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pandaconscience  asked:

Hello :3 I recently started this blog(from another account that's pretty much dead) But I've always liked your art,and recently caught up on Darker Yet Darker! I've been trying to be more open with my own writing and characters,and was wondering if you had any advice for someone just starting out,in terms of writing? (I can't draw for crap)

Hey, congrats writing is fun, I hope you have a good time. I remembered vaguely writing a bit about this so I went and dug that post up. It’s more about comics but it still applies. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t repeating myself.

It’s hard to remember how I started writing.

Really I think learning to write is:
1) Learning how to express yourself clearly
2) Learning how to be less afraid of committing words to a page and then
3) Being interested in a lot of different things and people.

Mostly I think I learned how to express myself clearly through non-fiction writing. I write a TON of technical email and reports. It helped me learn how to keep my thoughts organized and concise. To learn this yourself, you might try your hand at blogging (about… anything!). Try to explain something. The questions you get back will indicate how clearly you’re communicating.

Being less afraid of the page is a matter of PRACTICE. Start with an outline of what you want to write (bullet form ideas - it’s less scary to write bullets than sentences, and then it’s less scary to write sentences when you already have the bullets!). Write short little scenes, character sketches. Keep a diary. Write things out by hand. The most important thing is to just write OFTEN. It gets you used to the flow of writing and makes it easier to get into the groove. I write a LOT of drafts and outlines, probably 5x more than I ever post. I keep going back and re-reading them, editing them, mixing them together… I don’t worry so much about whether it’s good, I just worry about writing things down.

The last thing… being interested. I think a lot of people might get stuck because they focus too much on what OTHER people want to read. Mostly when I think about writing, I think of it as “exploring”. I want to explore a character - by putting them in different situations and imagining how they would react. I want to explore different relationships - what it’s like to live in a small town, what it’s like to survive something difficult. I want to explore why people behave a certain way. What made them that way? Can they change? What would it take for them to change? Dig and dig until you land on something interesting.  Read a lot, live a lot, research, imagine, think. Learn about yourself - what do you love? What ~~specifically~~ do you love… and why? Can you express that?

And at the end of the day… don’t worry about it too much :) Have fun! If it’s not fun… stop.

Just for fun...

And because I love both Arc V and DR I’ll make up SHSL titles for the Arc V characters (and yes I know they aren’t of high school age yet ok?):

So I present you to Hope’s Peak Academy 80th Class:

  • Yuya Sakaki SHSL Entertainer
  • Yuzu Hiragi SHSL Choir
  • Reiji Akaba SHSL CEO (Come on this is practically canon :´D)
  • Noboru Gongenzaka SHSL Martial Artist
  • Sora Shiunin SHSL Confectioner
  • Serena SHSL Dancer
  • Sawatari Shingo SHSL Heir (lol he wishes) School President
  • Yugo SHSL Biker
  • Rin SHSL Mechanic
  • Dennis Macfield SHSL Spy Showman
  • Yuri SHSL Gardener

…And those are the ones I could come up with, feel free to add your own :P

✨🔮Anti Bigotry Jar🔮✨

(because I like to have fun and I care about y'all. also I’m including the meanings of the herbs just in case y'all aren’t familiar with ~witchery~)

• 1 small jar
• 1 part basil (protection)
• ½ part cinnamon (protection)
• ½ part chamomile (stress reduction)
• 1 slice of dried strawberry (good fortune)
• dried orange peel (happiness)
• the ashes of an anti bigotry sigil

- gather your herbs and layer them in the jar
- write your sigil on a scrap piece of paper and then burn it
- gather the ashes and put them in the jar
- seal the jar
- keep it close to you to ward off bigots

anonymous asked:

Hi Bonnie. I check your blog everyday and it always makes me laugh (or cry when you write angst...) but today I really feel down... Had bad karma for 4 years now and it struck again today. Hard. Can I ask for a little cheer up message ? Love you, your writting and and everything I read here <3 - Frenchie anon

Hey sweetie, I’m so sorry that you’re feeling down today.  I would love to give you a cheer up message…but how…oh, I know!  Hold on…stay there…

Hey, annonnymoo, Deadpool, your red leather-bound lover of fun here.  I hear that you’re having a shit, day, so let’s just knock that off right now…what?  What do you mean that’s rude…?

Fiiiiine, I’m told by someone that I’m being rude.  Give the girl a blog and she gets all bossy with delusions of grandeur, I tell ya.  Calm your tits, B, am I right?

