jeremyallenswhite  asked:

zouis zourry and brittany/alora :)

i did zouis but omg zourry, the only ot3 within the band i’m really interested in tbh. i think it mostly stems from louis being my fave and harry and zayn being the two he’s always been closest to by his own admission, i just love how they play off of each other. i’m pretty pissed at the turn louis/harry has taken in fandom but a lot of my favorite people are into it if zayn is involved and i’m NOT mad about that 8) 

and i’m gonna be honest it’s my fave based like 75% on aesthetics 

god okay maybe like 98% aesthetics THEY’RE REALLY HOT

sis you know i ship brittany/alora. sort of a tumultuous relationship but i’m p sure they’re endgame