mini collab between me and @soggystyrofoam 

google search history be like:
‘bringing my best friend back from the dead’
> ‘necromancy for dummies’
> ‘i fucked up how do i put her back’


All my favourite conversations
Always made in the A.M.


Pokemon variations, starring snorunt! I kept within its egg group to pokemon it can really breed with.

Classic Snorunt
Also known as the traditional variety, this is the type most often found in the wild. They prefer to make friends with other snorunt than humans or other pokemon, and are known to be quite shy. 

Soft Serve ((+vanilluxe))
Soft Serve snorunt are much more outgoing and mischievous than Classic snorunt. They make good friends for children, but can cause chaos in the home if left unsupervised, even when properly trained. 

Artefact ((+claydol))
This subspecies is an experimental variety bred for battling. Though not powerhouses themselves, they grow to be formidable opponents when they evolve. They have the unnerving habit of watching. Always watching. 

Fur Coat ((+whimsicott))
The first variety bred for contests, this pokemon’s fur is extremely soft and warm. They also do not “shiver” like classic snorunt do. Like their whimsicott relatives theyre at the mercy of the wind and often get separated from their trainers due to sudden gusts. 

Winter Bloom ((+cherrim))
The second variety bred for contests, Winter Blooms are very pretty. Their coat has a rosy tint that sparkles with flecks of snow. However they are extremely shy and are prone to freezing up on stage. Winter Blooms that can overcome their stage fright have been known to take the contest scene by storm.

Trash Lord ((+trubbish))
A result of accidental breeding, these poor lil garbage bags just want to be loved. They have big hearts and are wonderful companions. They don’t even stink that much as long as they live in snowy regions. But in summer nobody really wants to be near them.