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Taegimin and peeing in the ball pit

“Grab your coat, Jimin. We’re leaving,” Taehyung pouts, shoes in hand, as he stomps away from the play area. “That shitty new manager said I was ‘too old for the ballpit.’ Kicked me out. What does that even mean? Fun has no age. Fuck him.”

“Hey, forget about him. Let’s just go to the other Chuck E. Cheese. Hoseok is managing, and he always lets us in the ballpit.” 

“Yep, let’s go.”

Jimin stops cold in his tracks at the smirk on Taehyung’s face. “Wait. What did you do?”

“What do you mean?” Taehyung asks innocently.

“You’re letting this go too easily. What did you do?” Jimin demands. 

“OKAY,” a gruff, angry voice comes from behind them. “Which one of you Gosh Dang little Fudgers peed in the Mother Flipping ballpit?”

“Just keep walking Jimin,” Taehyung urges him softly, linking their arms together as he tugs them towards the exit. “Nice and calm, that’s it, like we did nothing wrong.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Jimin insists, feeling the panic rise within him. 

“Yep, perfect, just like that, keep it up.”

“You did not…” Jimin starts, knowing full well that he did.

“Oh shut up, it’s like peeing in the ocean.”

“It is not like that even one little bit,” Jimin marvels, eyes wide.

“YOU,” that growling voice roars across the facility, and Jimin turns to see one very small, very angry man staring straight at them. 

Taehyung stiffens, slipping his arm out of Jimin’s and sprinting for the door. “BYE.”

You Look Good In My Shirt

Hey guys! I had a lot of fun writing this one. I got a new huge man henely to use as PJs and got this idea. I hope y’all enjoy it.  Also I really recommend sleeping in a huge man henley. SO COMFY. Happy Wednesday!

Not my gif, is probably never my gif, props, thanks, and credit to the gif maker.

Warnings: language, as always.

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When you had first heard that you would have the tower to yourself for a few days, you were pretty excited for the alone time. Clint, Sam, and Thor were going home, Tony was taking Pepper on a romantic weekend, and the others were going on a mission, leaving you to hold down the fort.

But three days passed and you were ready for them to come back. The tower was freaky with no one in it and it was way too quiet without the bickering, the bets, and the strategy discussions you were so used to hearing.

You also had nightmares. Yours were nothing compared to Bucky’s, but they were still scary and being alone in the tower seemed to make them worse.

You and Bucky had bonded over your similarity and had quickly become friends who were ready to swoop in and save each other when the night became too much to handle.

But for the past few days, your knight in shining left arm wasn’t there to protect you. And it didn’t take you very long to go to extreme measures in order to feel safe again.

Your first night alone, your nightmares wouldn’t stop, leaving you covered in sweat and completely exhausted. Desperate for some relief, an idea popped into your head.

You ran across the hallway, now a terrifying act because of the bloody scenes your brain just provided you, and opened the door to Bucky’s empty bedroom. His scent floating in the room immediately calmed you, reinforcing your brilliant idea.

You tore open the drawer of his dresser and pulled out the first shirt your fingers touched. You swiftly pulled it on over the pajama shirt you were already wearing and hustled back to your room after closing Bucky’s door behind you.

You left your beside lamp on and tucked yourself into bed. Only when you were safely under the covers did you feel the scent on his shirt swim around your body.

Its long sleeves were baggy around your arms and the shirt was so long the hem of it touched the middle of your thighs. You wrapped your limbs around the pillow next to you and nuzzled your face into your shoulder so you would smell the shirt with every inhale you took. It was like having him there.

Needless to say, you slept very well for the rest of the night. And the night after that.

By the third night, you just accepted the blue long sleeved Henley as your new pajama shirt.

That night, you decided to watch your favorite movie. No one on the team liked it, so you never got to watch it on movie nights. With no one else in the tower, now was the perfect time to indulge in a rom com.

Clad in your new PJ’s, you plopped down on the couch and right as the opening credits began to roll, you heard a familiar voice saying “Oh no. Not this one again.”

You spun around to see Tony peeking his head into the room, clearly refreshed from his romantic, relaxing weekend.

You watched the rest of the team file in behind him, giving you waves and hellos before heading to their bedrooms. Steve and Bucky did not head to their rooms right away, however.

“Oh, leave her alone to watch her movie, Tony.” Steve came to your rescue.

Tony snorted out a “Good night” and followed the others up to his room.

Steve and Bucky walked into the kitchen and as Steve opened the fridge he asked you, “So, (Y/N), how was your weekend alone?”

