Hey guys look I made a thing! It’s Zelda’s necklace armor, as a normal person necklace :) 

Now I can secretly cosplay Zelda every day, and only the people who are cool enough to know will get it. If you’re interested in being secret Zelda too, I’ve got a few up on my Etsy shop over here.  https://www.etsy.com/listing/241719709/twilight-princess-zeldas-necklace-brass?ref=shop_home_active_1

i live in my own darkness [listen here]

01. obliviion GRIMES // 02. can’t sleep, can’t breathe DIGITAL DAGGERS // 03. byrds of prey BERTIE BLACKMAN // 04. hurricane MS MR // 05. white foxes SUSANNE SUNDFØR // 06. to move with purpose THE NAKED AND FAMOUS // 07. human DAUGHTER // 08. cycles THE DEAR HUNTER // 09. vanderlyle crybaby geeks THE NATIONAL // 10. towards the sun ALEXI MURDOCH //