“Hey! Hey.” Lily smiled as she made her way from the stairs across to the main desk. “Hey.” She said again, smile still on her face. “So, I am like, totally not this person but– my room.” She looked up to the ceiling, “The guy next door sounds like he’s sawing fucking logs every night. And I really– I need sleep. And I just– I don’t know. Can I get a new room? Preferably not with the world’s greatest lumberjack next door?” 


Hey guys! Here are two examples of the ‘blog articles’ I will be doing! I’m sorry these are a bit rushed but you get the idea haha.They are both slightly different which is why I made two, so you guys could get a better idea of what they look like :)

Just a few things:

  • These ones are a bit simpler than I have in mind. I will be adding more details to yours to really bring out your personality! Thats why the more questions you fill out in the typeform, the more detailed I will be able to make your article :) x
  • I do have more than one font in mind (don’t ask why I used the same one I have no idea haha)
  • Sorry about my handwriting it’s a bit messy I rushed these examples a bit because I got excited to share this idea with you all :)

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read this post xx

remingtxn asked:

Remington hadn't been paying attention as she stumbled through the wildlife, her head was deep in the map that she was constructing that she honestly hadn't noticed the scientist. With a sudden 'oof' she thudded into the guy, "H-Hey watch it mortal!" she barked suddenly, not noticing it was in fact her in the wrong. {I hope you are alright with this}

Lalna had originally gone into the woods to collect biological samples for experimentation on, the last thing he expected to was for someone to walk into him, considering how far into the woods he was.

“What do you mean ‘watch it’? I was just standing here, it was you that hit me!” He turned to look at the girl who just made contact with his back, that was when he realised she had a map with her. “If anything, you should get your head up and watch where you’re going!”

quetzalc0atl asked:

hey i saw that post about how small animals are often abused and it goes unnoticed because their purchase isnt regulated or anything. it reminded me of this claymation this guy made about a kid who secretly bought hamsters and their gruesome fate. its called "Hamster Hell" its a really good video to show someone what happens when they jump into taking care of an animal without knowing what theyre doing

Hi there!

I haven’t heard of it, thanks! I will look it up. It’s amazing how we overlook a lot of things like this, definitely, we have to pay more attention and bring up awareness at the same time too!

hey guys, I made an “imagine” blog based around papyton, and it’d be really great if you would check it out, and maybe submit something?

It’s called @imaginepapyton, and it’s 100% empty, so I need submisions to get this thing started up!

Like any “imagine” blog, we accept headcanons, ideas, scenarios… basically anything. And both SFW and NSFW are allowed, and they will be tagged accordingly for your blacklists.

We are also looking for mods.

RISD Illustration student, making illustrations and repeat patterns!

Hey guys! I finally decided to start actually selling prints so I made a Redbubble account! It’s not super ideal but it is an easy way for me to get prints, and even cool merchandise, out and for sale! Unfortunately I cant sell the things I made this summer for my internship, since I don’t own it really, but I put up some of my other work as well as a bunch of patterns that look pretty cool on pillows and that sort of thing!

Please check it out :)


[from x ]

“Wha– Hey! Hey I just… Isn’t it better than it just eating us?”

Is this guy really crying for real? Way to make him feel like an asshole. Then again maybe this is what the sniper deserves for poking at someone’s weak spot.

Great first impression, Usopp! You are one of the world wonders!

“..uh.. l-look, I uh…” He’s handing him a tissue, looking away. “Here. Blow that snot off your nose before anyone else sees.” Is there even any? Stop making things up! Then again maybe it sounds better than acknowledging the fact he made another guy cry. “..and… that sweat from your eyes…”

He’s chewing at his lip, not quite sure what to say. 

yo fellow broadwaycon nerds

hey everyone I know I’ve made this post like 3 times already but I gotta say it again:

I’m going to broadwaycon tomorrow and I’d love to meet up with you guys!! Although I’ve never organized one of these so I don’t really know what’s the best time to do this. From looking at my OWN schedule, maybe it could work in between the variety hour and the SR panel OR between the SR panel and the Smashtrax thing?? Or at the SR panel itself?? I really have no idea. I don’t even know what time I’m eating lunch. Shits crazy man.

