Just Friends

You were in the middle of packing your things when you got a call from Liam, your bestfriend.

“Hey loser,” you smiled into the phone.

“Hey Y/N, I was just checking if we were still on for tonight?”

“Of course, I’m just packing.”

“Great, by the way, mom’s asking if you’re down for burgers?”

“Am I ever not down for burgers?”

“Good point, I’ll let you finish up and see you in a few.”

“Yea, bye.” you said hanging up.

You’ve always slept at Liam’s house, despite you both being what society would phrase as hormonal teenagers. Also neither of your parents minded because they knew you were both just friends and trusted you. But of course, they always kept a blowup mattress on standby just in case any urges arose.

You threw your bag over your shoulder and joined your mother in the car.

“Ready kiddo?”

“Yea mom,” you said buckling up as she started the car.

“Are you sure you have everything? Toothbrush, deodorant, condoms?”

“What?” you exclaimed.

“You heard me,” she giggled.

“No, mom.” you groaned.

“Okay, I think Liam might have some.”

“Mom! I highly doubt Liam has condoms.”

“You’re right, we’ll pick some up on the way.”

“Can you knock it off! Please?”

“Fine, it’s just you look unusually pretty for a sleepover, with Liam.”

“I like looking pretty,”

“I’m sure Liam likes when you look pretty as well.”

“We’re just friends.”

“So were your dad and I,”

“Oh look, we’re here.” You exclaimed as she pulled up to the driveway.

“Okay, go on. Have fun, but not too much.”

“Goodbye mom,” you groaned hopping out of the car.

As soon as you rung the doorbell, Liam opened it and gave you a bone-crushing hug causing your mom to honk the horn.

“Hey Mrs. Y/L/N!”

“Hi Liam,” she yelled back. “Bye Liam,” she said driving off.

“So, the adults are in the backyard, but it’s a little warm with the grilling and all so you should probably lose the cardigan.”

“Okay,” you smiled.

“Here, I’ll help you,” he said taking the sweater from off your shoulders and unwittingly caressing your bare arms in the process.

“Hey kids,” his mom said coming in.

“Hey Mrs. Geyer,” you smiled before giving her a hug.

“Y/N sweetheart, it’s gonna get a little a bit chilly later, are you sure don’t want to wear that cardigan?”

“Liam told me it was warm,” you whined.

“Yea, because that cardigan’s your favourite and I don’t want to ruin it.”

“How would you ruin it?”

“Like this,” he said tossing you over his shoulder and running into the backyard with you.

“LIAM, DON’T YOU DARE!” You yelled as he approached the pool.

“Do what?” he asked dropping you into the pool.

“Liam, I cannot believe you did that!”

“Sorry,” he said making a run for it as he saw you climbing out.

You chased him until he managed to grab you and pull you both into the pool. You both splashed each other and yelled until his stepdad yelled to tell you guys that the burgers were ready.

Luckily, his mother was waiting with towels and blankets for both of you because as soon as the sun set, the temperature dropped about ten degrees. They lit the fire pit and you all gathered around it as you and Liam huddled together to try to keep warm.

“Are you kids warm yet?” Dr. Geyer asked.

“Not really,” you said in unison, stealing fries off of each other’s plate.

“Maybe you should get out of the wet clothes,”

“Maybe later,” Liam said pulling you closer so your head was on his shoulder.

“Is there something going on between you two?” Dr. Geyer asked pointing between you two.

“No,” you both said nonchalantly taking a bite out of your third burger.

“It’s okay if there is you know,”

“Mom, we’re friends.”

“Yea, just friends,” you added.

“Look, I know you guys may not want to believe it, but it’s okay to be attracted to each other. And to even feel sexual feelings-”

“Mom!” Liam yelled.

“Yea Mrs. Geyer, gross.”

“There’s nothing gross about it, it’s human nature. And you’re sixteen, it’s perfectly acceptable with your hormones racing that you two might want to experiment.”

“Dad! Stop!”

“Yea, really, stop.”

“Okay, okay but here,” his mother said handing him a paper bag.

To your surprise, it was a box of condoms. Wait, scratch that. Several boxes of different variations of condoms and a bottle of lube. Liam dropped the bag in horror.

“What the hell mom?”

“Yea, we got flavoured, ribbed, studded-”

“Please, stop,” you groaned using your hands to cover your blushing face.

“Sorry, sorry.”

