD! :’( i’m going to cry. HOLD ME!

yeah i had a pretty fun weekend actually. sadly now i feel like im having a pimple outbreak. what is this no fun at all. but aw it’s cold already there/ insane. i hope you manage to rest a bit? :3 good luck on your history presentation though! <3 love yooouuu!

♪♪♪♪♪ haha I’m listening to music right now, so that’s why the notes ♪♪♪♪♪♪


but I’m already so excited for 2012!!!! because well I major in maths and ICT in spring, and I’ll be flying to France for work and school :)

so glad you could catch up on some shows!! now the winter break will come so we have to wait for the shows, again… .haha but that will give me some time to catch on some other stuff … or better to focus on other things, like my PE at work just started so I have to start and finish that in the next couple of months…

you know what’s sad.?… that I’m living in Switzerland but it hasn’t snowed yet!! I?m like WTF!!! I want to get in the Christmas mood already… although you don’t have to do much to get that, you just have to go into a store ;) I actually don’t mind that I have only two days off during the christmas time… I just would appreciate it when some people wouldn’t rub that in my face !

No I get that he is telling a story. But I just think at the end there shouldn’t be a scene in the same living room, again.. but it would be much better if they would be all together in one room :3 with the current actors and stuff…well they have the contract for 8 seasons but I think it might even go on.. idk they episodes are full of details you know, and I don’t think that they can wrap Ted meeting the mother up in just couple of episodes.

I KNOW IT’S SO SAD!!!!  when I saw that picture I felt so bad for them :’( HUGGGG!!

thank you :) the presentation went better than I thought! at least that’s what my friends said. yes I could rest a bit, actually I took this weekend just for me-time ;)

love youuu<3


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ah yes i get you, actually my keyboard is a laptop keyboard either way so it feels like the same thing to me to be honest. :D nonetheless i suppose i’m getting a hang of replying here. plus for some reason i always loved typing on my laptop. makes me feel like im creating a brilliant story or something.

i know, in some ways its … cute that they like our convo and on another hand its just bloody weird that somebody would actually READ through our long ass convos. i mean seriously, where does the privacy start?! O_O

omg i know right? im following some harry potter blogs that have like the most amazing layouts ever. truly, i am envious of just their creation before i even begin to get started on the things they HAVE on their blog! :O i wish i was that dedicated. but omg. people who steal. so annoying. seriously, i don’t get why people HAVE to steal. the only time i actually post something as a new post is if it were mine or if it were my blogs so that the person doesn’t have my long as post linked to their reblog. nonetheless i still link the image to the original person who at least POSTED them image you know? o.o it’s quite insane what people do to get recognized sometimes.

aw no worries love, you’re my friend. of course i care. but seriously, to-do list actually helps a lot. seeing things being ticked off makes you feel more free and less stressed about having “so much to do”

OMG. DUDE. TVD TODAY. Have you watched it? I cried buckets. IT WAS SO GOOD AND I JUST WANT THE NEW EPISODE ALREADY! ghsuifhweuirha ITS SERIOUSLY AMAZING! Dying from the awesomeness and the hotness of every single guy on that show!

Oh right the Joey spin off right? You know what you should watch, The Nanny. It’s an old series. Older then Friends I think and it’s really hilarious. I swear I always laugh watching it with my family and I’ve watched it like a million times. It’s brilliant. I love old TV shows. The new ones may be fancier but the old ones just have the awesomeness to it.

Growing up is a big step and it scares me like mad, to think you were 14 when you signed that thing with the bank scares me like hell because I feel like such a failure with nothing to show at nearly eighteen. Being a singer has always been a dream of mine but like you said, it’s a wish dream. Being famous and having enough money not to have to work would be nice but the latest place I’ve been leaning to is to become a photo journalist. I love taking pictures and I love writing. Maybe I can even write stories one day?