So I’m just gonna tag everyone I know that’s gonna be there tomorrow and whoever I didn’t tag, message me or reblog this letting me know you’re interested!! And if you have a better suggestion on when or where we can arrange this, please speak up because I have no idea what I am doing!!
@stuff-and-shenanigans @gigionbroadway @ruthiemiles @sirwestaytay @signalboobs @lauriesveldheers @poeisnotstraight

Hey guys. I’ve had my studyblr for a while now and I was just scrolling down and realized I didn’t even have an introduction!!! What!!!!

Here it is then,

My name is Nina. I’m a Uni student in Canada. I am in political sciences and I wish to go into law. I made this studyblr because I was having a really really really hard time figuring things out and somehow looking at perfect notes, pen addictions and study spots seemed to calm me down so I decided to join this incredible community. My main goal being Law, I also wish to become a better student and a better person all together. I hope we will talk lots and I will learn a lot from all of you.

Howdy, I’m Jen. I like drawing and I don’t really understand this website but I wanna sell stuff so I’m jumpin in cool. I literally drew my avatar with a trackpad after taking a fin…

Haha hey guys so I just made a redbubble account so I can start selling shit like stickers and such! I only have one thing up now, it’s just an umbreon, but any purchase or support or if you know anyone looking for an umbreon sticker for whatever reason, pass on the word! I’m kinda broke and this is the best way to put the weird shit I do to work, please take a look!

so the coolest thing happened to me today

I was just on someones blog and i was looking at their sidebar and i was like “hey that looks like an edit i made” and they i saw the credit and l o l


druidofhibernia asked:

Looking at that compilation you did, I can only think of 1 thing. RWBY Animators: Hey, guys so we finally figured out how to make crying really good. Like seriously, its great. RWBY Writers: ...ha... haHa.... MUHAHAHAHAHA. THEN IT IS TIME!

Srsly, they made three characters cry in the span of two episodes. 

atlnatic asked:

hey :0 💫

1. First impression: Woah hey it’s a cool guy nice B)
2. Truth is: You’re like a meme king or something d00d. You’re really nice and I’m really glad we’re friends and I hope you have a good night!
3. How old do you look: like 16/17ish
4. Have you ever made me laugh: All the time with your sick maymays B)
5. Have you ever made me mad: Nope ^.^
6. Best feature: Dude…your memes…they’re top notch…dude… (but foreal youre really nice and its always a good time talking to you and also you have pretty radtacular face
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nope cant say I have
8. You’re my: Twenty One Pilots Supreme Meme Man.jpg 
9. Name in my phone: N/A
10. Should you post this too? yee :33

Hey hey!

i’ve got a question for any of my followers who have worked in making and selling prints/merchandise.

i want to make some money besides commissions, so i’ve been thinking of making and selling prints. but when i look at how expensive it is to get prints made, i wonder how that even works? how do you guys get the original amount of money it takes to get things printed in first place? Is it from out of pocket, do you do a job to get until you get the right amount? How will you know if you’ll break even and then make a profit or even break even? it doesn’t seem like a market you can easily break in to, but i see so many ppl doing it that i wonder why i can’t.

do you guys have an advice? first time printing horror stories -anything at all?
i would love to hear it! thanks so much if you do!

actuallyanansi asked:

hey do the friend ask meme thing for us

first impression: the very tiny boy next to me in 6th grade, we never talked and i remember that band class was such BS i remember the teacher taking us out in the hall like “im gonna teach you guys a high note and it will be funny!” smh band is no joke at lakota
truth is: i miss you and my friends at college are so sick of my retelling all our adventures with @etherealcalamities
how old you look: 12
made me laugh: ive known you for like 8 years but you have never made me laugh, ever.
made me mad: yea but obviously nothing worth fighting about, pls take care of yourself son
best feature: this is off topic but I’m eating a salad and the dressing is all clumpy at the bottom. gross. anyway it’s your dog. you give gr8 hugs too
have i ever had a crush on you: u know it bud
you’re my: daddy~
name in my phone: the shrugging emoji. in my snapchat you’re corn fucker

bravcycungsuitcr asked:

♚ Do you agree with fandom interpretation of your character?