“We’re leaving,” Liam said getting up and helping you up before you both walked off.

Of course, they insisted you take the condoms and you did.

“How embarrassing was that?” Liam asked after you were both changed and sitting on his floor and playing video games.

“Totally, I mean flavoured condoms?”

“Why can’t they accept that we’re just friends?” He asked shooting an enemy.

“Exactly, it’s so irritating. Even Brett teases me about it.”

“Brett teases you?”

He’s Brett,” you scoffed you scoffed, your eyes never leaving the screen.

“Good point,”

“I’m bored,” you sighed running into crossfire and getting your character killed.

“We can do something else,” he said hopping on the bed next to you.

“We could talk I guess,”

“Sure let’s talk,” he said turning down the bed and lying down. “Come on,” he said motioning for you to lie next to him.

“So, my mom offered to get us condoms.”

“What is it with all the adults around here?” Liam asked pulling you over so you were lying on his chest.

“It’s like they want us to have sex.”

“We should,” he said confidently.

“Wait what?” you shot up, straddling him.

“It was a joke,” he stuttered.

“Was it,” you smirked.


“Okay,” you said rolling off of him and resuming your previous position with your head on his chest and his arms around you. “So, that pass in the game last week-” you trailed off.

You both fell asleep in that position and his mother came in, threw a blanket over two, turned the lights off and walked out; still skeptical that you two were just friends.

Wearing Michael’s clothes


bandssavedlifes :  could you do one, where youre wearing michaels clothes and how hed react and idk? i hope you could do this

You woke up to see that it’s already morning. You turned around to see that your boyfriend is already out of the bed. He’s probably at the studio right now, you thought. You took your phone from the night stand and checked if there are messages from your boyfriend.

From: Mikey

Hey princess! Sorry I didn’t wake you up you looked really cute sleeping. I’ll be back from the studio at 8. Love you!!

You smiled at his text and got up and went to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast. There’s still some boxes scattered around the living room and suitcases. You just moved in Michael’s apartment yesterday and well, instead of unpacking and cleaning up the mess, you and your boyfriend played with all your things until you both got tired and slept.

After you ate your breakfast, you started cleaning up some of the mess and unpacked the remaining things from the boxes. Eventually you got tired and you looked at clock to see that’s it already 4 in the afternoon and you’re not even done unpacking your clothes. You took a long bath to relax and when you got out you searched through Michael’s closet to get some clothes. You saw his Iron Maiden shirt that’s probably thrice your size and falls just right above your knees. 

You spent the remaining hours having a movie marathon and ordered some pizza and chinese takeout for dinner. Time passed and you didn’t realize it was already 8:30 pm and Michael should’ve arrived 30 minutes ago. You texted him asking where he was and he answered immediately saying that he’s on his way home and it would only take 5 minutes.

Just as you stand up to get some drinks form the fridge, Michael came bursting from the door. “Hey princess sorry we got stuck at the studio for this last song and - WOAH” he said. “Wow. I- I- wow…” you looked at him confused. “What? Is anything wrong?” you asked him. “You looked really good in my shirt babe” he winked. You looked at the shirt you’re wearing and smiled at him. “Oh really?” you smirked at him and put your arms around him. “Well, all my clothes are still packed so I stole one of your shirts” he smirked at you. “Well I’m not complaining babe, If it’s up to me, I’m gonna let you wear my clothes all the time” he picked you up bridal style and you squealed. He sat on the couch and you straddled him. “Is that so? Don’t challenge me Clifford, I might steal all your clothes.” you kissed his nose. 

You both continue with your movie marathon and ate your pizza and chinese food while watching. Throughout the night, Michael won’t stop cuddling you and kissing you every now and then. At some point, you caught him staring at you lovingly. “What?” you asked him. “Nothing babe, I’m just so lucky to have you.”

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Creampuff Week Day 4: Dreams

Other than the long-term problem of immortality, there were a few hurdles that needed to be jumped when dating a mortal.

Specifically, their sleeping schedules. Laura went to bed early; Carmilla slept until four in the afternoon. At first it was Laura staying up until one in the morning, but after a few days it became clear that would not work. 



“You fell asleep.”

“Really? Wow. Sorry.”

“Into your cereal bowl.”

Laura blushed, looking down at the bowl of cookie crisps on her computer desk, wiping milk off her face. “Heh…”

“Cupcake, this is ridiculous. You’re killing yourself.” 

