dr-brain-dead  asked:

Pocky and Alaska ask how their parents meet Baked Alaska family au

Pocky: Hey

Alaska: Mom.

Pocky: Mother.

Alaska: How did you

Pocky: Two meet?

Yang: *Both Yang and Neo looked down at their kids, glancing at each other.* You are right that is a bit…

Neo: Creepy as hell. *Neo signed*

Yang: I was going with odd.

Pocky/Alaska: Mom/mother.

Yang: Uh, sorry. *Yang nervously smile, rubbing the back of her head. * You see… we meet on a train. 

Neo: I was a criminal and beat her up. *Neo signed before taking a sip of her ice coffee.* Nearly killed her to if not for your grandmother.

Yang: Neo!

Neo: It was kinda hot.

Yang/Pocky/Alaska: NEO/MOM!!

Neo: We should have her over for dinner.

Yang: STOP! *Covering her kids ears*

Pocky/Alaska: NO MORE! *Cover Yang’s ears.*