Anyway, darling anon with the karma riding up your ass like a tightly wedged wet thong on a hot sandy beach, things will look up.  Tomorrow is another day.  Find something you enjoy doing and get all up in it.  Laugh at this day until it’s so ashamed of itself that it runs away like the whiney little bitch that it is.

You got this.  -DP

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travelingfoxy  asked:

Hey, fun random fact: few months back, when you did lil bit of hotline miami fanart, i then bought both game parts and it was rly good. Sorry for my random bullshit

Aaaaaayyyyyyy i loved hotline miami too. What a good game.

An intro to Sartoris-verse!Yin because I did already mention her previously when she wrote a note to Bryasere.

(The Sartoris legacy belongs to @inquisitorhotpants; I’m just having fun. :D)

Yinliang Hei of the Imperial Diplomatic Service and, more recently, the newly named Darth Recensere, has always considered her rise in the Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy to be a combination of happenstance and luck. Sent to Korriban at the age of fourteen, as was proper, she made her way through training until she was noticed by the up-and-coming Darth Azura and accepted as her apprentice, and quickly joined the Imperial Diplomatic Service. Luckily for her, she took to diplomacy with aplomb and promotions soon followed.

Her friendship with certain others in the Citadel, namely the Second to Darth Marr, may be considered the same. A chance encounter at the caf stand on the Citadel concourse, a place she doesn’t often frequent in the first place, and a chance overhearing of Lord Bryasere Algrei and the barista deep in discussion a particular piece of writing she only recently read herself, was the start to a long-lasting friendship of sharing stories (and occasionally writing them), as well as a subtle but relentless agony of watching two friends very clearly interested in each other tiptoe around the subject for more years than she cares to remember.

Yes, Yin has had many interesting chance encounters over the years. But this man, this Major Malavai Quinn, transferred in from the service of the Emperor’s Wrath herself, is something new altogether.

Vmin Suicide AU sneak peek

Title: “Have you ever been in love?”

Pairing: Vmin

Summary: Another Suicide Squad AU.

“You don’t know what true love is if you’re in love with the Joker.”

Taehyung as Harley Quinn and Jimin as Deadshot.


A loud buzzer sound distracted Taehyung from his daily routine of staring at nothing but black bars and men in uniforms. The boy couldn’t really complain about the second thing. He did like a man in uniform. They were always so much fun.

“Hey! The Joker’s pet.”

The man shouted unnecessarily loud as he walked up to Tae’s cage. His name was Charles, Taehyung remembered. This guard was the most gullible. He always fell for the blonde’s charms. A loving smirk played on the boy’s lips as he stood up to greet him.

“Heeelllo~ cutie~”

“We’re not playing games today, Kim Taehyung. You’ve got a request from a very higher up.”

Taehyung pouted noticeably and let his fingers wrap around the metal bars that we’re keeping the two separated. The sane from the insane.

“Oh no. You called me by my full name~ Charles, my man. My handsome boy. I thought we were friends?”

“You don’t have any friends.”

That shut Taehyung up. He dropped his hands from the bars and turned around to walk away to the other side of his cage. When he met the face of the other man again he glared for a split second before putting on a smile.

“You’re right, Charles! Who needs friends when I have Puddin! They’re just get in our way!”

Taehyung lifted his arm up slowly and pointed at the guard blocking his exit.

“You wouldn’t understand. It’s a villain thing~”

He giggled and tilted his head to the side cutely. The man ignored him and turned away, waving a hand in the air.

“Let’s go.”

All of a sudden Taehyung felt a shock in his left abdomen and he was lying on the floor. Everything turned black.


When he came to, there was a black plastic bag over his head and what he had to guess was a blindfold of some sort to cover his eyes. He was also strapped to a chair. But the chair was moving.

“Hey! What’s the big idea, huh?!” He screamed.

“Quiet down, blondie.”

A sharp voice came from his right.

“We’ll answer my question big guy! Although, I’m just assuming. Yknow, with the bag and all. But we can test it out later if you want-”

A small sting struck his neck and as quickly as it came, it went away.

“OW! I was joking, geez…”

Taehyung wanted to rub his neck but his hand was tied down to the chair. Finally, the bag was removed from his head and he hoped it didn’t mess up his hair. He was never one to look bad at a scene and he didn’t want to start today.

“You’ve been given a mission Kim Taehyung. You and five others will take on the Witch and save the world.”

A soldier with beach blonde hair was talking to him and Taehyung couldn’t hold in his laugh anymore.

