Destiny Hope Cyrus, our inspiration, our hannah montana, our miley stewart. That girl give we a lot of reason for we been here, where we are. That girl that don’t have fear of fall, don’t have fear of anything. She wants to be just who she is, nobody can change her, the only one untamed. The reason for my ’Smile’, the reason for when we are in trouble we think ’Just Breath’ and everything can will be ok. The person who teach me that Nobody is perfect, and we can do our ‘Best of both worlds’. On November 23 born my baby that changed her name in 2008 for Miley Ray Cyrus. Happy birthday my sweet, i wish all the bests for you, and Liam take care of my baby, one day i want to meet she, so please i can’t be with her, and probably she doesn’t know that i exist, but please i just want you to take care of my sunshine, our reason for stay alive, because life is a mountain, hard but the view is really great. Take care of she, for me, for us, for all the fans, Love You Miley Ray Cyrus.