But you’re right, it IS one of those steps you have to take in life. I will, soon enough. I’m just scared of failing. As for my day, it’s been alright. I’m going out tomorrow after what seems like ages so FINALLY. Procrastinated a lot so my tumblr replies have just been changed to only you. Hahaha, what about you? Feeling better now?



heyyy sorry that I waited so long to reply to your message. I was sick :/  but now I’m feeling better so…

haha I actually prefer laptops over computers… but for school & work computers are better but I lova having a laptop for my own :)

LOL i knooooow! I mean you wouldn’t get our messages just by reading it once. I mean we talk a lot and that since last year :D haha it would be astonishing if someone actually gets what the are talking about xD

I think it’s just disrespectful!!!!!! it really taked a lot of time til you create something like that! when I did it it took hours (sometimes I didn’t edit it) but those who do gifs plus edit them, I can’t imagine how much time that takes, and I respect that. but for those who steal that stuff -.- I actually follow only 52 blogs so I know those don’t steal stuff but when I look for something I click on my track tags and ohmy so many people steal!!! haha I just block them then xD

they really helped me in fact!! I could relax so much during these weekend! well I went on friday to work but they sent me home cause I was sick so I got that day free too :) (actually I spent it with sleeping :p)

duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude I know!!! yes I’ve seen it :OOOOOOO it was sooo good!! I cried like a baby :’( it gets sader and sader, and Caroline? that bitch just shoot at her >.< I wanna see the new episode so badly!! luckily the seasons have started noe :D THE WAITING IS OVER!! :D and tomorrow HIMYM! WOOOOH I’ve waited for this day so long, haha

I actually did start watching Joey! It’s sooooo goood!! like the whole show is about Joey!! and it’s so FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! I’M LAUGHING MY ASS OFF XD it’s so good!! but it only has two seasons and I’m alomost over :(

well everyone is scared of something. and I think most of the people are scared of the future. even I am still scared of it. it’s weird when I think back I keep asking myself why me? you know, why did I get such an amazing chance! my job might not be the greates thing in the world but for me for my past and the fact that I’m not Swiss i got a great life :) you just gotta figure out what you love and I think you could do something with pictures! it’d totally fit to you :)

gaahhh tomorrow school again -.- the weekend is over too fast! like always…



 heygravity  said/submitted:

aw no worries for the late reply. honestly take your time my dear. :’) i find it a bit weird when people say they don’t like music at ALL. i mean you have rock, pop, metal, whatever you like but at least like some sort of music because music just makes you happy. seriously. ;o

exactly. you’re sixteen and you already know what it’s like to have a proper job. you make your own money and shit. you’re really out there and you should be so proud of that. and its like it makes you sit there and wonder how fast life goes by. to be honest sometimes when i hear all the things you’ve done i just sit there and wonder what im ever going to do with my life. it’s just so blah sometimes…

i totally get what you mean. during the weekends i plan so many things and then i just realize i end up tired and shit and it’s insane and exhausting. seriously just insane really. then all you rather do is spend the day spelling because… its just so much better like that. screw work. work is for the weekdays. and then the circle just begins.

Omg. no snow but snow in the alpes? hey that’s something right? :D im sure snow will be coming your way soon! i get what you mean, its like even though you have another religion you still are open enough to like enjoy the christmas festivities in a way. i get it and i find that pretty cool. to be honest im always interested on how other cultures are overseas. like here im so use to the local muslims. but you’re not like one of the local muslims who moved to europe or something, you’re like born and raised there and all that shit so sometimes in my weird mind i wonder how you go about your culture you know? does that make sense? anyway your new years sounds awesome. for me, we’ve never really done a lot. either we have a nice dinner together or lately since i moved to the city i spend it with friends which is pretty awesome to tell you the truth. :D

you’ve never been ice skating? WHAT! omg. one day if we ever meet im so going to teach you okay?! seriously ice skating is so much fun and i absolutely adore it. nevermind about my friends. its just something that happens with them sometimes what to do you could say. =/

exactly! remember how we use to die whenever znv went out? yeah well nowadays when i see vanessa and austin i just scroll and im like heh like you. it doesn’t affect me. i just… take nothing of it. i just dont feel the love like i felt with znv. this seems to fake somehow with their constant kisses and all that. idk why.

