“Great Ideas in Motion” by Gavin Farmer.

A well researched and easy to read book about an Australian car manufacturer that kept building cars without moving with the times.

Sound familiar? Spotlight is on you Ford Australia…


Hey guys! My laptop charger is currently broken andnmy laptop is dead so it will be a while until I can get a new one. So for now Pentaoutfits is currently on hiatus until further notice. Sorry guys.

a-byesexual-bisexual replied to your post:I’m scared of the dark and she’s afraid of…
Thunder doesnt prevent me from getting my phone charger tho 😒

Hey, you don’t know what could be lurking in the dark. It is scary and there are no lights and I didn’t want to run

Me: *too lazy to move but want doughnuts and need laptop charger* “Hey can you do me a favour sweet pea?” *bats eyes*
Him: *while reaching for laptop charger* “Yes, hand you the laptop charger?”
Me: *maniacally giggling inside my head because he is just too perfect and I’m halfway there to getting all I need without moving* “And the doughnuts please?”
Him: *rolls his eyes and gives dat smirk that kills me* “yes.”

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Hey, I got that charger. It’s good. What I typically do is:

  • Put in the battery/batteries.
  • Press “mode” to start the discharge (automatically followed by charge) program.
  • Sometimes a battery does not charge fully, you get a report of the charging cycle per column. In that case I use the “refresh” mode. This takes much longer, a couple of days.

I like this charger, it’s worth it. You’ll be using a charger for years so it’s worth the investment in my opinion.