“Haha! We’re bad guys dumbass. We don’t ‘save’ anything. And what makes you think, I’ll just do what you tell me to do?”

His smile didn’t falter as the man stomped towards him. His face merely centimeters away from his.

“Because, this certain higher up has promised you a shortened life sentence. Does that seem ideal to you?”

Tae sat in his seat speechless. His eyes were widened and he stared at the soldier while his squad unstrapped him from his chair. When he was finally free, he hopped out of his seat and stretched his arms. He patted the male’s shoulder and sung.

“Sounds like a great plan, sweetheart!”

The soldier gathered around the other members of Taehyung’s ‘team’ and explained the course of action like he did to Tae just a few minutes ago. They all seemed more built than Tae and they were taller. Well, except one. He had jet black hair and his profile was gorgeous. Not as much as the Joker’s, but it was close. Besides his short stature, everything else was Taehyung’s ideal type. At least before he turned insane. He was wearing the same ridiculous clothes Taehyung was wearing. Tae’s arm shot up like a kid in preschool.

“When can we change out of these hideous clothes?


A/N The rest is waiting to be finished and I just got too excited and posted a little bit of it

anne1marie  asked:

for your little reblogged ship prompt! ah lord I automatically want to say Joel/Tess but I secretly ship Tommy/Maria almost just as much; and there is not NEARLY enough content about them, so that's my final answer! Tommy/Maria, canon :) ps. I'd also LOVE to hear all about your AUs, I've been talking to raffinit every day for almost two weeks about each other's little headcanons and it's been so much fun!

HEY FRIEND. Gonna assume you want me to answer allllll of them, ha, so here goes! BECAUSE TOMMY AND MARIA DEFINITELY DON’T GET ENOUGH LOVE, MY POOR BABIES.

1- Who is the most affectionate?
Tommy, easily. I can totally see him coming up behind her while she’s working and trying to hug her, and her going “can u not right now i’m planning the thingz.”

2-Big spoon/Little spoon?
Tommy’s the big spoon, but he doesn’t mind cuddles in any form.

3-Most common argument?
Sometimes Maria can’t turn off the mayor vibes. Sometimes she gets bossy at home when she doesn’t necessarily need to be. Also, Tommy’s a natural flirt, even when he doesn’t mean it. This doesn’t turn into an argument, per se (at least, not anymore), but sometimes Maria gives him the side-eye and he has to correct course.

4-Favorite non-sexual activity?
Maria likes baking. Tommy likes eating her baking.

5-Who is most likely to carry the other?
In my head, Maria’s already rescued half-dead Firefly Tommy from almost bleeding out in the woods when he gets abandoned by his cohort, so, Maria can and will carry Tommy. Also, the night of their wedding, he totally banged her head on the threshold of their bedroom door.

6-What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?
Maria doesn’t laugh much – she’s more of a smirker – but Tommy loves the sound. Maria secretly has a thing for bad boys so Tommy’s long hair is her favorite.

7-What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?
Tommy is pretty openly affectionate, but Maria gets prickly because she does not have time for this.

8-Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?
Tommy is “Firefly,” obviously, but also very often, “you idiot.” Maria’s just Maria, because Tommy’s too fucking afraid to give her a nickname.

9-Who worries the most?
Maria is often worried about various states of things in Jackson, of course, but if we’re talking about deep-down worry, it’s probably Tommy. They both have seen horrible things, but after dealing with Joel in the aftermath of Sarah’s death first-hand, he knows how this world can change and hurt people. He wants to protect Maria from that, even if he can’t, and even though he knows Maria doesn’t need protecting.

10-Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?
Tommy really loves shooting pheasant because it’s Maria’s favorite.

11-Who tops?
They switch off, but Maria likes being in control and Tommy likes letting her. Also the view. HA.

12-Who initiates kisses?
Tommy! He kisses her hello and goodbye all the time.

13-Who reaches for the other’s hand first?
Maria. She’s not into super overt displays of affection, but this she can handle, and she really enjoys it.

14-Who kisses the hardest?
Maria, because she is a ferocious lady.

15-Who wakes up first?
Tommy. Working construction never left him.

16-Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?
Maria. Tommy likes to bring her breakfast in bed on the weekends, too.

17-Who says I love you first?
Tommy, because Maria hasn’t realized it yet.

18-Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)
Tommy leaves Maria notes all the time. Usually it’s along the lines of, “Don’t work too hard,” but sometimes it’s something truly filthy. Maria’s advisors love seeing her turn red at these.

19-Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?
Maria, because she hates rumors.

