Imagine being Sam and Dean’s little sister (sixteen) and you wake up after the car accident in season 2.

Pain to your head, pain to your legs, pain to your arms, pain to your stomach… every part of you hurts. You try to open your eyes, but something is blocking your view and everything stays dark. You sit up, but a hand pushes you back to the bed gently.

“(Y/N)” you hear your father say.


“Hey, sweetheart” he greeted and you could hear the smile going with it.

“Dad, I… I can’t see anything” you started panicking.

You bring up your hands to your eyes feeling a sort of tissue covering them. You try to rip it off, just wanting to see some light, but your father puts his hands on yours, stopping you from every movement.

“Dad” you cried.

“(Y/N), it’s okay”.

“Dad, wha… what happed? Why can’t I see?”

You father sighs and takes your hand which you squeeze as hard as you can.

“What is the last thing you remember?” He asked.

You’re brain starts working, remembering the yellow eye demon in that cabin, Sam almost shooting your father, than.


“The truck hit us” you breathed out.

“Yeah, and you got injured to your eyes, glass went into them, it took your sight”.

You start crying. Losing your sight was not just a little thing. It’s like you already forgot what a flower looks like, what the sun looks like… Also, how could you be a hunter without it? The family business, you won’t be able to do it anymore!

“We’ll get through it” your father said taking you in his arms “we’ll get through it”.

“(Y/N)?” Another voice came in.

“Sam” you breathed out.

Sam approaches you and takes your hand, you grip it a hard as you can, holding it like he was going to leave.

“How are you feeling?”

“It’s too dark” you cried.

“I’m so sorry” Sam sighs “I’m so sorry”.

Even in the dark, you can see in your head what kind of face Sam would have, his apology and sad face.

“What about Dean?” You asked suddenly in alert “what about Dean? Where is he?”

An awkward silence. This is how you know something is bad, something really bad.

“What is happening?” You asked “Dean’s not okay, right?”

“No, he’s not” Sam said “he’s in a coma, and…” he hesitates to continue “the doctors don’t know if he’ll wake up”.


It’s the only word that comes through your mind.

It has been a day, and a panic attack settled in an hour ago because of the lack of light.

You just wish you could see one source of light, and under it to see your brothers and father, but you know this will never happen.

Suddenly, your eyes starts to hurt, tears falling and having you rip off the bandages.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa (Y/N)” Sam approaches you.

You look up at Sam, everything blurry, but you could see his worried features.

“Sam?” You choked out and start to laugh “I see you”.


He looks right into your eyes and laugh taking you into your arms. At this moment, John Winchester enters the room, smiling at booth of his younger kids.

“Dean will be happy to see that” he smiles “Dad too”.

Sam doesn’t even try to find an explanation to this miracle, too happy to see that his baby sister was now fine.

“Hey” John enters the room “how are you feeling?”

“I can see you now” you smiled “you two look beat up”.

“You didn’t see yourself in the mirror yet” Sam passes a hand through your hair “let’s go see Dean? You up to it?”

You smile and nod.

“I can’t believe it” Dean smiles at you “it’s a freaking miracle”.

“Thought you didn’t believe in miracles” you said.

“Well, how do you explain that?” He laughs and takes you in his arms “we are all okay”.

If only they knew.

“Bring back (Y/N)’s sight and Dean back to life”.

John Winchester’s last breath soon came after.

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Hey, fun story, my dad used to be a security guard and once Radio Head borrowed my dads CD player because they wanted to listen to music and my dad was like "Oh I have a CD player in my car, you want to borrow it?" And they did.

wow i wonder what cd radio head wanted to listen to

I’d just like to brag on my Dad for a minute. Look at this response. Look at it.

We don’t agree on lots of things, but I just can’t say enough nice things about my father. He’s one of the most genuine, selfless, hard working, kind people I know. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

He has always been there for me- like after every breakup and every bad exam in undergrad, my Dad immediately dropped whatever he was doing and came to wherever I was and either sat with me while I cried or took me to get food (surefire cheerup, how can you be sad when pizza?).

He calls me out of the blue to see how I am and tell me that he loves me and how proud he is of me. He has helped me put my house together into the fabulous little kingdom it is. He couldn’t always help me financially, but he did what he could when he could and never made me feel bad about needing help. My friends are essentially adopted children who routinely join us on holidays at his house and he loves them all.

Obviously he’s not perfect, and we butted heads sometimes when I was growing up. Now that I’m an adult we get along so awesome! He’s just great all the time and I’m really lucky and proud to call him my Dad.