I’ve had a great weekend so far, hope yours will be amazing too!
love youuu.



yesss exactely! It makes your life less boring….tbh I need new song to listen to :p

nooo don’t feel bad about yourself, you are great! seriously! I mean the time will come when you know what you want. for me it was just that time that I had to decide what I wanted the most, apprenticeship education or regular education and I always knew I wanted the first one because I did know back then what I wanted. It’s just really difficult to choose and you’re worried that you make the wrong decision and believe me the time comes where you know what you want :) haha when I finally decided what I wanted to do and had signed everything and school was almost finished I started to freak out like shit!! haha it was just so bizar because when you think about it I had all figuered out but I was still freaking out, and I guess that was just because of the change that was about to happen. but in the end it all worked out for me and I promise it will for you too! <3

I mean I’ve seen worse like one girl in my class is 26 and she’s doing the same education as I know!! you know at those people I just look at them and think “what the hell did you do with your life til now?!” so trust me you’re gonna figure it out soon :)

haha just like me.. and I did it this weeken again ;) I have actually planed on starting my PE (which I haven’t done) and studying french for the exam I just took earlier this afternoon. but I didn’t to it :P I was just so bored of it! instead I enjoyed saturday with shopping and on sunday I went away with my mother to my cousin’s :D haha so I’ve started ‘studying’ today haha in the morning.. but to my surprise the exam went better than I thought it would :P I guess I just had luck.. idk I have to wait now and see :P how was your weekend?

I am open about every religion and culture.. like I don’t judge people because of what they believe in or not. But like you said I was born here in Switzerland and I got used with the culture here but I still love being a Kosovarian. Because I really like the thought that I have a different family than the most here :) and the traditions we have like on a wedding or bajram is just great and to be hones I wouldn’t trade my original with another one !!

yes I mean I don’t really feel it when I see them together.. it’s like almost fake… because she was with Z for over five years together and you barely saw pictures of them together because they didn’t want to mess with their relationship. and like with vna they are so open about everything and kuddle the whole time and kiss..I mean I don’t want to tell them how to be together or anything like that but it’s a little bit obvious. :/ idk



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I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING. I was gone for so long that I thought all my messages only showed up in my inbox. I forgot that you reply to me on your page so I have to check to see if you replied. I AM SO SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY! I’ve just been so busy lately. Oh my god. I’m so sorry!!

How are you though? Are you alright? Was your holiday awesome?! Tell me everything! MISS YOU! <3



don’t even worry about it, I thought that already :D but it’s okay! I have no idea tbh when I last replied to you, I think it was right after I got back from the holidays? idk…

I’m good, I’m good … had alot going on but I’m okay ;D thanks and you?? how have you been?

ohmy my holiday was just AMAZIIIIING!!!! I so regret it that I hadn’t taken two weeks…it was just awesome!! I had a lot of fun with my family and my brother… we just went everywhere this time :D like in the city and markets….I finally bought my Louis Vuitton bag!!! and I’m freaking in love with it <33

we also saw our house again :’) haaach they’re modeling the inside now…so in like April or so we have to got down there to choose our furnitures and stuff!! finally :D

what’s going on with you? anything new?

xoxo missed you so much :’)


heygravity submitted:

hey you! sorry for the late reply, we’ve both  been busy bee’s i see! but yes i had an amazing birthday and party so thanks for that. but naww, im glad you had a good birthday too! to be honest it’s only been the past two years that i’ve actually had a party for myself. never really had the friends for it before. xD

I DONT LIKE DAIR. WTF. THEY ARE BETTER AS FRIENDS. I CAN’T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. JUST WTF. AND SHE’S RUINING HER FRIENDSHIP WITH SERENA, FOR A GUY, AGAIN! WTFFFF! Chuck and Blair forever. Okay. <3 Exactly. The show does not have any good friendship relationships. Even constantly put drama between Serena and Blair or Chuck and Nate. And the only time Dan and Blair actually bond properly over a possibly great friendship, they turn it in to a weird relationship that makes no sense. Just. Whut?