20-What do their family/friends think of their relationship?
Maria’s dad (RIP) loves it. Everyone else thinks it’s cute but they’re also baffled because Maria comes off as frosty.

21-Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?
Tommy. Can’t get the Texas out of him.

22-Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?
Tommy’s better at cooking, but Maria’s better at baking.

23-Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?
Tommy, because duh.

24-Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?
Definitely Tommy. Although Maria’s been known to thrown him off his balance at the annual town shooting contest.

25-Who needs more assurance?
This one’s a tossup. Tommy gets into his funks, and sometimes Maria questions whether she’s doing the right thing for the town, but generally they’re both confident enough to not need it.

26-What would be their theme song?
“Hopeless Wanderer,” Mumford and Sons.

27-Who would sing to their child back to sleep?
Tommy, although he’s not as musical as Joel and is tone-deaf. Maria sings when she thinks no one is listening.

28-What do they do when they’re away from each other?
Work, mostly. They’re too busy keeping the town running. Although Maria also knits.

29-one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart.
They both really want kids, but they’re having a lot of trouble conceiving. Maria’s pretty close to giving up the ghost and accepting that maybe they just can’t.

30-one headcanon about this OTP that mends it.
Buckley exists because Tommy felt really bad about the whole possibly-infertile thing, so he got her a dog.

bias tag!

oh hey oh hey! SOOO this was fun talking about my faves. Kinda got carriered away in some parts but like they are my faves and deserve it so YEAH! was tagged by @kimyoujinis186cmofpuregoodness but omg gurrlllll you got too many biases to keep up with like I thought I was bad lol 

1. Who was your first female bias?

hmmm well I was very eh towards female artist at first until I got into Mamamoo. They were  like the first girl group I fr fucked with. Lol it was funny at the time bc my friends were lowkey very annoyed bc they were all I wanted to jam to for a couple of weeks. As for my bias in the group it is most defintely Moonbyul! she is so greasy and not your typical girl idol I guess. But TBH all of Mamamoo is like that #love

2. Who was your first male bias?

So commitment is hard man, okay! but without a doubt SUGA was my first(current) hardcore bias. 

3. Who are your current biasES? Other than the ones above.

as much as I hoe around with these kinda things my  list actually isn’t that long but here we go: 

  1.  Simon D 
  2. J Hope (BTS)
  3. Dean 
  4. Zico (Block B but more for his solo stuff)  
  5. SinB (GFriend)

4. In the entire k-pop industry who is closest to your ideal type? 

SO I think this is the reason I had such huge turmoil when Simon D came in the picture and yoongi and I were just like woah. Although I love yoongi so so much like SO MUCH I honestly don’t think we’d vibe well together as couple material :((  We are too much a like I in a lot of ways BUT SIMON D MMMMMMOHMYGOD THAT MAN YES! I don’t know how to explan my attraction to him. He is just so manly and direct and just MMGMMGMGMG #ownme. idk I just feel like we’d be the cutest going out couple and I just picture him being so domestic and just cute cute cute! hmmm but the age difference #yikes 

5. How did you get into kpop?

My friend got into it first, and I kinda felt cheated bc we were always into the same kind of music, so when she got into kpop I still was kinda judging her. She was always really excited about it and like trying to learn the dances, so when she finally learned Wolf by EXO I kinda accepted the fact that kpop wasn’t going away anytime soon. BUT it was Call Me Baby that got me into kpop bc she was just like “omg we need to get their views up!!! you have to go home and watch the video a bunch of times bc they have to win!!!” and of course like the good friend I am I watched it but I ended up liking it so much that I became open to other artist and other songs and bam I am now kpop trash! 

6. Who are your OTP’s?

😏😏😏😏 Namjin!  Yoonmin and sometimes Yoonseok

7. When did you start to ship them ?

eh I don’t remember it’s been awhile 

8. What is your favorite fanfic genre?


9. Who is your bias boy group?


10. Who is your bias girl group?


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okay idk who else to tag literally just randomly picked peeps from my followers but hey do it or don’t it’s whateves 

dreadfulcalendarwoman  asked:

hey friend, hope you feel better ❤️ and howzabout Jenny Calendar, Buffy Summers, Annie Edison, and Anya Jenkins for the ask meme??? (I hope that isn't too many yikes)

