Hey guys, I made these team posters for my favourite new game. I love how many people are enjoying what has to be my favourite IP of all time. It’s great to see Pokemon coming back in such a big way in the mainstream. <3

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Vito went from ‘Captain Shitbag’ to 'Captain Raise-An-Orphan’ BLESS HIM



I finally uploaded my first Youtube video on my new gaming channel! This is a highlight from my first Twitch stream, where I played Overwatch as Mercy. I will be doing a series on the different characters, and (try to) play the entire stream as one character! Please subscribe to my Youtube and Twitch to keep up with my videos. I’ll be trying to stream on Twitch MWF from 12:30-1:30 PM EST, and uploading highlights from each on Tuesday and Thursday.

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hey guys! i’m sydney, and im from new york (like the state of new york not nyc). i just joined jjeos yesterday, but i hope to get to know all of you!!

1) If you got to permanently erase one hairstyle Jessica has used, which hairstyle (and from what era) would it be and why?

i love all of jessica’s hairstyles just bc they were on her head but this one is just.. like. i felt bad for her 

yeah it sure was trouble trouble trouble

2) Fly or Love me the Same?

sjdfkl i like the mv for love me the same but i like fly as a song better

3) Post a picture of the ugliest outfit/concept that still haunts you.

this one… i mean i love it but i also hate it.. is it a crop top with a skirt?? is it supposed to be a dress?? if it’s either of them, what is it supposed to do what does it all mean but i love her abs though i wanna cry

4) What is Jessica’s most memorable moment in her career?

during the horror movie factory when all the mcs were like ‘wtf’ from her dolphin screams and i guess in a bad way when she left snsd; like its memorable i guess but it’s probably not a fun memory

5) Jessica says she’s working on new music these days. What kind of music or you looking forward to? What concept are you anticipating?

literally anything i just want to hear her voice i’d listen to her read the bill of rights, the u.s. constitution, the declaration of independence, and the entire contents of war & peace; and an aquatic concept so she can finally revert back to her true form and become a dolphin again

6) What is the best product from BLANC & ECLARE to you?

i like the new york, seoul, and hfc viel glasses

7) If you could change one thing people say awful about Jessica, what would it be?

that she never cared about snsd. jessica really did love all the girls and people use a pushed-on persona to claim that she only used snsd for fame, that she hates snsd, that she hated taetiseo because she wasnt in it, all this stuff that can never be confirmed because none of us are jessica. you can think whatever you want, but the fact is that she lived with these girls for almost a decade. she ate, slept, performed, and practiced with them 24/7 and you can’t tell me she never cared about them for all that time.

8) What are your honest feelings on Jessica’s standpoint now? How do you feel about the achievements she has made so far?

honestly, i feel like she could be in a better place in the public opinion, but i know she’s happy both with her company and with her musical career and honestly thats all that i need!!

i feel proud of her achievements! she’s overcome so much to get to a place where she’s happy with who she is and where she is with her life, and she deserves every good thing she’s gotten

9) Who is someone you’d like Jessica to collab with?

shdffds before she left i wanted a taengsic duet and i still do but idk now?? i want one with eric nam

10) What’s your favorite airport style Jessica has rocked?


sdkfjlds the last one just cos of her face i love her so much

11) How would you explain Jessica to someone who doesn’t listen to K-Pop?

she created the universe