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i already broke the chain and missed out on yesterday, ahh i was so tired yesterday and all i wanted to do was sleep but hEY today i redeemed myself by finishing off my letterwork draft + completing the research :))) a productive evening it has been. it is now time for me to sleep


It’s like 7 in the morning I was supposed to be asleep two hours ago but I decided to make Rebornica a thing because they’re awesome.

Shoutout to their artwork of Mike the Security Guard too.

All the space graphics were taken from photos taken by the Hubble Telescope. The Hubble takes some seriously badass pics of outer space, go look at them.}}

This now deleted tweet was made by one CM Punk. Why such anger and hostility, you ask?

Well, here’s a reason: Apparently, someone leaked out photos of himself and AJ from the night of their wedding. Out of respect for Punk & AJ’s privacy, I will not upload the pics myself, but just know they are out there if you want to search for them yourself.

Hey, look. I’m a big AJPunk mark as the next person, but this is taking it EXTREMELY too far. That’s his wife, their marriage, their magical moment, and most of all, their PRIVACY. If Punk or AJ ever wanted to publicly release photos from their wedding, that’s fine. But let THEM do it at THEIR own time.

Whoever leaked these has got to be someone that either knows Punk or knows someone close to Punk. Even still, you would think it would be better to get HIS permission first before blatantly posting such private photos of him and his wife without either one’s authorization all over the internet.

Now, Punk’s on a massive blocking spree, and it’s justifiable. If someone posted a picture of you and your spouse in an intimate setting all online, & WITHOUT your permission, you’d be pretty damned pissed off too.

A perfect example of why we can’t have nice things in any fandom whatsoever.

My love, my Swiss Beast, my darling Nino: an ode.

We love him and he loves us, too.

I get mad feels when he wears MN stuff. 

And does Minnesotan things, like going to the State Fair. (x)

He’s not afraid to show his affection (x)

Bryz <3

Sometimes he’s also a bona fide life-ruiner.



Ugh, your fucking face. GET THAT SHIT OUT OF HERE. But also, don’t.

He seems to take a lot of these “but, hey, if hockey doesn’t work out maybe I could model?” photos. 

Yeah. So. 

I don’t know, I just find looking at him very pleasant. 

Now, he Wild aren’t big fighters, but Nino is one of the few (Charlie being the other who comes to mind) who’ll get a little physical in defense of his teammates.

I’m using the video from his draft as evidence that Nino is a mama’s boy. (x)

So, let’s be honest, he’s not quite on Charlie’s level of “ooohhhhhh look at him with the small human MY HEART ABORT ABORT,” (who is?)but he’s pretty good. (x)

Is this a pre-game ritual for him? @ Wild, I need more evidence. This is important shit. (x)

Also, never forget. 

On to hockey!

Nino has fantastic patience for a young guy. (x)

And a wicked wrister (x)

But, above all, he’s a stickhandling god in the making. (x)

My loins. Jesus fucking christ. 


I’m FINALLY updating my society6 store! :D I’m adding a bunch of travel photos, as well as convention photos, some never before posted Jared, Jensen, Sebastian Stan photos, too. I mean, look what kind of laptop you could have :P

Or you could always go with something ridiculous like this (seems this photo is a favorite reaction thing for people around here heh) :D

I just might jensenize my iphone myself lol

Of course there are art prints, framed art prints, canvas prints, iphone & ipod cases, mugs, wall clocks, stationery cards and more!

At the moment I’m taking requests, since I still want to go through the con archives and upload some goodies. So, if you’re interested, message me with what you’d like to see first.

I will love you forever for reblogging! <3

Thanks! :’)

You guys probably don’t remember, but one year ago today, I was attending the Bob’s Burgers Live Show in Milwaukee. 

One year, and I sometimes still can’t even believe this happened. Only in the fandom for about a year at the time, and already I got to meet the cast and creator. In fact, I was the first person to buy tickets for this particular show, so I got to be front row and center stage for the whole thing too. How did I get so lucky? 

And Milwaukee never looked better than it did that night. Everyone in pink bunny ears and Burger t-shirts. Walking through the market in full cosplay, hearing people yell, “Hey, Tina!” High fives and hugs and photos. Those were my people, and I felt a sense of belonging there that I hadn’t felt since college and haven’t felt since. 

Give us a Bob’s Burgers Live 2016 Tour. Let more fans experience what I did that night. Take me back take me back take me back. 

When you look over and notice Hugo holding a perfect pose next to future seasonal photo props… “Hey Mom, you know what I said about photo shoots earlier…. I take all that back. We definitely should get started on our Thanksgiving/winter holiday shots. It is never too early to start celebrating the holidays…. you uh… you have treats right?”

blustudy  asked:

Hi! I was wondering what notebook you use to take notes? It looks 👌👌👌 Also how do you take your photos? I'm having trouble figuring out my own camera 😂 ♡♡ love your blog

hey :) thank you!! ♥ i use this notebook! hmm maybe just try experimenting with all the different settings of your camera to gain experience. Also using natural light is very useful! try to take photos near the window with indirect sunlight. It will make your photos look nice :) experimenting with aperture and focus is always nice, too! I hope I was able to help you xx

anonymous asked:

hey, if it's not too much trouble, would you mind taking a full-body photo of Kaiman with the straps around his ankles tightened as much as they will go? I'm trying to decide whether to buy him but don't like the baggy look of the pants part too much, and wanted to see what this would look like first. thanks either way!

this was about as tight as i could get them

the leg straps are all velcro but the ankle one has a longer strip of velcro to tighten it