“Hey, I’m just getting used to it, that’s all! I’ll learn to be a night owl.”

Carmilla tilted her head to the side. “You still got some cereal in your hair.”

“Look,” Laura said, combing with her fingers, “What do you propose we do? You sleep until four in the afternoon, I have homework–we’re lucky if we have two hours of free time together a day to talk.”

“Less, if you don’t count sex as talking.” Carmilla, said, shrugging.

“Uh–yeah. There’s also that. My point still stands though–any better ideas?”

“Yes,” Carmilla stretched out on the bed, “I will change my sleeping schedule.”

Yours? But, Carm, what makes you think you can do that?”

“Two things. One, I am not losing sleep, I am changing when I get the sleep. Secondly, vampire constitution is slightly tougher than nineteen year old perpetually sugar hyped constitution. Make sense?”

No answer. Carmilla got up from the bed and moved the cereal bowl, letting Laura’s chin rest on the desk. She set the alarm for eight, when she would need to leave, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Have a good day, Cupcake.”


Laura and Carmilla spent time in the same bed a lot–just not for sleeping. So Carmilla wearing pajamas and getting ready to sleep in the same bed for a full eight hours was kind of a novelty.

“Hey, Carm. You look tired.”

“I stayed up all day, cutie. I’m going to fall asleep tonight if it kills me.”

Laura laughed softly, slipping under the covers. “Well? Come on.”

Carmilla slipped in after Laura, who immediately wrapped her arms around her. 

“…You’re always the big spoon,” Carmilla mumbled.

“You know you love it, you big softie.” 

Carmilla rolled her eyes and tried to fall asleep. Within fifteen minutes Laura had rolled away from her and started mumbling. And tossing back and forth.

“No…umph…get away…”

Wait, was Laura having a nightmare? Carmilla turned over to look at her, frowning at her flickering eyelids and furrowed brow. Carmilla was about to reach out and shake her gently–

“Harry, get back!”

Harry? Who the fuck was Harry?

“I got this! Expecto patronum.”

Oh my God. She’s dreaming about Harry Potter. 

Carmilla snorted, rolling over and covering her mouth with the pillow. Laura stirred, but continued muttering spells. She was dueling Snape with a hex when Carmilla was finally lulled to sleep.


Laura woke, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“Hey, Carm, you’re awake.”

“Wanted to get into the shower first.”

“Slept well?”

Carmilla grinned. “Fantastic. Here,” Carmilla grabbed a chocolate bar from the desk and held it out.

“Chocolate? What’s the occasion?”

“Just felt like it.”

Laura smiled, taking it from her hand. “Thanks. I’m glad this new sleeping thing is working out.”

“Me too.”

Laura took a bite of the chocolate, humming contently. 

“Like it?”


Carmilla’s smile grew wider. “Thanks. I heard it was good for dementors.”

Laura’s eyes widened as Carmilla laughed and walked into the bathroom to shower. Laura started banging on the locked door. 

“WHAT DID YOU HEAR LAST NIGHT? HUH? I can’t control what I dream!”

Carmilla kept laughing as she turned on the shower.

“…For your information, my patronus was a black panther, so you should be flattered.” 

“What did it used to be?” Carmilla shouted over the water.

“I dunno. A puppy, I think?”

Carmilla had to brace herself on the wall with one arm as she doubled over in hysterics.


At the tone, please record your message

“Hey! Just um, just calling to say hi. I know I just saw you um…” He pulled his face away from the phone to look at the time, “Fourteen and a half hours ago. And ahhh, yeah, just wanted to see if you slept at least a little better than usual. I had a lot of fun on the date, just wanted to um…” He make a broad hand gesture, practically able to be heard, “Sprinkle that in there.” He winced at the terrible phrase.

“Okay! I guess just call me back whenever you feel like. Anytime is good. Whatever! When–I mean, whenever!”


