heya forever

Current status: having a fucking meltdown over the fact that hemo was so worried/nervous/anxious about making her happy birthday tweet to Naya perfect that she had to post it THREE FUCKING TIMES

brb laughing forever. after like 6 years or so they are now deleting the “say a little prayer” video from glee because apparently it is sexually explicit.
y'all can’t handle that jelly.
also, I believe they haven’t seen their “toxic” performance, the unholy trinity gives heart attacks!

What if Santana was subconsciously talking about Brittany… I mean it makes sense! She’s drunk and confused and sad so she is kinda “telling herself” to admit it because she loves Britt and thinks she’s blonde awesome and so smart. But then she gets too scared to admit it to she just runs back to Sams trouty lips… I am just sayin’.