White boat gone sailing
still feel your last kiss on my lips
I will breath your wind

Lot is my personification of nature and wind, and Saar of fire and ice.

Some quick shots of two of my girls wearing white :D I recently was gifted this white boat as a garden decoration and I love it, I miss the sea and the boats and the horns in the mist :s So this is a nice way of bringing it here.

Also Lot got a new dress from Dollzone and she’s so adorable in it <3 And Saar is always beautifull in her white Volks dress so she had to be included. 

Things You Should Know Before Watching Alias Smith and Jones*:

*None of this is actually necessary knowledge.

The Kid (on the right) is the fastest draw in the west (SO FAST that we never actually see him pulling the gun out of the holster. This has led some people [me] to refer to him as having the ‘fastest edit in the west’). The Kid can sleep literally anywhere (I’m talking on a tree branch here), at any time. He is always hungry. AND HE WILL NEVER WIN A COIN TOSS AGAINST HEYES. EVER.

Hannibal Heyes always wins at poker. He has an ability to talk The Kid and himself  out of (basically in to) any problem. He can open any safe. He likes to read and invents things like lie-detectors and fingerprinting in the 1870s.

Both gentleman are sincerely awesome. The Kid is slightly more awesome, but still.