Forgotten groceries (Luke smut)

I’m sorry this sucks… Like really really bad😂

Your on my way to the grocery store when you get a call from your wonderful husband, Lucas. (On the phone) “Hey baby what’s up?” You ask him. He awkwardly yells through the phone “Can you pick up some French Toast”? You reply with “Sure, but only if u stop yelling” He whispered in a sarcastic tone “okkkaayyy” dragging out the word. I hang up on him and roll my eyes. Luke just got back from tour and hasn’t slept in forever. I assume this crazy mood is from sleep deprivation. After I stop at the store and get what I need I head home. “LUCAS IM HOME!” He heads down the stairs wearing nothing but boxers. “I’m sorry.. Did I wake you?” I ask as he lazily shuffles into the kitchen of our apartment. “No I refuse to sleep.” He says in a low, growly voice. “Why?” I ask him. “Because I’ve been gone for like 6 million years and I won’t do anything until I get to touch my baby girl again”. “Oh I see” I reply sheepishly. He wraps his arms around you, rubbing your stomach.“ Come upstairs baby, I miss you.” “After I put away the groceries” you reply. He stays behind you, slowly rolling his hips into your butt. “But I’m horny now” he replied. He keeps moving his hips making him hard and turning you on a bit. Finally you give up and turn around to kiss him. The kiss is filled with hunger and lust. It is fast paced and you can barely keep up. He bites down on your bottom lip, wanting you to open your mouth. You open up as he thrust his tongue into your mouth. Eventually you forget about the groceries, pulling away from him and running up the stairs. Once we get into the room, he shuts the door. “What do u want me to do Sir” I ask him. He smirks as he stares into my eyes. “I want you to strip”. “Ok Sir”. You slowly take off your clothes, wiggling my bum a little. He takes his time taking off his boxers. As soon as we’re both undressed, I sink down to my knees and start to lick the tip of his cock. You grip the base with your left hand while using the right one on my clit. “Stop being a fucking tease” He sternly tells me. I take all the way into my mouth, until the tip hits my throat. I suck as fast as I can, bobbing my head. I hear his start to whimper, which makes me wet to no end. Soon he starts to yell my name along with a string of curse words. I know he is close so I try my hardest to please him. He makes a “o” face and screams “Y/N” as he shoots his load into my mouth. “ I missed that so much baby.” He says to me with a weak voice. “Now it’s your turn.” He says, cashing his breath. Suddenly you feel a pull on your hair, making you stand to your feet. He picks you up and drops me on the bed. “Open your legs baby girl, your going to have the best time of your life.” He crawls between my legs, dropping his head low. He licks a stripe up your thigh right to your pussy. He uses his left hand to find your clit, rubbing it prominent circles. He suddenly licks your slit and then sticks his tongue inside of you. The pleasure starts to build up as you wiggle your hips on the bed. “Stay still baby” he says while moving his hand and tongue faster. You start to scream his name as you feel pressure build up in your stomach. “LUKE” You yell in pleasure. Your eyes roll to the back of my head and your toes curl. You release into his mouth, shaking from his touch. He comes up and kisses you. “ I would love to continue Y/N, but I really need a nap.” “Goodnight Lukey.”

anonymous asked:

Hey Con, this is gonna sound real stupid, but, I'm a guy in a relationship with a guy, and I think it might be time for me to end it. He keeps saying he wants to have sex with me, which is all well and good, but I'm not ready yet. And he keeps pressuring me to do sex acts I'm not comfortable with. He slept around while I was out of town and I just had a herpes scare in the aftermath. I want to keep trying, but I feel it's unhealthy

K this guy is pressuring you to do stuff you don’t want to do and has also cheated on you yes absolutely end this and find someone who is worthy of you

blueeyedspaceman asked:

Hey Keir, did you sleep okay? I know last night might have been a bit much, for all of us, but we'll be alright. You just seemed a bit, ah, frazzled, so I thought I'd check up on you.

Boss… I’m… fine. Just overwhelmed. I’m not used to having… Uh… Well. I’ve been on my own for a long time. Old habits are hard to break, I guess.

But… yeah. I slept some. Spoke with one of the goddesses… Kaede? Turns out she’s one of the nice ones.

🚗🚙 (RT) Chapter 4: Body Heat

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After a full day of driving, it was time to set up camp. They found a lovely place on the side of the road. Rose and Greg slept in the van and Garnet entered her tent, leaving the spare for the remaining two.

“Looks like we have to sleep together again, P.”

“Yes it does seem to be that way,” Pearl sighed.

“Hey if you haven’t a problem I could just sleep with Garnet.” Pearl panicked a little. She didn’t want Amethyst with Garnet. She knew something had happened between them during the last year of high school. Her jealousy wouldn’t allow anything else to happen.

“I have no problem.”

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LOK shows that Bryke never truly cared for the characters I mean why would they made Aang a shit father, Katara a useless old woman, and Toph into basically a slut?

