Tumblr really hecked that picture up oh wowy


I finally got 100 followers! So I am doing a shit drawing giveaway.

I’m real poor and I can’t really buy anything for you guys, so here’s a thank you from me to you ^ ^ 

Rules and stuff:

  • You should totes follow me because why not, but you don’t have to don’t feel bad if you don’t
  • Reblog/Like this once only
  • Have fun aaaaa

If you win you’ll get a full body sketch thing. It won’t be colored unless you want it to be colored because coloring is difficult and I suck at it pchoo

Also lots of little scribbles and chibi things yeyaeyay

Ends next Tuesday so October 15th.

Art examples oh yeah did I mention that my art sucks

Also I don’t have a scanner





Buying a PS4

I happily walked into the store

I skipped the queue

‘Cause there was a lot of people and i was like

When i reached the store guy and asked for a Playstation 4 console i was like

He said “just the console? You have a game to play with or…?” i was like 

I got the console and then on my way back home i couldn’t wait to open the box so i was

I got home and i opened the box, and it was all like

When i booted up the console i was like

Now that i got into my first gameplay, i just wanna go to a Sony office, find every employee and be like