Day 48-49 of 100 days of productivity
3-4 September 2017

FOCUS: Business project (we meet again.)
1. Place the pictures for printing     COMPLETE!  +5000
2. Print out pages   almost COMPLETE!   +5000
3. Write some pages    COMPLETE!   +5000
(I did have a bit more planned, but this took quite some time)

A back to school guide

Clean up

  • Make sure your desk is sorted and organised
  • Clean your room you know you haven’t done that in months, you will not believe how much everything became easier for me cause I could actually see my room and desk like yeah. As soon as there is no mess to loose focus on, it’s easier to study.

Wake up

  • No more night time marathons or staying awake for 3 days.
  • You have to make sure you start getting enough sleep. I can not stress the importance of this, you have to make sure your refreshed for school. So 8 - 10 hours of sleep, please try.
  • 2 weeks before school, I start waking up earlier too, I wake up at about 4:30 cause my schools far, so I start waking up 30 minutes earlier everyday; 7- 6:30- 6- 5:30- 5- 4:30.
  • When choosing a time to wake up make sure you have enough time to do whatever you need to do (exercise, eat, get ready and head to school) while also maximizing the amount of sleep you can get.
  • Ex. 8 to 4 or 8 to 5.

Shape up and Prep up

  • By now you should probably know your classes, go over basic information in your classes from textbooks or internet, so your not blindly walking into a class.
  • By now if you haven’t set out all your books, bags, stationary and other stuff, now’s the time.
  • Get your stuff now so your not rushing when you should be relaxing and getting drunk on lemonade.
  • Also exercising doesn’t hurt, even if it’s just a push up.
  • Restart your schedule.

Break up

  • Don’t actually break up with your s/o please I just wanted everything to rhyme
  • In the words of Angelica and Eliza learn how to ‘ Take a break’ or you might end up in very sticky situation; tired and stressed. not in Maria Reynolds bed.

Change up

  • Buy new stuff, even if it’s just a pen or new jumper. You have an incentive to go to school even if it’s just to show of your new stuff.
  • Find a study method that you work best with, and start practicing with it.

Play up

  • Guys playlists you have no idea how useful these are.
  • I have one for gym and studying and other stuff.
  • They keep you motivated
  • Make one for the first day of school walk in feeling like a bad b*tch.

Drink up

  • Drink water and relax you’ve got this.

I hope this helps. My asks are always open if you need anything else and I track #HeyFey

9 • 03 • 17 | You are what your study table is. Disorganized. I’m cramping three essays and a project for today.

my mom and i went to hobby lobby so i could buy cake decorating stuff but i ended up buying some school supplies too. it took me about five minutes to force myself not to get the pack of 36 pens lmao

Day 50 (half-way through!) of 100 days of productivity
5th September 2017

First day of school after summer break! In India, Teachers Day is celebrated on the 5th of September, the birth date of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was the 1st Vice President and 2nd President of India.

I made cards for a few teachers whom I really appreciate (names removed/hidden for privacy reasons)
I used black paper from a scrapbook(?) I got from Daiso and a white pencil for the text.

1. Accounts Homework    COMPLETE!  +5000
2. Design cards     COMPLETE!   +5000

Day 36-38 of 100 days of productivity
16, 18, 20th August 2017

FOCUS: Business project #1
- Collect information (6 topics)   COMPLETE!  +10000
- Write information (6 topics)   COMPLETE!   +12000

YAAASSSS!  #KeepHustling


Day 20 (yay!) of 100 days of productivity
24th July 2017

FOCUS: Chapter 5 notes    COMPLETE!
TOTAL: 1000/1000

I love how this page has turned out. I was inspired by @studyquill to start practicing calligraphy. Its actually a fun thing to do once you’ve learnt the upstrokes and downstrokes.

14th July 2017
I decided to do nothing, and instead go out and treat myself at Daiso! (The 100dop challenge is helping)

Things I bought:
- 2 Flat Opening B5 Notebooks
- 2 Pencil Holders
  I originally kept all the pens in one pouch (which I never really saw), and so I’d   never really use them. Keeping them in pencil holders on my desk, I’ll actually     see them and use them
- 1 Pencil Pouch in which I keep all my supplies that I take to school

It was a good day, and I will continue studying with a fresh start tomorrow!

Day 24-28 of 100 days of productivity
29-31 July, 1-2 August 2017

FOCUS: Topic 4 sums     COMPLETE!
Summer Assignment (topics covered so far)   COMPLETE!

POINTS: 2000+1000+500 (for staying up late and getting the sums done anyhow)

The picture here is features my ‘nighttime pack’ (things I use at night), includes my laptop, headphones, and a book I’m currently reading, ‘How to Be A Bawse’ by Superwoman (ITS REALLY GOOD)
I’m definitely a night owl.

My goals for the Semester

So I thought I’d do the universi-tea challenge so here we go

My goals for the semester would be;

  • To arrive in class 5 minutes early to prepare 
  • To hand in projects at least a week early so i can chill after
  • Attend all school functions even though people probably don’t like me
  • Be nicer to my teacher even though i am already an angel cause teaching is so hard.
  • Try not to avoid all mortals muggle classmates and make friends
  • Be more extroverted than introverted
  • Don’t show off to much cause i’m fantastic af
  • Participate
  • Aim to get A+ cause i can be such a failure sometimes 
  • Don’t completely ignore the male population cause I’m not that ugly.

And finally the most important goal;

Be lit af, always