Paparazzi AU

Based off of @conniemcfalcon‘s Septiplier AU!! Go to this post for the explanation and it’s origins (and also some amazing art in general). This is just the first part, so remind me about this before I lose all motivation for a second one. Forgive me, this was done quickly, as everything I do is. I love writing, but I have to do it all at once. And also at…10:30 PM. Whoops. 


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You know, in every fandom, people who post shit in pro tags are labeled as assholes that are making idiots of themselves and should be banned. And here we have anti Karamel pumpkins that believe they are making the world a better place, because they “show teens why this ship is toxic”. Because of course, poor teens don’t have brains and can’t make logical conclusions from what they see on the screen, especially when the ship on the screen is not freaking toxic but quite healthy.

I fucking love haters. And I fucking LOVE haters in pro tags. There is nothing more entertaining when idiots embarrass themselves in public and when they’re proud of it. I guess, my dear Karamel shippers, we are BLESSED.  

{Hey, between all this fun going on, I do want to thank those who stick around for my portrayal. I know I’m not a 100% serious Leo rper. That there are times I dive into crack rps a bit too much or I joke around with my muse. But I like to think I can even have some laughs with a muse that is usually a pretty serious guy. 

So thanks again to those that stick around and to those that get a chuckle or even a smile out of the things Leo and I do here. You guys mean a lot. Never forget that.}

a twelve step program

every time I write fic I go through the EXACT SAME process:

  1. Prompt: oh hey!  this looks like it would be fun to write.  I wonder if I could pull it off.
  2. Contemplation: wow that’s a good line of dialogue. *writes it down* OH hey, there’s another couple ideas attached to that *writes it down* etc
  3. Inspiration: WOW I HAVE SO MANY GOOD IDEAS this is so fun I Have a full page of nonsense notes that no one can decipher but me (barely), but I KNOW that this will be amazing.
  4. Sentences: um… wtf was I thinking… these ideas are way more vague and incoherent than I thought they were… this is harder than i expected…
  5. Writing: Ohh hmmm… there’s a sentence, than another, and another…. oh look there’s a whole scene… there’s a different unrelated scene… this isn’t so bad
  6. Stuck: ooohhhhkay….. Now I have 75% of a fic.  Of disconnected scenes with lots of problems still and no ending and probably terrible characterization and and and–  Time for a break, then it will be better when I look at it with fresh eyes….
  7. Comparison: *reads someone else’s (or my own prior) fully completed, edited, polished story* wtf everything in my current fic is bullshit and will never be good ever ever, and why did I think I could do this and why did I bother with something so disappointing….
  8. Stockholm syndrome: *sigh* well I sunk so much time into this I may as well just power through to the end.  “two cakes are better than one” and all that, maybe someone will have a good time laughing at this shit.
  9. Re-inspiration: Ooohhhhh that’s how I can correct this mistake.  that’s how I can connect these scenes.  Oh look, there’s an ending?? maybe??
  10. Editing: BORING and I am impatient, but this is necessary I guessss.  One last read through…
  11. Posting: I have basically memorized this fic and am convinced it’s boring and mediocre at best, because I already know everything that happens, but I’m done with it now and *leap of faith* it’s maybe better than I think.  May as well share.
  12. First review: “I liked it!”  Oh hey…. I guess this is pretty good….. I am proud of myself???  wow what a feeling!!!!!  this was so fun!!  why don’t I do this more often???

leggerless  asked:

Want to ask a question I hope you don't mind answering! Now that Table Cloth is going to places across Eorzea and not staying at just the Quicksand these days, what's the reception from other roleplayers you've received? Has it been positive, negative, or even mixed? Genuinely curious about this and your experiences thus far.

Oh, hey there

People have been having fun with having Table Cloth appear around during events, they are always quite welcoming and I have yet to receive any negative feedback from the six or so events I’ve gone to. The one thing that they all seem to comment after the event though is that they miss having an excuse to visit The Quicksands and that they are quite eager to see me back there.

Thanks for asking!

It wasn’t that rare of an occurrence for Jared to be calm and collected one moment and then fidgety and anxious the next, but it still annoyed him to no end. He just wanted to get out and do something, damnit. Without even thinking it through ( what’s new, honestly ), Jared turned towards the person next to him and bumped his shoulder against theirs. “Hey, I’m in the mood to do something fun and you should do it with me,” he said with a grin before shaking his head slightly. “That sounded a whole lot more weird than I mean it to, my apologies,” he added with a soft laugh, reaching his hand out to shake their hand. “Hi, I’m Jared and I apparently like to make creepy small talk.”


I can’t make this stuff up, guys; Brielle’s fun was low, so Caleb turned on the TV. If telepathic powers were a thing, Caleb would have ‘em!

August: Hey, it’s been fun and all, but I have to go home and look for a job.

Brielle: Awe.. Well, that’s no problem, we’ll try to hang out again tomorrow!

August: Oh, okay, um, sure!

Caleb: I feel bad, but I should probably be leaving too, get back to my sister and all.

Brielle: Oh, okay. Tell your sister I say hi!

Caleb: (stares at TV) Yeah, I will…

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I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal


They never went on a spontaneous road trip again

30 multipurpose prompts, open to interpretation

to write, draw, or whatever. have people choose a number and perhaps a character, or proceed however you wish and invent it all. 

  1. The 11th. 
  2. Lost at the creek. 
  3. Above, there is an attic.
  4. The tree is very old. 
  5. A figure at the edge of the woods.
  6. Horses anticipating a storm. 
  7. One foot in another world. 
  8. Face on the other side of a dark window. 
  9. Driving for many hours through mountains. 
  10. The photograph. 
  11. In search of sea life. 
  12. A blue tin kettle. 
  13. Wanderer on a scorched path. 
  14. It had no eyes. 
  15. Please, let’s go home. 
  16. Small birds, dry grass. 
  17. A hero in the wrong. 
  18. Unearthed bones. 
  19. The sensation of falling as experienced in a dream. 
  20. How far can you carry this?
  21. Conversations with the crows. 
  22. A book infested with ghosts. 
  23. Forgetting why it mattered. 
  24. The protection of laughter. 
  25. Each time we climb the stairs, something changes. 
  26. Wildness on the loose. 
  27. The passage of time as it varies by season. 
  28. Sunlight on rumpled sheets and the smell of pine.
  29. I love you, they said. I love you. 
  30. Submersion in cool water.