Education & employment advice and thoughts pt. 1

You have a good point…technically I’m a graphic designer (if not yet graduated, because I ran from bachelor’s thesis to get employed) but it’s super vague as profession. Like you said, in work life it becomes apparent you keep and/or leave things to narrow down the area you really want to do. Although, for me it’s not so easy, sometimes I’m overwhelmed by how different animation is from illustration.

From my experience, I think professionalism is just something I decided to be, sort of, “fake it till you make it”. Because I had no idea what it means, really. I’m still confused, often. Last year was the first time I really had more than one job to do.

And I agree, I guess it’s also the older I get, or more I have studied, more specific I need to be about what do I want to get out of education and learn.

It’s true, in Finland too…also because there aren’t that many legit animation/3D/storytelling schools in here, everybody basically goes to the same school (Metropolia, or Turku academy in animation) for those because of the basics, but get employed based on their personal works and portfolio. 

I’ve been ranting about it before but I wish Finnish schools would react to the industry faster, there is ridiculously few schools that even teach animation and 3D, but big game companies and many up-and-coming game companies. Pro tip for the foreigners, there is desperate need for artists and programmers for games in here BECAUSE FINNS ARE NOT ENOUGH EDUCATED/EXPERIENCED FOR THAT STUFF

50, 000…holy shit. I feel for you, it sounds like an amount that I can’t even imagine how it’s to deal with it.

What interests me most in the US is the competition, I guess…I’d like to be in environment where I feel like I am surrounded by people way more talented than I am, maybe in illustration, character design or visual development. At work I get to be surrounded by talented people, but there is no time to trial and error and learning from others the same way as in school. 

Thanks for your input, I think your message crystallizes some of the harsh truth about studies and getting employed in US. 

Like in the previous ask, comparing school expenses between US and Finland, it’s near impossible to use that much money in education in here. For those who don’t know, it’s technically free to go to university in here, although students sometimes get student loan unless you want to live with porridge only (AND NO BEER). My entire loan for 4 years was mere 8000 dollars which I’ve mostly paid off already.

I agree, I’m not really up to getting in tens of thousands worth of debt. Maybe I should check into more short-term studies in US, like single courses or workshops, or if it’s even possible for foreigner to just butt in there. I also don’t know too much about scholarship system, and whether it’s same for students that come from abroad.

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Like, I don't know how you see it but I have a feeling translating the Naruto fashion to the pokemon universe will be ridiculously easy. I can see it fitting like a glove! Also the symbols on the handprotectors can make perfect bagues. Also since Sasuke join Aka, that means he will be will Team R for this au, right? Sasuke in the Team R uniform... Yes, I am looking forward drawing that

I totally agree tho. Istarted to see how to dra them and all I thought about as how it would be easy for Naruto to keep hi clothes from first part for exemple xD

But yeah totally tho o.O This is amazing! Especially the Team R’s Sasuke omfg. 

I want to see that so much.

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Oh please, could you tell me what manga does the new avatar like picture on the left come from? I'm looking for some old style fancy looking and full of sparkles good manga to read. If you can share some other titles too, I'd be really grateful <3 (If gakurans are involved, I'd love you forever)

it’s from Kaze to Ki no Uta! though just to warn you now it’s a pretty tragic story and deals with some heavy shit haha

hm if you haven’t already i really suggest any Osamu Tezuka manga (Black Jack, Hi no Tori, Ribon no Kishi are some of my personal favourites by him). Rose of Versailles and Glass Mask are also really good ones!

(i’m afraid i don’t know too many older mangas and none of these are based in japanese schools with uniforms so there aren’t any gakurans u nu;; sorry about that!)