{ MOSTLY NO TBH? the fandom i’m aiming at is the movie pto fandom not the broadway one, and the movie fandom is against christine SO MUCH AND IT MAKES MY HEART HURT SO MUCH. look, i get gerard made a beautiful phantom, he hypnotized me too, now the thing is that beauty blinded people on how CRAZY HE ACTUALLY IS? HE LITERALLY. KILLED SOMEONE AND STALKED CHRISTINE AND JUST??? REALLY?? and they make christine out to be the bad guy because she left with raoul {more in my first rant tbh} and they always see christine as weak, like excuse me? if erik killed many men before who says he wouldn’t kill christine? { i really don’t believe that though, but hey that was probably christine’s mentality who would say no to a killer like lets be forreal} like nah leave my percious child alone} 

anonymous asked:

Hey there. I don't have a tumblr but I love to look at your blog. I myself am an asexual girl with Asperger's (among other things) and I have to say, seeing what you post makes me smile. I'm sure you're a great guy, and I'm sorry you're sad. I hope that soon people will come to accept you, but if they don't, it's okay. I do. I personally am helping my friend with male-to-female at school, making her more comfortable. Rock on, love. I believe in you! I love you, and I hope this is a better year.

ahhh I had this in my inbox for a while because you’re so sweet!!

thank you very much, I really really appreciate you and thank you very much for your support!!! 

sydmarch asked:


1. First impression: ok im gonna be honest i literally dont remember when we started following each other but i do remember a sudden influx of antiviral on my dash and i was like n i ce someone besides me watched that movie
2. Truth is: youre literally not an antiviral blog so 
3. How old do you look: 20 
4. Have you ever made me laugh: evERY TIME you fucking own those guys on pof its amazing its perfect
5. Have you ever made me mad: nah
6. Best feature: your hair honestly is my favorite thing
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nah but thats just because we dont talk a lot if we talked more who knows i am a sad romantic fuck
8. You’re my: dsmkafmas i dont know ?? youre my person i follow that posts #relatable things and makes me get pissed all over again that replies are gone and all i can do is like the post in vain
9. Name in my phone: n/a but if you wanna swap phone numbers im up for it!
10. Should you post this too?  if you wanna

please read!

hey guys! this blog has been tons of fun, and it will continue to be, but i really wanted to create a more organized blog that is not just a jumbled mess of all different topics like this one is, thus … @sorryimprobablyreading was born! i made it just a little bit ago (like, ten minutes ago), and i would really appreciate if you guys checked it out!

i will be tracking my progress on my personal reading challenge (more info there) and doing video book reviews and such. please consider taking a look if you’re into that sort of thing, reblog, please spread the word. thank you all so much!

OOC: Hey, guys.

First things first, I am not dead. Second. I’m kinda struggling to hold myself together. If you guys follow me on my main blog you think I look chill, but trust me when I say that my chill is fake, and that it’s starting to catch up to me.

I’ve been…exhausted. I can’t sleep, we have a flea problem in our house again, and more ants have made their way inside. Again. I really need to get my life on track, look for a job and start working towards paying off my debt to my Mom for my mental health services last year (btw, I offered to pay the bill, she’s not forcing me, just putting that out there.)

I would like to improve this blog, and do some stuff with it, make icons, promos, all that super scoth, but I just don’t have the time. There’s a lot of good Erron blogs out there and I think if I can learn to get better at stuff I can be up there with them and amongst the big name role players. I have the potential, I’m sure, but I’m also sure that as of right now, I don’t have the time.

So, in other words, I’m pulling a temporary hiatus until all is sorted out. I don’t know how long it’ll be but I’ll try to be back ASAP. Stay safe.

P.S I’ll be sure to check in every now and then