Very true. All the old characters from ATLA were just fodder for random plots and drama. I mean I remember finding out about Toph and I was freaking mad. She was always a character I liked and was shown in Book 1 to have grown up into a responsible adult who founded the Republic City police force. Then in Book 3 she was just a slut who didn’t care about anyone. It’s freaking stupid. I’m not saying all characters have to be role models but the Gaang were characters who grew and who you could look up to. Are we really going to show kids “Hey remember Toph? Yeah she slept around and treated her kids like garbage”. Are kids supposed to look up to that? 

Katara is just useless for no reason in LoK. I mean I expected her to be front and center during Book 2 and the civil war INVOLVING HER OWN TRIBE. But she just sat around on her butt looking sad. It’s freaking disrespectful because Katara was always so fierce and driven in ATLA. I refuse to believe she mellowed out to the point where her only function was to sit and look sad. She’s one of the top Waterbending masters in the world! She qualified for that when she was freaking 14!! She should be fighting just the OWL masters from ATLA.

And I will never forgive them for showing Aang as a neglectful father. He was so kind and caring in ATLA. And he knew what bad fathering did to Zuko. But Bryke are saying he made the same mistakes freaking Ozai made?! Bullcrap.

Bryke don’t care about the Gaang. They didn’t make the Gaang. The other writers of ATLA did. To Bryke these are just random characters that happen to exist in LoK. 

Easter Eve

There are only so many things that sound like footsteps. Hard sole shoes, tap tap, tap tap, on a hardwood floor. Someone was walking out there that night. It was Easter Eve, and everyone slept but me, and…

I knocked on her door.

“Come in”, her voice slurred with sleep.

“Hey, were you just up walking around?”



“Go back to bed.”

Yeah, right.

-write for the hell of it

Testing out Matt’s beloved hammock. He brought it to AT and slept in it most nights, hanging between trees or vehicles or whatever he could find. Now it’s on our back porch and he’s in it several times a day.

I’ve never been a fan of hammocks - the whole “hey one good flinch and you could be on your ass” thing. By where this one stays so gathered at each end (as opposed to the kind you have spread out on a base that is freestanding in the grass) I don’t mind it as much, as I can’t just flip off.

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Hey Gabi, do you think it's possible that the pregnancy rumor was not supposed to be a stunt, but since it spread like wildfire, the team capitalized on it that's why there is no denial or confirmation. Almost all articles come from the girl's family, her mom even said something bad about louis' voice, so I was thinking, if it was sanctioned, then she'll know what to say and what to keep to herself. Just wondering about this. I am not assuming louis slept with her though.

It is definitely a stunt and has been okayed by their team, the role of B’s family right now is to get their own names and pictures out there as long as they can. As it’s obviously a sham, Louis’ team, the bandmates and the family keeps being quiet which gives them a perfect chance to deny it once they decide to end this.

Away for the weekend

Hey guys,

Just to let everyone I am gone for Coxcon and I will nto be answering ANYTHING until I get back and have slept so until Tuesday expect no replies from me or anything similar. If you want to get my attention poke me with a message, submit or tag a post with @ dasacht

See you all later. Ta ta

  • Winnie:(The tallest of the kids) Hey Shorty, how's it going down there Shortcake?
  • Max:(The shortest) Shut up Winifred, you're short too! Did you forget we're both dwarves, Miss "I once slept through an entire day of school"?
  • Winnie:See, now if you just put all that energy into growing, you wouldn't need those petty insults.

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is it off putting to you if a guy you like has slept with a lot of girls?

Hey your past is the past. It doesn’t matter to me who you’ve been with as long as when you pursue me you’re only pursuing me. As long as your long list of women are all in past and I’m your future/present then that’s fine.

but yeah I don’t care about your “body count” that shit is immature and outdated like whooooo cares anymore just be faithful to me and we have no problems

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My girlfriend of two years broke up with me about a week ago and it's been rough. I didn't take it so badly until she told me the day after she broke up with me she slept with someone. That hit me hard. I thought maybe it was just going to be a bit of a break but now I don't think that even if she wanted to get back together I would. I was saving up for a ring and everything! It just been eating at me and I thought I should share.

hey friend. ik it sucks right now but you just need to remember it wont last. someday youll find someone you really love and who really loves you and youll be so happy and it will be so wonderful youll hardly remember this ok? you can get through this i believe in you

Anonymously tell me what time it is there and what you’re thinking about

ask games for ts