Hey there Tumblr, Maybe you can help me out.

Years ago,  when I was still new to Manga, I checked out a issue from my local library. Over the years I’ve there have been times I’d love to read it again, it was the first issue ( Ithink) And the story was interesting, ( At least to me)
The problem is, It’s been so long I’ve forgotten the name ;w;! And I’ve moved out of the state so I’m kinda stuck ;w;

But hey, Maybe there’s a chance someone on here knows what Manga I’m talking again :’U

The things I can remember about the story line areeeee

- The main character is a “normal” Young teenage girl
- There was a book her mother and father would read to her as she grew up king who fell in love with another “normal” Girl
- They stopped reading the book to her after her father “died” on what I think was a buisness trip?
- The main character somehow finds the book ( Or get’s it from a shop that suddenly appears one day, I’m not quite sure if I’m mixing the story up with another on this single point) And it turns out the book is actually a magic portal.
- The Book leads to a magical/medieval sort of world where the main character finds out that her Father just so happens to be the king form all the stories she was read from the book, and that her mother was the  girl :U
- She also finds out her father hadn’t died in some accident but had gone missing after coming back to his kingdom ( For which reason I’ve also forgotten)
- Dragon Knights are a big thing in this kingdom
- There’s another girl character, who wishes to become a dragon knight, but isn’t allowed…because she’s a girl :U
- There are also magic torches who’s fire only go out whenever the person they are connected to die.  The main character dumps a bucket of water on her father’s torch to test to see if he is, in fact dead or just missing.

And that’s really all I can remember e Ae’
I feel like I remember everything but the name >lD
Anyway, yeah, just thought I’d try my luck, thank you ;w;