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Hey do you happen to have the sketches Yana made about the tankobon style, looking really similar to the situation between Edward and Sebastian?

Hey Anon :) if you’re talking about that funny scene…

As a matter of fact, I think I know those sketches you mentioned ;)


Seb is right, looks like this is quite the effective bold move, haha ^^

Have a nice day Anon!

Ted The Animator: “Hey, Carl, have you seen my Meesee- GAHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Carl The Animator: “What?! What? What’s wrong?”


Carl The Animator: “Oh, uh, well… there’s a slight chance I might have not framed the shot properly.”


Carl The Animator: “Hey, y’know, that sounds like it would be a pretty cool character, actually… maybe we could write him into the episode, and–”

Ted The Animator: “No.”

Carl The Animator: “I just–”

Ted The Animator: “No.”

Carl The Animator: “I just thought maybe–”

Ted The Animator: “You’re not talking your way out of this one, Carl.”

Carl The Animator: “…humph.”


Hey! It’s the anon who’s cat was in the hospital! Cleo is doing better now but I was so worried about her. The doctors thought her kidney’s were failing but it turns out she was just dehydrated. What a relief! She had to stay at the hospital overnight though which honestly made me cry because she had to sleep in a cage. They gave her an iv drip which is why her legs are shaved. It almost looks like she is wearing fur boots! Haha anyways she is doing good and thank you for the funny cat pictures, they really cheered me up.

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I really don't like the mom led war on vaccines or whatever (to me it feels like it implies their kid is better off dead from disease than autistic and you can't even get autism from vaccines either but they think you can and their attitude about it is hella ableist ) But what do you guys think about it?

The exact same as yours, honestly. That whole “~attack on vaccines~” is dumb. Vaccines aren’t Titans. We don’t need to destroy them.



Hey okay so real talk:

I don’t have a similar body type to my siblings, or a lot of my swimmer friends. I have naturally thicker hips and thighs, and I’m kinda wider than a good bit of them. Everyone says my sister is beautiful because she’s tall and thin and lean and I agree with them. She is absolutely beautiful. But I always didn’t feel as confident about myself because I looked different than she did. I wasn’t tall like her, or thin like her. I was me. So obviously that made me not pretty, right? I was the bad one right? Even if people told me I looked good there was always some hesitation to it.

Welp, @sharkiiielle‘s character Anti actually changed that for me. He has naturally thick thighs and hips, and it was funny for me to see that she’d doodle him getting embarrassed whenever people mentioned it. He looked amazing as a character and I always thought “Hey man if you got it flaunt it it looks great come on–”

Then it hit me.

I needed to think of myself that way. I had thick thighs and hips but I never thought it looked good. But I kept saying Anti looked great. So that must have meant that I looked just fine, right?

Now every time I look in the mirror at myself, I think for a little bit… then I smile.