Basically these girls are perfection and the reason why I stay on here:

    Lucy is like my other-half. We read each other’s mind because we’re badasses and have a club with Jo and she pretends she can fly but I can build myself wings. She’s like my Tumblr BFF and that’s such a shame she lives in Croatia because it’s so far away. Someday I will bring her to London because she’s never been. We talk fangirl in caps, A LOT, and I just love talking with her about pretty everything. That girl is crazy and she’s the funniest person ever, even more after midnight. Oh and did I mention she has the most badass URLs?
    I almost died when Jaci started following me because her blog is wonderful and she’s one of Photoshop queens on here. She’s super nice and I love fangirling about Delena with her. She’s the very first person I’ve befriended on here and I don’t know what I’d do without her on here. Sometimes she speaks German and I don’t understand a word, but I wouldn’t unfollow her because she’s one of my BFF on here.
  • FOURINMYCHASM aka Christine
    Christine is perfect. She forced me made me read the TMI series and because of her I have my heart completely broken but I don’t regret this because this series is awesome. Her posts cracks me up all the time and finally somebody understands me when I say ‘Patch’. We shall read Finale together and go to Disneyland Paris someday and I’ll be her translator because she wouldn’t understand a thing. Everything on her blog is perfect and we almost share the same birthday which makes her even more awesome.
  • HEYEATON aka Yzzie
    Yzzie is the queen of the Divergent fandom. She does wonderful things with Photoshop and I wish I could do half of what she does. She’s as picky as I am so it’s nice to have someone that is pretty much like you. It’s actually her blog that made me want to create my Divergent blog and for that I’ll be forever grateful. I just love talking to her even though I’m such a late replier. She always has the most perfect themes and colors and she’s just one of the most adorable people ever.
  • WEALLDIEPRETTY aka Kerstin
    Kerstin is too nice. I remember she helped me someday when I had trouble with editing and ever since we’re friends. I love talking with her about our personal lives even if my love life is as empty as the desert. Her blog is perfection and Tumblr wouldn’t be the same without her.
    Jo followed me and one day I decided to have a look at her blog because of her URL and I follow ever since. She’s part of our glorious club with Lucy and is the queen of Odesta. Her graphics and gifs are flawless and so is her blog. She truly is amazing and sometimes I stalk her blogs but she doesn’t know.
  • GEAIMOCOEUR aka Emma
    Emma is so talented and makes wonderful graphics and she’s super kind and makes me laugh when it comes to boys. I wish I could do things as beautiful as she does and I’m still wondering why she is following me. Plus she’s French so she’s even more awesome - it feels great to speak your own language on here you have no idea!
  • MYNAMEISFOUR aka Paula
    I don’t know how Paula draws. Seriously. Everything she makes looks stunning and then there’s me who can’t draw a horse properly. Plus she’s really nice and she understands me when it comes to Caleb. Her edits are always flawless and so is her blog.
  • DAUNTLESSLY aka Megan
    Megan is too sweet for words. It’s a shame we don’t talk more because she is perfect. She also has one of the most awesome URLs ever and sometimes I just randomly stalk her blog.


Hey guys! I know it’s not Friday, but I couldn’t do it yesterday :3. So here they are; my obsessions of this week!

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