mirkwoodelven  asked:

I really love both the ways you draw!! The lineart is pretty but your 'messy' style is super cute. Take a break, you deserve it (and in this fandom we know what happens to ppl who forget to take a break).

Thank you so much for the feedback and the kind words, I’ll take both of them to heart! You’re very kind and it means a lot.

And don’t worry, I won’t cheat on my wife.


@xpaintedladyx more than happy to, lov!!!!

trying to explain the basics like: 

•how the clips come out, 

•the way the episodes are compiled of said clips, 

•all of the social media accounts the characters have (no the characters aren’t real people),

•the way the main character changes every season, 

•all the different squad names and ships 

to people who have never heard of skam is actually close to impossible without looking like this:

 and then julie goes throwing hei briskeby into the mix 


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