“It was fine. Very quiet.”

“Yeah I bet” He laughed after chugging down a glass of orange juice. He continued, “Well, I’m gonna head upstairs. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

You watched him walk out of the room until your eyes met Bucky’s. He was staring at you and after a few seconds of silence you asked, “What?”

“Is that my shirt?”

Shit, you thought.

“No.” You lied.


You nodded your head.

“Because it looks like my shirt.”

You were silent. How creepy were you, stealing his shirt and wearing it around the tower while he was gone? You hadn’t really thought about it until now.

He walked over to where you were sitting on the arm of the couch. “And it smells like my shirt.”

Your eyes fell to your shoes. “It’s your shirt” you broke. “I was having nightmares and wearing it helped and- I, I’m sorry, I swear, I’ll wash it and give it back tomorrow.” The words were flying out of your mouth, you were surprised he understood any of it.

“(Y/N), it’s okay! I’m just teasing ya, doll.” When you finally had the courage to look up at him you saw him laughing at you.

“I’m just surprised you didn’t take the red one.” He knew it was your favorite color.

You laughed and fell back onto the couch. Looking at him standing above you, you said “Wanna watch this with me?”

“Yeah, sure.” He walked around the couch and sat beside you, lifting your head to place it on his lap.

The next morning after you ate breakfast, you gathered your laundry together, including the borrowed shirt, and walked downstairs to throw the load in the washer.

When you returned to your room a few minutes later, you saw a folded red Henley sitting on your bed with a note attached to it. You picked up the shirt, the touch of your fingers releasing a familiar smell, and read the note.

“You look good in my shirt.”



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hey so legit question here, i see ppl make fun of the twenty one pilots like…a lot. and like for a while there they were actually adored on tumblr, but then they started getting popular, specially with teenagers, and suddenly everyone and their mother were going to great lengths to mock both them and their fans and like…i dont get it. i aint a big fan of them or anything and their music is not my favorite thing in the world…def not my go to, but ive heard worse. WAY worse. and like… its not so bad that it deserves the amount of ppl there are dragging it and their fans through the mud. like did the band do something wrong that im not aware of? or do y'all just like making fun of teenagers and their interests

It's Been Fun.

Hey guys :) It’s Anonypink here. Well, not for long. I’m resigning from my position as an anonymun, and thought it was at least common curtesy to give everyone a heads up. It’s a tough time right now, and I can’t have this on my mind, too.
Contrary to popular belief, dealing with asks, tags, events, and role plays daily is tolling on a young mind and body, especially when they also attend school. I’m only 13, and this is a lot for me.
Hate on our blog has definitely been one of the main reasons why I am resigning. With not only hate directed towards me, but my friends, it’s just so hard to get myself to want to do this everyday. It’s disgusting and childish, and I can’t even begin to describe how disappointed I am.
But do not let the hate shine over the amazing asks I got during my time here. So many of you sent me asks, telling me I’m great, and it really helped. You guys are all so special to me, and I read each and every one of your asks.
I’m leaving all of my accounts up (rabbit, discord, and tumblr) for memory’s sake, so feel free to check out @anonypinkmun whenever you miss me (which will be never).
So, @anonypurplemun @anonygoldmun @anonycyanmun @anonymonmun @anonybluemun @anonycobaltmun @anonyredmun @anonyblackmun @anonygreenmun, I’m leaving speaks world to you.
Don’t fuck it up.
Your Favorite Former Mun,

The weather today is blissful. Since returning from Queensland there has been little reason to celebrate the weather. Yesterday was nice, yet I was working all day far away from even a window. Today however, I’m not working and it’s sunny, warm and blue. I’m also wearing a cute new shirt which I’m now wearing as a dress (so cosy) and lying in the sun with a book, beach towel and an iced coffee (because coffee is amazing). I’ve also spent the day organising and tidying my room, making dinner and lunch for work and baking granola. Such a productive day… Oh and I also spent too much money 💵 on cute shirts but hey ho, looking cute is fun 😍☀️🍉

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Alright, guys

I’ve seen a few posts now that the monster ball thing is going around again about people who want to attend but don’t think they can draw their character’s outfit/costume

So up until the ball I’m going to be taking requests for people who don’t have the confidence in their own art to draw their characters in costume

because hey, I’ve been there, it isn’t fun and everyone deserves a nice ref for their character at a formal event like that ;)

So just drop a description or even better an image of the outfit you want in my submit box and I’ll see what I can do!


gems and their gemstones

[inspired by this post]

[the Yellow Diamond fan art]