(I really like this ship. Its cute :) )

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Imagine #61

Character: Newt

Rating: K+

Words: 654

Warning: faf

A/N: So, expect a bunch of Newt imagines because that’s basically all I have left to write! :)


You were leaning against one of the counters in Frypan’s make-shift kitchen, peeling corn husks as you were eating a few wild berries Zart gathered for you earlier today. As you pulled one of the corn husks clean off you heard someone walking towards you. You assumed it was Frypan and started to talk. 

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                 Hey, I heard  

                        ↳ you were a wild one ♫

By popular demand, I thought it was about time to share my mod that I’ve created for my baby, Valentine. This mod only works if you have the Elin Black Cat Club Costume for Elin. To download this mod, download here and input into your “_CH” folder. 

This mod changes:

  • The inner-shirt changes from white to a blood red.
  • The plaid skirt changes from yellow to a blood red.
  • The golden bell has been changed to a silver bell.
  • The bow under the bell matches the colour of the inner-shit
  • The paws are now black instead of the fleshy pink. 

As per usual, please let me know if you come across texture or complications to uploading to your game!  If you take any screenshots using this mod, tag “Alyss Mods” in your photoset! I’d love to see what you do with my mods. Enjoy and have fun being a devilish little cutie.~

Wendigo - Part 3

Word Count: 2929

Pairing: Eventual DeanxReader

Warnings: blood, injuries, burns, panic attacks

A/N: Hey look! I did a thing! 2 updates in one night, bitches! 

@aprofoundbondwithdean @letsgetoutalive @pb-5minutefanfiction @blacktithe7 @spnfanficpond

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Stay cool. Stay put. It’s trying to draw us out.” Dean directed. 

“Inside the magic circle?” Roy scoffed. 

“Unless you wanna die, which I’m perfectly fine with.” You shot back at him. 

“Help!” it screamed again before he had the chance to reply. Then you all heard growling, a horrifying growl that no wild animal you knew could ever make. “That ain’t a grizzly.” Roy said. 

“No shit!” you exclaimed, as Roy drew his gun. 

“I’m telling you if you shoot it you’re just gonna piss it off.” You said, and he completely ignored you. Haley shrieked as something ran past her, drawing your attention away from Roy. 

“It’s here.” Sam barely managed to say before Roy fired a shot at it.

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KFP3 Day 1 - I Heard You Were A Wild One by Wolf-Chalk

Hey I heard you were a wild one
If I took you home
It’d be a home run
Show me how you do

I wanna shut down in the club
With you
Hey I heard you like the wild ones (wild ones wild ones)

“Wild Ones”

KFP3 uses this song in the trailers lots so I thought it was appropriate~ Anyway here we are at the last day of the count down. I can’t believe I made it here, but it is done. I’m not going to get sentimental or anything on you guys, since I’m not going to stop drawing KFP or anything like that. Probably after tomorrow you’ll see a ton of art~ Any suggestions I didn’t use I do plan to draw in time~ Po’s clothing is from the ones seen in the trailers as well: i0.wp.com/teaser-trailer.com/w… static1.squarespace.com/static… www.cinemablend.com/images/fac… Stock texture also used in the drawing~

Only took him three movies, a special and a TV series to finally change his pants!