Hey Jupiter was especially hard. I’d made 13 calls from all over the world. I was getting ready to catch a plane from Phoenix to do the Vegas show, and I rang his number again, but no one was picking up. And in that moment, after all the… you know, the fiery red head behaviour, drawing my lines, making my threats…I was lying there alone, feeling incredibly weak. Feeling like there are not enough sold-out shows, like it doesn’t matter that every American show is sold out, because I’m only alive when I’m on a stage with a piano. The rest of the time I’m just this shell. So, when I wrote Hey Jupiter, it was like, how could we have been so cruel? Because when we started out, there was so much love. Real caring. And I sit here hating someone who I had been head over heels in love with. Taking jets to meet up for four hours and then flying back to do a show the next night.
—  Tori Amos [Time Out – Dec 20, 1995]

#10 - Hey Jupiter 
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“And the album going into Hey Jupiter … is the point where she knows it’s over with this particular relationship, or ships, and it’s not ever gonna be what it was again. It is never going back. That’s where the whole record turns on its axis.” – Tori Amos B-Side magazine, May/Jun 1996