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Omega Kuro: Someone insults Lance's alpha status :3 Kuro is not amused.


Lance lowers his eyes and focuses them on the floor. His reflection must be mocking him, because he doesn’t look like an alpha. But he is.

An alpha is supposed to look… different. Different than what he looked like, at least. More imposing, bigger, broader. Less awkward, wiry, scrawny. He asks to have the blood test repeated — maybe the first result was a false positive. Those cases were rare, yes, but sometimes they did happen. They don’t deny his request because he’s not the only one who believes he does not look like an alpha.

But he is.

It takes him a while to get used to the title, and once he does he accepts it like what it always had been: something natural. So he was an alpha but did not look like one. Who cares? There are tons of alphas who aren’t the best example of a prime specimen either.

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So I’m watching the Hey Arnold Jungle Movie and gettin all fuckin nostalgic because holy shit this was my childhood and its all rushing back to me at once and I’m tryin hard not to cry but Coco already wore me down so much emotionally so tears are pretty much inevitable


                         " i’m looking for my stepsister,
                          small, redhead, a bit of a bitch.. ? "

                                                    independent & mutuals exclusive
                                                                  penned by rute


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