We Are Young: Epilogue

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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Aelin didn’t stop as she pushed open the hospital doors.

Her heart was pounding against her ribcage. She didn’t even notice as the door closed on Rowan, though she knew he was behind her the whole time. She just couldn’t stop. It was like her body was on autopilot. She wouldn’t stop until she finally reached the hospital room.

Until she finally reached Lysandra.

Her heart raced in her chest so fast, almost feeling like it would stop at any moment.

Aelin walked right past the front desk. Past the noise-filled waiting room. Past all of the waiting husbands, mothers, sisters, brothers. She jetted past them all with a million different emotions, thoughts, and outcomes running around her head.

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How It Went Down
  • Lorcan: Okay everyone, Maeve says we need to train some lost Demi-Fae princess from who cares where and someone has to deal with her.
  • The Cadre: ...
  • Lorcan: ...
  • Lorcan: Not It
  • The Cadre: Not IT NOT IT NOT it Not IT
  • Rowan: Hey guys, so-
  • The Cadre: YOUR IT
  • Rowan: Wtf no?!??
Basically what happened in the last few chapters of EoS

Aelin: Hey guys, guess what
Rowan: What?
Aedion: What?
Manon: What?
Literally almost everyone: What?
Aelin: I’m not telling, you gotta guess (((:
Everyone: ????????????
Aelin: *being carted away in the Iron Coffin, Lysandra turns into Aelin, 13 diff armies show up* did u guess 🙃🙃🙃

So with those "hey rowan how does the world work" things on that big thread that I said I'd draw

I’m going to make them into 4-komas and call it “Hey Rowan!! (a.k.a. Aelin’s Quest for Knowledge)” and it will be “by the TOG tumblr fans”. I hope that’s ok because that’s what I’ve decided to do when i get up tomorrow morning

Aelin: [pulls back shower curtain while Rowan is in there]

Aelin: Hey are we- Rowan stop screaming it’s me- are we out of cake?

Rowan vs Chocolate
  • <p> <b>Aelin *to Rowan*:</b> Hey handsome ;)<p/><b><br></b> <p/><b>Rowan:</b> *narrowed eyes* What do you want?<p/><b><br></b> <p/><b>Aelin:</b> *dramatically betrayed* Can't a woman compliment her mate around here?!<p/><b><br></b> <p/><b>Rowan:</b> *even more narrowed eyes* Seriously, what do you want?<p/><b><br></b> <p/><b>Aelin:</b> *exasperated sigh* More chocolate<p/><b><br></b> <p/><b></b> (Lysandra is heard cackling in the background)<p/></p>
I’m Happy With Her (Dan x Reader)

Warnings: None

You sit on Dan’s bed, scrolling through the live stream chat on your phone. Dan had just started his live stream, and you weren’t in the mood to be in it but still wanted to be near Dan. You and him had announced your relationship just a week ago and haven’t gotten the chance to see how the fans took it. By your guess, most of them would be really mad at you and saying how your broke Phan, and other crap. 

“Hey Rowan, Mike, Micheal, Avery, Carley, John, Ashley-” You hear Dan say as he reads off of the chat. “Oh the reason I sound different is because I have been sick the past two days.” 

“I told you take the cold medicine before the live stream but you wouldn’t do it,” You tell Dan. 

“Sorry about her, she just doesn’t know when to stop talking,” Dan jokes. 

“Oh sut up Howell,” You say, you grab one of Dan’s pillows and fling it across the room, hitting Dan. 

“Thanks for that Y/N” Dan says with a laugh. He turns back around to continue with his live stream. 

Relationship Goals! You read off of the chat. Some of the fans seemed to be reacting alright, respecting Dan but others were bashing out. For instance you read a comment saying that you don’t deserve Dan and should break up with him. Then again this just general hate. 

“Daaaaaannnnn I’m hungry,” You say. 

“Then get your lazy but up!” Dan jokes again. You squirm off of the bed and walk over, waving at the web camera. 

“Hey guys,” You say. The chat then began to explode with comments about you. 

Aw they are so cute. I ship it!

