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Tbh the announcer is so cold. He just stands there and says 'here goes' in a monotone voice as he watches these two kids get absolutely slain for the upteenth time. Then again he's so cheerful on other occasions it's so hard to pinpoint his personality

idk if Cuphead and Mugman are kids or not but im not gonna say more than this

But hey the announcer is having fun watching them!! honestly he hopes the cup bros will win since my version of the announcer works for the Devil and he’s kinda afraid of him hjkrgk

he just has no choice but watch

Hey fun fact the people 28 and over on this website actually do KNOW that the average age skews much lower so like, reminding us is pretty pointless?

More to the point, as much as you guys are way better at identifying and calling out misogyny than I was at your age, a lot of people are really terrible at picking up on one particular kind of misogyny, and that is the creepy upper age limit for space and existence you’re setting for women in your communities.

This may not be easy to instantly identify because it’s not really ageism across the board, for example, this idea that fandom has an upper age limit is not something that effects a lot of men in fandom. Women, on the other hand, are apparently expected to re-direct their fan obsession, fixation, or hobby to things like crafting, child-rearing, and housekeeping just as soon as they become a mom or reach that “typical mom” age. Adult fangirls are “immature” and “need to grow up,” while adult fanboys are literally just a fact of life, as if we both haven’t always been there.

Whenever you question a woman’s right to this space because of her age or parental status, you are reinforcing a stereotype that has effects that reach beyond that one situation. The expectation, for example, that 40 year old men be catered to when writing comics, but that characters of interest to 40 year old women are obsolete or unprofitable.

When actresses over 30 are written out of their franchises or written exclusively in villain/mother/crone roles, this not only furthers the impression that women over 30 have no interest in these franchises, but actually causes women over 30 to disengage with these franchises as a self fulfilling prophecy. A sudden loss of representation can be a real buzzkill, as many of you already know too well.

Women over 30 are often sexual and a lot of us get fan crushes or thirst at the exact same rate as younger people do, but you’re not going to hear about it because every one of us has been shamed at one point or another for expressing desire for age-appropriate fictional characters that was totally acceptable when we were five years younger. Add to that dissonance the fact that A LOT of you are fixated on and thirsting after characters that are actually closer to OUR age if not our age exactly.

Hell, we transfer directly from EVERYONE wanting to hear about our desires and attractions to people being equally disgusted. This is pretty dissonant on a website stuffed full of explicitly sexual material, and it’s especially difficult and heartbreaking for the 30+ year olds who JUST CAME OUT and get an extra level of taboo on top of what is most likely a heaping dose of internalized homophobia.

And I know it’s coming so I’m just going to head it off at the pass, this OBVIOUSLY does not mean that you need to engage in any overtly sexual topic with an older person if that discomfits you, and it doesn’t even mean you need to INTERACT with us, because well, you don’t HAVE to interact with anyone on this website if you don’t want to.

But realize what you’re doing when your reaction to the desire of a 30 year old woman to a 30 year old fictional character is revulsion or a suggestion that she is over-sharing. Notice your shock when you realize that older women inhabit the fandom and recognize that that shock has nothing to do with those women.

Pay attention to the double standard that allows you to embrace rude bigoted 50 year old male comic creators/collectors and equally feel like there’s something wrong or stunted about a woman into the same things. Think about it because that stuff will sneak up on you, and you are probably pretty sure that you’re not going to turn 28 and magically drop all your interests, because no one should expect you to.


The KTD. Magazine : Meet the most notorious criminals in Ketterdam

“Lavender Milk & Honey Feel Good” Potion

A simple little potion that anyone can do. And don’t worry I’ll list vegan alternatives for any vegan witches who want to make this “feel good” potion too.

