2013 : The year that saw FC Bayern München conquer it all and beyond.

Why, yes! We’re still on the first days of the year and, as far as I remember, this is my second time celebrating the New Year with you guys. I couldn’t be happier and, though life is busier than ever lately and I don’t have as much time as I’d like to spend around, I’m still thrilled every time I log in to talk or roleplay with each one of you. Every person I follow is a treasure, just as each one of my followers, and I’m thoroughly grateful for everyone.

Still, I wanted to do a little something to thank all of you for still being there, and since I suck at giveaways and I always give up on them too soon, I thought I’d share a pack with my favorite Photoshop resources, useful links, and more! You don’t need to do anything in order to use any of these resources, but a like and/or a reblog would be greatly appreciated! <3

– You can find the pack here. NOTE: none of these resources belongs to me unless otherwise stated. I have simply downloaded and gathered them from their respective owners (liking and/or reblogging when they asked for it). Credit goes to each one of the makers, I own nothing. If you see something of yours in this pack and want me to take it away, let me know and I will!
– You can find a bunch of useful links, sorted by category, here.
– You can find a list of my favorite fanmixes here.
– You can find a list of my favorite themes and pages here.
– You can find a list of my favorite FCs here: part I part II

But wait, there’s more!

Not only did I want to give something away to all of you, but I also wanted to put together a small list of my favorite people in here. Note that this list has been made in no particular order, and that even if you’re not in here, I still love the heck out of every person who follows me <3 

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I made some more mobile wallpapers for you guys! I hope you like it. Feel free to use them.

Note: All of the wallpapers are designed for iPhone5 (640x1136). And you can find the other ones here.

I created this survey to see what the BTS fandom is like. I just love statistics because I am a giant nerd. -Emily

Hey guys, I made this a few months ago and I have more followers now, So if you want to take this go for it. It is just a survey because I am just a nerd. Also if you could reblog it so it gets to all armys that would be cool too

New Studblr

Hey guys! So I recently made this studyblr to motivate myself to study more and to help myself study better. I’ve been following as many other studyblrs as I can find, but if you’re a studyblr give this post a like or a reblog (or both I guess) so I can follow you? Thank you so much! 

And if you have any studyblr recommendations please please message me!

I’m really excited to get more involved in this community.

hello it is Me coming at u with a late night headcanon   ( or more so just an explanation for ) the new character in wini’s story: casey arbore ! i have a simple explanation on my relationships page for the rest of the characters so far just in case, but ya. idk i wanna write smth before i sleep so here u go.

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