Why are they even together? 

What about Phan?!

Y/N doesn’t deserve Dan. 

Ugh it’s Y/N

I wish they would break up. 

“This needs to stop it is getting annoying and all of you are being a bunch of twats,” Dan begins. 

“It’s fine Dan,” You tell him. 

“No its not,” Dan replies. “I get that some of you may be mad but telling someone they don’t deserve someone or wishing that they would break up is rude. We are real people, not fictional characters.” 

“I wouldn’t mind being a fictional character though,” You cut in, trying to break the seriousness. 

“Y/N I’m trying to be serious,” Dan says, trying not to laugh. 

“Well you aren’t doing a good job re you?” You reply. 

“I love Y/N alright? She makes me happy, and it still means Phil and I will remain friends. I’m not going anywhere I would never do that to Phil,” Dan says. “So all of you need to just accept that I’m happy with her.” You smile and lean in to kiss Dan on the cheek but he turns his head causing you to kiss his ear. 

“You missed,” Dan says. You smiled again and this time you kissed him on the lips. You then walk out of Dan’s room and into the kitchen.

Sweet and Sour: Part 3 - Rowaelin

Here it is! Part 3!

Fine parts 1 and 2 here.

Part 1

Part 2

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Rowan couldn’t help the small smiled that played on his lips as he walked back to the dental surgery. That girl… she was something else. He couldn’t help but stare at her when she left. That sway in her step, Rowan just knew she had put there to catch his attention, and it certainly did its job.

The door of the dentistry opened smoothly with a quiet tinkling of bells. Rowan chanced a glance at Remelle behind the reception desk. The glower on her face almost caused a burst of laughter to escape from within his chest. He would definitely tell Aelin about this. When they would go out again. Very likely a real date this time.

In the break room he retrieved his surgery coat and put it back on. He had a full afternoon of appointments and a quick glance at the clock told him his first one would be here in 5 minutes. So Rowan washed his hands and made his way to his surgery.

Fenrys was waiting for him.

As Rowan entered the dental assistant spun in his chair to face him, arms folded, eyebrows raised expectantly. Rowan ignored him. “Well?”

“Well what?” Rowan replied as he took his own chair and faced the computer. 

“How’d it go on your date?” Fenrys said with a wiggle of his eyebrows. 

“It wasn’t a date.“ 

"Ha!” Fenrys practically shouted. “You did take her out." 

Rowan rolled his eyes. "As a thank you. Nothing more." 

"Nothing more my…” Fenrys was cut of by a message pinging on the computer. 

Rowan looked at it for a moment in surprise, usually Remelle slinked down here to tell him his patient had arrived. If she sent a message she must be pissed. Fenrys said as much and it made Rowan snort out a laugh. “There! Further evidence it was ‘nothing more’,” Fenrys said pointing an accusing finger at Rowan.

“Remelle not gracing us with her presence isn’t eveidence, Fenrys,” Rowan said as he clicked the confirmation on the notification.

“That’s not what I was talking about. You never laugh at my jokes. Did you get her number?” Fenrys asked as he stood to retrieve the patient. Rowan didn’t answer and just gave Fenrys a blank stare. “I won’t leave until you tell me.”

Rowan gave a long suffering sigh. If Fenrys just even dug his heels in a little they would run late the rest of the afternoon. 

Rowan nodded and Fenrys gave him a wicked grin.

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A School of Fire and Shadow (Part 2)

Big thank you to @rhysand-and-rowan for being my beta on this chapter!

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TOG x ACOTAR Crossover - Hogwarts au

House Key

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The Great Hall was surreal, Rhysand had to admit. The mystical ceiling itself was unbelievable and the floating candles high above were both concerning and amazing. During the entire feast, the new Slytherin kept making sure no hot wax had accidentally fallen onto his plate.

When the Sorting Hat had been placed on his head, Rhys had been pretty sure he would be put in the snake house, as his father had been and his father before him. Azriel had joined not much later, a small smile on his face as the rest of the Slytherin table clapped for him. He could not help but feel a bit disappointed when Feyre was sorted into Gryffindor. Quickly, Rhys shook off the feeling. She was just a girl, and besides, cooties.