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What You’ll Need

*Vegan alternatives

  • Lavender-infused milk
  • *Lavender-infused soy/almond milk
  • Honey
  • *Agave Nectar or Maple Syrup
  • Your favorite cup/mug
  • Intent

What To Do

  • Warm up your milk.
  • Pour milk into your favorite cup/mug.
  • Spoon in 2 tablespoons of honey/alternative and while spooning say/think “I feel good, I am good.”
  • Stir and say/think “Nothing can bring me down.”
  • Take a freaking sip boos.
Humans are weird- Sunburns

I´m at the beach, like most people, and sadly, I got really sunburnt *fml*  Anyway, imagine aliens not knowing that we can get sunburnt because we forget to put protection on and our own sun burns our skin. 


They entered the common room. Everyones eyes were on them. Their hair had lightened and their eyes glistened a brighter color, and somehow, their skin was different….

Commander Trif shuffled past the crowd surrounding them, not knowing what all the fuss was about..then he knew.

“ What has happened to you?! Is this a medical situation?" he demanded. He was beyond worried.

The Humans looked at each other for a few seconds, which seemed everlasting. Then, they bursted out laughing, making it look like they were choking. 

"Oh don’t worry about us sir" managed to say Human-Layla

"Well, I’m not so sure about that. Poor Loki here got a dreadful sunburn.” said Human-James in a playful tone. 


"Yeah you know, when our own sun burns our skin because we don’t put protection on. But I mean, just look at Loki, he looks like a damn cherrie” answered Human-Layla while laughing.  

“Hey you lot, don´t make fun of me. Y'all managed to get tanned, but soon enough I´m going to start to peel like those bloody lizards."  

Only one thought popped up in the Commanders head;

‘He’s going to die.’


My wardrobe from college fits Amanda way too well

(I also gave her my phone case because I’m self indulgent as f u c k)

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another snuggie here~~ my big exam is starting tomorrow on monday and my stress levels are off the scale ㅠㅠ is it alright if i could request a small fantasy!au hyuk? if not, that's alright! your blog gets me through anyway ♡ cant wait for the highschool!haechan au either~ >u<

ahh good luck on your exam!!!
here’s a cute dragon!hyuk au that came to mind hehe,,,,