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Itachi and Karin for the character meme thing

Give me a chracter and I will answer:

thank you <3


  • Why I like them: What cannot you like in Itachi? He’s selfless. He did everything he could so he could protect his younger brother. He cared a lot about his brother and his village. I just… He gives me a lot of feels because of everything he has done.
  • Why I don’t: I actually love him. The flaws he obviously have are overshadowed by his struggle and how hard he tried to be good. I honestly don’t see any reason to not like him. 
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): Huuuuh, oh I know: right after Sasuke and Deidara’s fight, when he thinks Sasuke is dead and stays under the rain in front of Kisame. this moment is really full of feels and I really enjoy it.
  • Favorite season/movie: Itahchi VS Sasuke and everything we learn about Itachi after that. Do I need to explain why? 
  • Favorite line: “Whatever you choose to do now, I will always love you” : FUCK. YOU.
  • Favorite outfit: The Anbu outfit. He’s kinda hot wearing that. Not my fault. 
  • OTP: Huuh I don’t really ship him with anyone but if I have to choose it would be Shisui? 
  • Brotp: Sasuke, obvs, and probably also Kisame; I really liked their bond. 
  • Head Canon: He found ways to actually check on Sasuke when his brother was still in Konoha. I think he would have done anything to be sure he was okay. Also I believe that he was a teasing brother before all the drama and that he was pulling pranks on Sasuke sometimes (which is not totally headcanon btw). Also I'mlike 100% Itachi had nightmares about the genocide everynights. 
  • Unpopular opinion: Do I have one… Huh,I believe Itachi completely traumatized Sasuke and that it shouldn’t be forgotten. We tend to not take care of it because it was to protect him, but the trauma he pulled on Sasuke was really big and I think we should still consider Itachi’s actions over it. 
  • A wish: That Itachi and Sasuke could have shared a little more time together and they could have talked
  • 5 words to best describe them: Selfless, Hero, Prodigee, Shadow, Protector. 
  • My nickname for them: Ita-chan, ‘tachi


  • Why I like them: I like how outgoing she is. She’s funny and her jutsu are quite impressive. She’s trying to do her best in any situation, but she knows where are her limits. She cares about her teammates a lot. She’s actually pretty sweet. 
  • Why I don’t: Her attitude toward Sasuke in general. I don’t like how she invades his private space even when it makes him uncomfortable, or taking his stuffs. She looks like a pervert and I feel bad for Sasuke because she’s kinda extreme. I also don’t like at all how she had been developped once she had been captured by Konoha. 
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): I think most of her interraction with Suigetsu. 
  • Favorite season/movie: The Killer Bee Arc. I just loved to see Team Taka at work all together and she really did her best considering her lack of attack jutsu. 
  • Favorite line: Huuh, a tie. “You are the ennemy.Stop crying in front of me.”, or her line about Naruto’s chakra “It is such the opposite of Sasuke. it is so warm..”
  • Favorite outfit: The Hebi’s cape for sure, but I totally love her haircut in chap 417 sooooo
  • OTP: …I shouldn’t ship her with Suigetsu right. I shouldn’t I know. I also kinda ship her with Sakura.  
  • Brotp: In canon, Suigetsu. Out canon, NARUTO
  • Head Canon: I can see Ino and Sakura trying to befriend her. I think Karin would be unease, but then they would start doing movie nights and girly nights and they could actually get close..
  • Unpopular opinion: I don’t know if it counts as such, but I think Karin is someone that crave for affection. She has been an orphan,and you see she never tried to have bonds with people and her only reason to hold on to Sasuke was that he saved her once. I wouldn’t be surprised she has abandon issues and that might be why she’s so clingy to the only “stable” thing of her life
  • A wish: hER TO MEET HER COUSIN. I’m sorry but, Karin and Naruto are both orphan and they both have a crush on Sasuke so why on earth didn’t it happen yet, they should be together and actually behave like  a family for fuck sake, also I wish she either stayed to Konoha with Naruto and became ANBU or then left with Sasuke to see the world with Taka, just, GIVE ME SOMETHING WITHHER
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Her to never meet Naruto and to be forgotten by the storyline. Wait. 
  • 5 words to best describe them: Outgoing, Violent, Obsessed, Clever, Lonely 
  • My nickname for them: The Red Cousin usually, Queen of Trouble as well. I dunno okay xD 

Here I am!

I would like to thank everyone that take the time to send me stuff. Being able to talk with you, especially regarding the manga, is something that warm my heart, especially considering all the interesting messages, questions, or analysis I get.

Thank you all for being amazing, Thank you for handling my rambling, Thank you for making me able to read all of that, and thank you for reading all of that.

 You are all freaking amazing and I love you all.