Aelin sauntered over to the Slytherin table, smiling grandly and sitting across from Rhysand after the Hat had been lifted from her head. “Why hello, Rhys.” She greeted, a wicked glint in her eye so intriguing that Rhysand suddenly found himself smiling back.

“Ready to rule the school, Aelin?” He inquired, quirking an eyebrow at the witch. From what he interpreted from the train ride, Aelin was just as much of a troublemaker as he was.

“Depends,” She responded, her eyes flickering briefly to Azriel. “Are you always as much of a buffoon as you were around Feyre?”

His best friend sent him a sideways glance but didn’t say anything, bless him. “Not usually, are you always as much of a pain as you were around Whitethorn?” Just as he said it, Rhysand noticed Rowan walking stoically to the Gryffindor, taking a seat next to Feyre. He did not mention it to Aelin but he had a feeling she had been listening anyway.

“Usually, yes.” Aelin smirked. “But that’s why this is going to be so great.”

Before Rhys could respond, a new witch stalked towards the table, her long white hair, extremely pale skin, and fierce golden eyes intimidating him just a bit. Aelin narrowed her eyes at the witch as she sat down next to her, the latter seeming to scrutinize her as well. Finally, they both broke into mischievous grins. “You’re going to be a piece of work, aren’t you, Blackbeak?”

The witch shrugged. “Aren’t we all, Galathynius?”

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The Woes of Having Neighbors: Part 4

Rowan walked slowly down the hallway to his apartment, trying–and coming close to failing–to hold onto his grocery bags long enough until he could put them down on his kitchen counter.  The white haired man was a strong believer in making only one trips and while he was technically strong enough to carry his two hundred pounds worth of groceries, the bags holding those groceries were not.  They were stretching with the weight and soon enough the plastic handles would snap and Rowan would be left in the middle of the hallway surrounded by piles of food.  He was just two doors down, though, he’d make it.  It’d be close, but he’d make it.

Then the door to apartment 2B opened.

“Oh, hey Rowan,”Chaol greeted casually as he stepped out of Aelin’s apartment.  Aelin herself was just behind him and smiled brightly at Rowan.  Chaol looked between the two of them briefly, a slight frown on his face, then shrugged and said, “Well, I’ll see you guys later.”

Rowan quirked an eyebrow at Aelin and watched as she leaned against her open door frame.  “That was … odd.”  He hadn’t interacted much with Chaol before–only at Aelin’s party last week, really–but every time he saw the man, Chaol looked vaguely upset.  Or slightly constipated.  Rowan wondered what his deal was.

Aelin just rolled her eyes and lazily stuck her tongue out.  “Yeah, he’s in a mood.  He wants to give Nesryn the spare key to his apartment–you know, next step in their relationship–but can’t find it.  He thought it might be here, but no such luck.”

Tilting his head to the side, and shifting the weight of the bags in his hands, Rowan asked, “Why would you have a key to his apartment?”

Aelin shrugged, and startled a bit when Fleetfoot appeared behind her and pressed her cold nose to the back of her master’s bare leg.  Reaching down to pet the dog, she said, “’Cause he gave me one back when we dated.”

“When you what?”  Rowan’s white eyebrows shot up, practically reaching up to his hair line.  His hands tightened around the plastic bags, his grip turning hot and sweaty with tension. He wasn’t sure why he was shocked to hear this.  I mean, it wasn’t something he’d have guessed out of the blue, but for some reason he just couldn’t imagine Aelin and Choal … being sweet on each other.  They just didn’t fit.  He internally admitted to himself that he could be biased on the subject, but …

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Before Rowan could react, it became dark before her eyes and she felt herself being pulled backwards. A quick yelp escaped her lips before she hit the hard muscles behind her. Without having to see, she knew exactly who had done it.

Rowan: “God, Neil..”
Neil: “Hi sugar bun. Did you like the ceremony?”
Rowan: “Yes, it was great.. I’m so happy for you! Congratulations.”
Neil: “Thank you, thank you.”