  • you don’t know if it’s true, but ever since you were little the older kids in town would tell you and others the story of “the cursed prince”
  • the one that was banished to live in the abandoned, rotting castle over the hills that stood daunting and untouched for centuries
  • that this boy, who had been cursed by a witch into an ugly, fire-breathing dragon, was once the bright and handsome son of king. not the king who ruled over your country, but a foreign king who had been traveling through and cruelly left his son to fend for himself alone
  • parents had hushed the older children, pulled them away from you and told you not to believe a word
  • but neither of your parents would allow you to set foot near the hell of the abandoned castle - let alone climb up to to peek inside the place
  • but,,,,,when you were old enough,,,,,,and you were tired of the same “cursed prince” story circulating through the mouths of everyone in town, you decided you would be the one to prove them wrong
  • maybe it was your own itching curiosity, or maybe it was just you being young and hyped for an adventure 
  • but one day, with a little white lie, you managed to pack a simple lunch and a tiny dagger you’d smuggled from the kitchen and set out on a mission to see this cursed prince
  • the castle was quite a hike, you arrived sweating but even your tiredness went away when you gazed on the magnificently large, rusting grey gates
  • the yard was covered in twisted tree roots, dead leaves, and patches of unkempt weeds
  • the door was heavy, but opened with a nudge - the lock was broken and hung pathetically off the door. inside, you could see the crumbling wallpaper and torn up portraits 
  • something had definitely gotten angry in here - everything was broken
  • and that’s when you heard it, the snarling - the tapping of talons on the old floor
  • and then,,,,,,,nothing
  • but you were frozen. you hadn’t expected there to actually be a dragon. or whatever creature you had just heard.
  • without a second thought, you turned and raced for the door, only to hear the flapping of large wings and a large body slam against the door before you could escape
  • in amazement and total fear, you looked at the animal - with brownish-red, almost burnt looking scales. a long tail and wings, much more vibrant and frightening up close.
  • the face, it was a dragon, but the eyes weren’t malicious and mean. they looked,,,,,,,,,,,,like a soft brown,,,,,,,only riddled with a human like sadness 
  • “please,,,,,d-don’t,,,,,,,,,” you began but the dragon huffed and you felt your voice die in your throat
  • “don’t kill you? i won’t.”
  • it spoke,,,,,with a voice so unlike what you’d imagine. not deep, not even crude. boyish, almost,,,,,,,charming
  • “why are you here?”
  • “a-are you the cursed prince,,,,,,,,,?”
  • the dragon’s head dropped, his eyes leaving yours
  • “why are you here?”
  • he repeated and you swallowed
  • “i didn’t think you were real,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • “well you’ve seen me. am i real now?”
  • you shifted finally, could you ,,,,, could you hear a hint of jest in his phrase
  • “i,,,,,,,yes,,,,,,”
  • it was silent and the dragon turned back to face you
  • “i am the most handsome dragon you’ve ever seen, right?”
  • this time you were sure it was jest - this dragon,,,,,,,,,,,,was he playing around???
  • the dragon laughed, or gave some kind of similar motion of it with his head and used his tail to open the door
  • “you look like you might faint right now, and i don’t need that. feel free to go.”
  • you thought the offer sounded good, but you couldn’t bring yourself to move
  • the dragon stared back
  • “well?”
  • “are all dragons this funny?”
  • a look of shock overcame him
  • “you know other dragons?”
  • “no, im asking for future reference.”
  • “ah, you like banter. i can appreciate that in a human. but no, im the only funny one. cursed prince or not - i gotta be funny because right now my looks aren’t going for me.”
  • you furrowed your eyebrows
  • “so you are the prince?”
  • “i was, now im just hyuk the dragon.”
  • you repeated his name and the dragon moved a bit across the room - it’s large body managing to look terrifying and graceful at the same time
  • “how does your curse get broken?”
  • the dragon stopped
  • “people don’t stay long enough to ask that question.”
  • “well im asking it.”
  • somehow you weren’t keen on the idea that being snappy with an actual dragon would work to your benefit, but this was a person - well a person trapped
  • “i need to be kissed. the wizard went full on fairytail with me. too bad, no one wants to kiss a dragon in real life.”
  • you thought about it for a moment, but took a step toward him before you realized you’d made up your mind
  • you were gonna kiss this freaking dragon
  • well like give it a kiss on its nose,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and hyuk was shocked at your apparent human bravery, you walked up to him like he wasn’t capable of destroying you in one stomp
  • and leaned in and kissed the scales above his nose 
  • for a second nothing happened and he opened his mouth to be like “well at least you can say you tried”
  • when there was suddenly smoke, so much that it filled the entire castle’s ballroom, wafted out the windows and made you almost pass out
  • and, after 5 minutes of it dwindling down to nothing but the burnt smell, hyuk peered down at his hands
  • his,,,,,,,,,,,,normal human hands
  • the index finger of his right still had the ring his father had given him, the ring that held the key to his country
  • you were coughing, but managed to see hyuk too - prince hyuk
  • standing tall, with broad shoulders, and perfectly sculpted features. for a second you thought you were looking at a statue 
  • “holy hell it worked.”
  • he spoke first, the same charming boyish voice as the dragon
  • you were speechless, but managed to give him a “guess we did it” shrug
  • to be honest you couldn’t say anything because no one mentioned that the cursed prince, as a human, was hot - like handsome sure, but also??????? hot
  • putting his hand out, hyuk urged you to take it
  • and carefully you did, feeling his warm skin and not the scaly - wetness of the dragon he was before
  • “so,,,,,i guess i have to go back and rule my country now and be a prince and stuff.”
  • you looked down at your hand in his and back at him,,,what was he getting at?
  • using his other hand to scratch the back of his neck, hyuk shrugged and added
  • “as a thanks for making me a prince again and stuff, wanna come and rule it with me?”