He’s going to leave, Sam knows it already.  He has the letter hidden in his bag, the scholarship approved.  He’s a college boy now, but no one knows.  No one is going to know.  

Not until it’s time to leave.  

But there’s one thing he refuses to leave home as.  One thing he’s wanted since he started this…this thing with his brother.  The touching, the whispering when dad was around, keeping it a secret.  The moans in the dark, the flush of the cheeks, the begging from Sam- that was never followed through on.

Damn Dean and his wanting to protect Sam.  Tonight- Tonight he was finally going to get his brother.  He refused to leave home without having been completely his brother’s, and his brother completely his for a moment.  It was a promise he would come back, that despite those girls, that Dean would return to him.  College wasn’t the end of it all, college was…temporary.  A chance to form his own life.

It’s that night he gently closes the door, closing the distance to his brother’s bed, lanky frame moving as quietly as he could.  Long legs straddling his brother’s hips as he leaned forward, kissing the slowly awakening Dean. 

He doesn’t even move away from his lips as he speaks, fingers tangling in Dean’s.  "Tonight I want you to finally fuck me.“ 

He doesn’t think there’s a word in his vocabulary to describe the range of emotions that turn into lust on his older brother’s face.