thank you friend <3

jenny calendar

  • First impression: “i’m not like a regular teacher, i’m a cool teacher” *wink* (a la mean girls)
  • Impression now: tragic, snarky, wonderful tech nerd who really deserved to be happy and to live her own damn life outside her familial obligations.
  • Favorite moment: when she works super hard to create the necessary tools to restore angel’s soul
  • Idea for a story: i’m still kinda playing around with the idea of writing that calendiles high school AU where jenny’s called as a slayer
  • Unpopular opinion: damn. i think i’m bad at this particular question. i have pretty bland, run-of-the-mill opinions, i think.
  • Favorite relationship: canon relationship? giles for sure. but i’m also really fond of the jenny as willow’s mentor potential
  • Favorite headcanon: credit to you, of course, but my favorite headcanon is that jenny’s grumpy about having to watch angel and pretty much blows off her responsibility with the help of lots and lots of alcohol

buffy summers

  • First impression: no one talks like that…omg this girl is so 90s…when does she slice a dude in half…??
  • Favorite moment: holy crap. okay. when she stops angelus from jabbing a sword into her head because she always has herself. when she breaks that swim dude’s nose on his steering wheel for trying to touch her without her permission. when she goes to meet the master, knowing she’ll die but understanding it’s for the greater good. overcoming/managing her depression. etc. 
  • Idea for a story: um, i have like 20 fic ideas that involve buffy honestly. let’s see. when i finally write more for the chronicles of c-town universe, i plan to have a one-shot devoted to buffy and giles mending their relationship post s7.
  • Unpopular opinion: buffy summers has never done anything wrong in her entire life. (lol i kid. mostly. i cannot control the degree to which i stan buffy) okay, as for a realistic one - buffy is a much better example of bi erasure than willow 
  • Favorite relationship: dawn and buffy sisters 5eva
  • Favorite headcanon: i wrote this a million years ago, but it’s 5 slaying-related habits buffy has and i’m especially proud of numbers 2 and 5 

annie edison

  • First impression: damn this girl is high strung
  • Impression now: the most amazing and driven starfish in all the land. so capable. so badass. will one day rule the world.
  • Favorite moment: hector the well-endowed (…..i’m only kind of kidding honestly). alternatively, her speech to abed about everyone feeling left out, so you’re always going to fit in. <3 so wise beyond her years.
  • Idea for a story: hmm, i don’t know that i have anything concrete, but i’m always kinda thinking about her relationship with her parents and what that looked like in the past and how it might affect her in the future.
  • Unpopular opinion: i don’t think this is all that unpopular, but annie is the strongest of the group. moving out on her own at 18 and actually making it work? she’s practically a superhero for fuck’s sake.
  • Favorite relationship: for friendship - abed. for romance - jeff.
  • Favorite headcanon: i think annie’s the kinda person who would keep going back to school for more degrees. be it at greendale or another institution, she’s going to be a perpetual student. 

anya jenkins

  • First impression: what a cool demon and one-off episode…oh wait, there’s more? omg this character is ridiculous we’re so #blessed she became a regular! 
  • Impression now: not much has changed, honestly. she’s ridiculous and i love her.
  • Favorite moment: “men are evil. will you go with me?”
  • Idea for a story: huh. i don’t actualy have any anya ideas….actually! okay, it’s not concrete or anything, but hallie and anya as lesbians avenging scorned women all over the world. 
  • Unpopular opinion: it’s cute and all, but why was the bunny thing never explained!? why did they only make it more confusing during selfless?? i dOn’T UNderSTAnD
  • Favorite relationship: her brotp with giles or tara, i think.
  • Favorite headcanon: she has so much affection for giles because he gave her a job and, therefore, a feeling of purpose, and that was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her. 

anonymous asked:

The western fandom, or more specifically the western fandom between the ages 11-16 (mainly females) seem to make everything into a bigger problem than it normally is. "That's problematic", "That's abusive", "That's controversial" etc. It wouldn't be much of a problem if that would be their only complaints, but sometimes they tend to become almost violent when they see something they deem "bad". I just... I thank god for blogs like these who use some common sense and just are here to have fun.

Hey Anon :) Thank you very much for the nice words :3 but you know, I wouldn’t believe that it’s just a certain age group, even if it’s true that when you’re young you tend to be more hot-blooded about your opinions.

I’ve seen people around my age (20+) acting like brats and calling a lot of things problematic, abusive or controversial, simply because that’s the way they think. Some people just love to get worked up about everything too, and that doesn’t only have to do with age or maturity.

We can’t do much about it anyway, that’s what fandom is ;)

I hope you are here to enjoy the series you like as well, Anon!
Thank you for passing by and for your nice words once again, have a nice day/evening!  :3