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1. Favorite Walt Disney quote?

Uh.. like a quote from a movie? Or a quote by the man himself? Cos I don’t really know any by heart.. I do like the ‘if you can dream it, you can do it’ or whatever and the 'moving forward’ quote as well. 

2. Which Disney park do you prefer, Disney World or Disneyland?

I wouldn’t know! ;n; I’ve never been to either. 

3. Favorite Disney Soundtrack

Oh no.. Oh no.. this is so hard. The Little Mermaid maybe.. no wait! Atlantis, yeah. 

4. Which Disney character do you look most like/ are most like?

I don’t look like any character, except maybe Anastasia from Cinderella but even that’s pushing it. I connect best with Ariel and Elsa!

5. How has animated movies affected your life?

Like no one would believe. Like I can’t even give it words. They comfort me and have made me a better person - more respectable and understand-. I need these movies, they keep me happy. 

6. Favorite Disney ride?

Don’t know!

7. Do you think Frozen lived up to its hype?

Heck no. It’s an enjoyable watch but it’s not that great.

8. Do you like the Fairy movies that come out on DVD/Blu-ray

I think I only watched like the first one and I’m still upset that they changed Tink’s character. So I’m gonna go with a no on this. 

9. Which Disney movie do you wish would get a sequel/third movie?

LOL most already do! I’m trying to think of one that I like that doesn’t.. OH HERCULES. HERCULES NEVER GOT ONE! I remember there was something like a zero to hero prequel thingy or whatever maybe but I want an actual sequel! D:

10. Would you ever cosplay as a Disney princess/character?

Oh of course! <3 Too bad the dresses are expensive and the only affordable costumes are 'sexy’ short skirts and bleh. 

11. Do you collect merchandise/pins?

I’ve collected The Little Mermaid merch so far! I got a music box, singing plushie, and a key chain uvu

~~My Questions~~

1. Favorite animated film of all time?

2. Tangled or Frozen?

3. Favorite female lead from Disney?

4. Which animated character can you relate to most?

5. If you could partner up and meet any character, who would it be? 

6. Favorite Disney song?

7. Do you remember the first movie you ever saw?

8. If you had a million dollars this instant, how would you spend it?

9. Favorite Disney sidekick?

10. Has animation changed your life?

11. Favorite quote of all time?

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