Neil pressed his face in Rowan’s neck, completely ignorant the fact that June was standing right in front of them. Rowan enjoyed the feeling of Neil snuggling up to her, though she did feel quite uncomfortable with June standing there, so she made sure Neil knew his sister was here as well.

Rowan: “Neil.. June probably wants to congratulate you as well.”
Neil: “June’s here? Whoops, sorry sis..”
June: *smiles* “Good to see you too, brother.. But hey, congratulations!”

Your Daughter-Fred Weasley x Reader

A/N: First Imagine, hope you enjoy!

Warnings: None

You and Fred were at Fred’s mother house, Molly Weasley. All the Weasley family was gathering there for Christmas. You loved Christmas Eve, almost as much as you loved Fred Weasley. Hermione was speaking to Mr. Weasley about some muggle Christmas traditions while you were playing with Teddy. At three years of age and you can clearly see his mother’s eyes. 

“Why is your tummy so big?” Teddy asked you. You smiled from ear to ear, glancing up at Fred. 

“Well, I have a baby in my stomach, meaning you will have someone new to play with soon,” You tell Teddy. 

“You ate a baby!” Teddy squeals. You and Fred both giggled at Teddy’s childish behavior. 

“No Teddy, I didn’t eat a-” You begin to say. All of the sudden you felt pain, major pain. Then your water broke. 

“Y/N!” Fred says. 

“Y/N needs to be taken to a muggle hospital,” Hermione says. She and Fred help you up. Ron opens the car door for you, Fred helps you into the car. Fred and George then climbed into the back. 

“Harry, get everyone else into your car, Ron and I will meet you at the hospital,” Hermione says to Harry. Then she climbed into her car and drove to the hospital.

You sighed, smiling. Fred was holding your daughter, your first born, Rowan Molly Weasley. She had Fred’s eyes and very little tuffs of hair, freckles were spread on her face. Based on the freckles and hair, you guessed Rowan would look like Fred. She is sure going to have some interesting playmates with Fred and George having a prank shop open. 

“They can come in,” Fred tells the doctor. George, Molly, Arthur, Hermione, Ron, Harry, Ginny and Teddy came in. Everyone gasped as they saw the baby, Molly gave a small squeal. You knew Molly would want to hold the baby first but you and Fred both agreed it showed be George. 

“Everyone meet Rowan Molly Weasley,” You say softly. “Wanna hold her George?” George’s face lit up as he nodded his head. You watched as Fred passed the baby to him. 

“Hi baby Rowan,” George says. “Her name comes from a Scarlet tree, I believe it’s called a Rowan Berry. It also means mountain ash.”

“Interesting,” You say with a smile.

“Can I hold her?” You hear Teddy ask. 

“Go sit down,” Fred says softly. George gives Teddy baby Rowan, Fred helped Teddy hold Rowan by holding her head. 

Today was the day Rowan was going off to Hogwarts, you were quite excited for her but also sad for her to leave. 

“Minnie! Please leave Rowan alone,” You say to your second daughter, named after Professor McGongall. 

“Why does she get to go to magic school? Its not fair,” Your nine year old whined. 

“Soon it’ll be your turn Minnie,” You hear Fred say. You smiled at Fred. 

“I’m ready,” You hear Rowan say. You watched as she carried her trunk down stairs. 

“Lets go!” Fred says. 

You, Fred, Rowan, and Minnie arrived at Kings Cross Station. George was already there, he wanted to see Rowan off. 

“Hey my little R-berry,” George says. “Good luck ok? You’ll have Teddy to help you out.” 

“Thanks Uncle George,” Rowan says with a smile on her face. You watch her sigh, then run into the wall with her cart. 

“My turn!” Minnie says. George picks her up off the ground and walks her through the wall, you and Fred follow her. 

“Angelina wanted to be here but she had to deal with a work problem,” George says. 

“Ah ok,” You say. You watched as Rowan climbed onto the train, with Teddy at her side. 

“I love you,” You hear Fred say. You glance up at him. 

“I love you too,” You say, kissing him on the cheek.