I haven’t watched Chuck yet but I miss it already just knowing it’s the end. AW SAD TIMES. :’( Well at least it’s a happy end, a sad ending that leaves you like WTF. And it’s a slight open end because let’s be honest, WE WANT MORE CHUCK! :P

i think what they dont see is like the fact that shows with good plots can last longer and make them more money. they just think of the NOW money and that’s probably all those tv shows that go viral or something like jersey shore. but look at it now, people hardly talk about it. so whatever happened to their so “popular” show? it’s forgotten. is chuck forgotten? no. the oc? people still miss the oc. people still watch charmed. it makes no sense.

ugh. peyton. i never liked her. she was exactly what you explained her to be. i thought brooke was the popular girl hiding sadness, which she was. and hayley was the shy girl introduced to the popular scene thanks to natham, which she was. she was always the better friend because she always thought of nathan and lucas first and to be honest peyton just always whined. i cannot accept that lucas ended up marrying here. i’m probably going to watch OTH and hate t hat part whenever i get to it. brucas was awesome. it sucks that their relationship went shit and they had to change the plot completely in a way. :’(

damn, you’re really fast at finishing your tv shows aren’t you? i wish im that fast. hahahaha. glee only amuses me due to the music. and some of the cast members. i find the plot irregular and shit sometimes but 90210 is overly dramatic drama that strangely enough keeps you addicted. it’s like LITERALLY fake reality tv show yaknow? hahaha but yeah glee lost it’s vibe to me a long time a go. by the end of season two or actually middle of season two. xD i just watch it for rachel and darren criss.

aw man i seriously wish i had my life as sorted out as you. mine still stresses me out but i am really happy for you that everything works out you. i really am. :’) omg. i should actually start learning how to drive soon too. but yes good luck with your exams and have a great weekend!

nothing that much for me lately. a bit bored with life but lazy to do shit. it’s really a weird time. i just have to figure out what i want to do i suppose.



hello beautiful giiiirl :) I know I know it’s been a looong time but here I am!
haha like me… i never dig those bday parties before :D haha and I throw like also two in my life so were kinda the same :) I actually just like family or friends have over and just talk or eat something maybe watch a movie but nothing big I guess.
I KNOW the show really lost his flaws.. I mean at first gg was really exciting and new but now.. I really get bored watching most of it especially when there is such a stupid storyline going on like with dan and blair -.- I mean really… the writers are screwing up AGAIN! it’s like why can’t they be just friends? do they really have to put that new friendship on break for just looking if they might work as a couple?! especially since all know she loves Chuck and not him.. you can’t love someone for so long and miss them so much and on the next day you suddenly want someone else… well we’ll see how it turns out.
I miss Chuck too!! :’( every time I see a gif here on tumblr or I see that Zachary or Yvonne have tweeted…it’s just so sad D: always the best shows have to end. because now that Chuck has ended it’s like every movie or new show is about agents and spies and that really pisses  me off. but yeah the ending was so beautiful <3
I so get what you mean! I guess they just lost the belief they had at the beginning when they made those show. every writer/producer says “we don’t do it for the money, we create a show so that we can tell a story and entertain people out there” I just think after some time especially in the modern world we live now they just forget this and instead they want high ratings and money right away.
I completely agree. I’m so happy when I find a person that doesn’t ship Lucas and Peyton. Because I just don’t get it why they ended up together. You know season 3 is my favourite because it’s a Brucas season … and now every single time I rewatch OTH I can’t quite enjoy it as I used to. I mean when you watch that season you just know that Brooke and Lucas are meant together. Because in every little scene you see a moment that says Brucas endgame. And when some people say “stop whining about brucas you all knew from season 1 that leyton would be the endgame” I just can’t understand it. because if that is really true and Mark Schwahn really wanted that then WHY JUST WHY did he put all those moments and things and words into Brucas’ relationship where you get the feeling that they do end up togheter?! why didn’t he just put that in Leyton’s relationship (then they actually would have something)? You know what I’m trying to say? :D ha I can go on and on about this tbh.
haha well you know me :D no sometimes I just have time to watch them.. but I did finally catch up on tbbt!! aaach such a funny show that always amuses me xD and right now I’m watching the mentalist, hehe. Because my brother watched it and I caught one episode of it one time so I thought why not since I don’t know which show to watch next. but yeah you are right, 90210 is really dramatic and sometimes I really get bored by it but it’s still fun to watch :D
aww thank you :’) I don’t get to hear that often so I really really appreciate it<3 but yes it’s been stressful with all the exams and more are comming up, mai will be though with all the diploms but then it all will be over, so I’m really looking forward to that :)
oh yesss do your drivers licenese!!! I get so excited when someone can already do it!! i want toooo so badly but I still have to wait one year.. but other than that how have you been? anything new?
have a great week sweety<3